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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, first time posting here, thank you to everyone who has posted before me. I received a grant for my BVA hearing on April 15, 2021 and I received the letter in the mail. I was granted an earlier effective date for unemployability for about a year and a half so I should get some retro pay. So I received the letter in the mail dated April 15th and on May 8th my Ebenefits updated under additional benefits tab showing the earlier effective date however there is no retro pay. Has anyone had any experience with your ebenefits being updated but no retro pay yet? How long am I looking at? Thank you again whoever can share some experience with BVA grants.
  2. Which do they normally do first, C&P exam or stressor verification? I've had a C&P, and now they are doing the stressor. This is a result of a DTA from a higher level review
  3. I did lot of research for timelines while waiting for my hearing and for what to expect after my hearing. I was legacy appeals and chose not to RAMP in Feb 2019. I hope this does help any other veteran wanting to know the process and hopefully the timeline helps. This is my experience for appeal with the VA and as always every case is unique and different. Im willing to follow up with any questions people might have. Tried to get lawyers involved but they said they wouldn’t touch my case (all the major ones you would find on google). So I just kept pushing along using the DAV for insight to the RO when needed or to file correspondence for the case. You know the rating you deserve!, the BVA law judge literally said VA erred and this should have been granted in 2014 but the C &P examiner failed to do their job accurately in my July 2014 exam. My follow up C & P exam conducted in 2017 warranted a 70% rating and the examiner noted everything correctly (however since the case was on appeal RO could not use the evidence to rate me at that time the exam was completed). Best Advice I can give is KNOW YOUR CASE! Know one knows your case like you and when talking to the judge, it helped I knew what the criteria was so I could talk to those points. File everything on-time, accurately, and with a way to show it was given to the VA. Find a hobby because worrying, over planning, and checking ebennies 20 times a day will drive you crazy. Don’t let your claim fall through the cracks but know that every day you worry, you drain yourself! Finally, NEVER GIVE UP!!! May 2014 Filed a claim for increase July 2014 C&P Exam at the VA October 2014 Claimed Denied October 2014 Filed for Decision Review Official to review case (legacy appeals) August 2015 DRO Denied increase August 2015 Filed NOD October 2015 Filed Form 9 December 2016 Case sent to BVA August 2017 C & P exam scheduled (non-static condition; this was the date of my revaluation) December 2019 BVA Hearing at RO January 30, 2020 Called WH hotline (not sure it did anything however I saw traction once I did) Feb 10, 2020 Case was given to judge and expedited due to homelessness March 10, 2020 Decision Made (Grant specific rating and effective date since it was an increase appeal) March 17, 2020 Ebennies was updated reflecting new rating TBA: waiting backpay but my rating has been reflected for April indefinitely
  4. First time poster! I just discovered had it and have been reading so much great information on here. I'm currently rated at 90% and have 5 pending claims. I need three 20's and one 10 to get to 100%(pretty confident that I'll get there but, the VA is weird). Here's the timeline on my open claim: Initial Submission-- 12/13/2018 C&P Exam Date: 1/2/2019 Prep for Decision: 1/4/2019 It's moving a lot faster than expected. Not sure if the process will keep moving fast or, hit a brick wall. You never know with the VA From what I've been reading, there is a way to access your DBQ exam online...can someone tell me how to do that? I've been looking everywhere and can't find it to save my life.
  5. Hi. Should I (does anyone??) write a timeline about my claim? Like a one page timeline or outline or my history. Example: I just sent in my Social Security Disablilty paperwork for my claim because my SSD was approved due to my damage to my lower spine(posted a few days ago) the judge approved it. I was in Voc rehab 9/2008-4/2009 withdrew from college due to physical/mental meltdown then again went back 9/2010-5-2011 and again had to withdraw because I physically and mentally crashed( I was approved to the National Honor Society). I was approved for SSD 11/23/2009 and I figured if I wrote it out on a timeline it would help the to show the VA exactly the time line since I'm thinking they are not good at that. Advice please and thank you in advance. ((A quick FYI during this time I have been consistently getting spinal injections, spine fusion surgery, quad tear surgery, take pain meds(which make it hard to impossible to think theoretically) and doing physical therapy and PTSD group n one on one at VA PTSD clinic for 3 years now which helps with my daily anxiety.)) Thanks again.
  6. ***EDITED TO ADD RATED DISABILITIES****** I hadn't checked Ebenefits in a while because I became frustrated with the change in open claim status from gathering evidence to awaiting documents are past due. I asked my VSO if there was anything I needed to do and he said that it wasn't at our end, but between C&P and VA. All medical records were uploaded by VSO and intent to file was sent within 12 months of retirement (20 years in Navy), so any backpay would be retro to NOV 2016. So I clicked on the Disabilities TAB, and to my surprise is says, "You have a 100% final degree of disability". -All of my rated disabilities had effective dates of 11/01/2016 (except the Not Service Connected). One had been deferred.........."trigger finger right, tenosynovitis thumb right and tenosynovitis index finger right" Before I update my profile on Hadit: - Since there are effective dates, do I assume this will be my final rating? - Since my claim is still open and gathering evidence (I assume from the one deferment) will this delay the closing of the claim? - If the deferred item does not effect the overall total disability (don't think there is higher than 100%) would that delay payment or backpay? - Should I expect payments anytime soon or not expect anything till the deferred item is complete? Is backpay and disability withheld or initialized now since it is at 100%? I guess I am just looking for a timeline....something like, "Matt, don't even look at that anymore. You have like 2 years before anything hits your account." or "Yup, you should be seeing a payment by next month and backpay two weeks after that!!" (I like that one better!!) I think it is worse now that I looked at the damn disabilities tab.........I feel like I am assuming too much and am gonna be one of those Vets that stare at my email waiting for the "deposit posted" email. Here is a screenshot of what is listed on Ebenefits: Thanks to all that respond and to all that are on here helping. I hope my post helps others find answers as well
  7. Just wanted to check and see if this was the average time from initial claim to the BVA video hearing: AUG 30, 2010 - Initial Claim (VSO-DAV) NOV 13, 2012 - Award & denial(s) NOV 18, 2012 - Requested DeNovo DRO Review APR 9, 2015 - SOC (Granted one, denied the remaining) APR 12, 2015 - Form 9, Requested BVA Video Hearing OCT 17, 2016 - Video Hearing Scheduled Semper Fi
  8. After I post something, how long does it take for others to see it? I have been a subscriber for 3 months, if this helps with an answer.
  9. Good day all, i know eBenefits is less credible than my 2yo girl, but mine at least has shown some consistency. Couple questions... mine is moved to PDA. How can I tell what I'm getting or how disappointed I will be, other than waiting for the official BWE/BBE? EBenefits, since updating this morning to PDA shows an appointment request was made but no details? Would this be related to closing out my claim or possible that only part of my claim is being worked on while the other is being deferred? any advice/guidance/insight would be appreciated. Thank you all!!
  10. Just thought I would put this out there for everyone with regards to VA claims questions, etc. So far, this is how my timeline has went. Not sure if it helps anyone or not. My regional office is Nashville, TN. I am currently awaiting further information. My understanding from reading the prior post is the VA authorizer is the final step. Can anyone elaborate on this??? 10/16/2012 → New Claim Filed ↓ 4/12/2013 → C&P Exam ↓ Claim Closed 9/28/2013 Awarded 10% (Atypical Chest Pain / Palpitations) – Appeal Possible ↓ 10/4/2013 → Retroactive Pay Received ↓ Appeal Filed 2/11/2014 (Fibromyalgia, IBS, GERD) → Received by VA on 2/14/2014 ↓ VA Acknowledged 2/19/2014 enclosed (VA Form 21-4138 to choose DRO or Traditional Appeal) ↓ DRO Choice Submitted on 2/25/2014 ↓ Follow up C&P Exam on 5/14/2015 (Fibromyalgia, IBS, GERD) ↓ 6/9/2015 → Decision Made → 7/2/2015 Statement of Case Completed ↓ 7/13/2015 → Spoke with VA Rep. According to his computer screen, I have received the following: 40% Awarded for Fibromyalgia; 30% Awarded for IBS; 0% Awarded for GERD. Total Disability Awarded at 60% (inc. the 10% already received) – Retroactive to 10/16/2012 @ 50% since they have already been paying me 10%. Indicated it could be 6 – 8 weeks before retroactive pay hits bank. Should begin to receive 60% on 8/1/2015 ↓ 7/17/2015 → Spoke with VA Regional Office. Per support specialist: Your SOC is currently in the final stages waiting for approval by a VA authorizer. Your claim's status may change if additional information is required. At this time, it is estimated that your claim should be completed by 8/23/2015. Please understand that this date is an estimate and that your claim may take longer based on the specifics of your claim and VA's pending workload. ↓ As of 7/27/2015 there is no changed on E-Benefits to disabilities and/or benefit letter.
  11. Folks: Does anyone know once the VA orders and exam both regular and an ACE Exam...how long it takes (on average) berfore the Veterans are notified and the exam takes place?
  12. I know this has more then likely been discussed several times in the past, but I'm putting it out there because it's my current experience as I'm living it. Trying to keep it all in one place by adding to other threads that discuss this topic is somewhat frowned upon, which is why I'm starting this one. Synopsis of my process so far: Initial award: 50% in 2004 for a laundry list of things typical to a 25 year Army career of jumping, deploying, sleeping on rocks, not sleeping, not eating, stressing etc, etc, etc. I was in the middle of a bunch of life changes so didn't appeal anything. Bad decision on my part. I would recommend appealing if you feel you didn’t receive the outcome you deserve. Don’t wait and re-file or request increases like I did. Fast forward to 2010: As we age, our "100% more abused then the average citizen" bodies are on a fast deterioration...and it was becoming evident that my days are numbered to continue at the pace I am now, or was. So I filed for increases in several areas and added a couple. I'd like to believe that's why my claim sat idle for almost 2 years, but...my C&P's were done in July 2012. All paperwork/documentation was in and final in December 2010. So, what was happening (Other than collecting Houston VARO dust) from Oct 2010 to July 2012, is an unknown. Maybe it had to do with it being an election year?? Who knows... Anyway, a quick rundown: Second claim opened: 10/08/2010 - I received 3 notifications via mail (Other then the C&P notifications) between Oct 2010 and 1 February 2012 telling me that they were still working on my claim. After that, I received nothing until the C&P notifications. - eBenefits stayed in "Gathering Evidence" until August 2012. - April 2012: I said enough is enough. I contacted my Congressman. They said they were glad to take this on. They sent a letter to the VA inquiring into the status in early May. - Nothing changed. Early June, I contacted the Houston RO and got hung up on three times. - C&P exams (2) done in July 2012. - August 2012: eBenefits back and forth’s from "Gathering of Evidence" to "Review of Evidence".Second claim closed: 09/01/2012 - Found 100% P&T. - Received partial retro deposit before I got the brown envelope in the mail. - Packet received about 6 days after eBenefits showed closed. My AB8 and commissary letter showed 100% on 1 September 2012 with an effective date of 1 September 2012 but the retro amouont was in line with an effective date of 1 November 2010. - Partial retro paid: 09/06/2012 (~40% of total) (If you are a "For time" retiree and under CRSC/CRDP, the VA withholds a majority of the retrospective payment to allow DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) time to do an audit of your pay to make sure you don't owe them or they don't owe you. If you owe them, they get their cut straight out of the retro payment. If they owe you, they pay up and it's reflected in your Retiree Account Statement (RAS) in MyPay. - No contact from anyone, in any way, about anything, concerning the remainder of my retro. I did a lot of digging on the forums here and gleaned some good information, but it was scattered and none of it was consistent.Authorization Review Claim opened: 10/17/2012 - Asked questions here and had several different answers. Still not sure what this type of claim is. - Contacted DFAS on 20 September 2012 and they told me that the retro was under audit, call back for more info in a week or two. Called them back on 3 October and was told the DFAS audit was completed on the 29th. They then BATCH them and send them back to the VA once a month on the 15th. Some say it's the 19th but mine was back at the VA on the 15th of October. - DFAS paid out the CRSC difference in my current retired pay on 10/16/2012. (Too bad the VA can't process payments as fast as DFAS!) Authorization Review Claim closed: 11/16/2012 [*]Retired Pay Adjustment claim opened: 10/17/2012 (**Note: This didn't even show up on eBenefits until the 16th of November, after it was already closed!) - This can have to do with a couple of actions. 1. The DFAS audit and CRSC/CRDP difference (**But that was paid out the day before this claim was opened) or 2. The final retro payment after the audit by DFAS and the review by the VA (Signatures) due to the amount of the retro, which is >$25K. [*]Retired Pay Adjustment claim closed: 11/16/2012 Another thing: My AB8 (Benefit Verification) letter effective date also changed from 1 September 2012 to 1 December 2011, which of course has me curious. Is this the actual date of the most recent payment adjustment to 100%? Or, in other words, the last time COLA was adjusted? Remaining retro received 11/19/2012. Hope this timeline helps reduce someone else’s stress!
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