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  1. Due to my tinnitus being very bad, I was awarded a 70% rating from the VA for anxiety and depression secondary to my tinnitus due to it keeping me from sleeping. I have started my counseling with VA social workers and psych doctors from the VA. I ask my VA primary care doctor does the VA offer any treatment for tinnitus and the answer was, "There is no treatment the VA offers for tinnitus, just wear ear plugs and stay away from loud noises". My question is why would a PA want to test me for sleep apnea to see if that is causing my sleep problems but I can't get treatment for what I know keeps
  2. I was just diagnosed with Meniere's after years of having periodic dizziness and vertigo that has gotten progressively worse and more frequent. I am already service connected for bilateral hearing loss and tinnitus. (Ironically I had never even heard of Meniere's until about a year ago when I was doing the exams to get the service connection for the tinnitus and when I mentioned the dizziness to the audiologist she said I should have more testing to see if it was Meniere's). My question is when I file the claim, should I file it as primary, secondary to the hearing loss and tinnitus, or both
  3. I was discharged Nov1995 and Finally got my BVA decided in the Fall of 2008. My VSO was The American Legion and at the end they sent me a letter stating that they had help me as much as possible. I had surgery on my right knee in Aug 2012 and decided that would be a good time to file for an increase. After going through the Georgia Dept of Veterans Services and filing my claim, I began researching here and in other fourms. What I found amazes me. Yes,The American Legion did a good job but at the same time, they really blew it. In making their decission, The BVA relied on informatio
  4. I submitted my supplemental claim 3 days ago for the following diagnosis with evidence: - Flat Feet (Primary) - Bilateral Plantar Fasciitis (Secondary) - Bilateral Pronation to mid and rear foot (Secondary) - Intra-articular Hip Pain (Primary) - Femoroacetabular Impingement (Secondary) - Right Adductor Groin Pain (Tertiary) - Athletic Pubalgia (Tertiary) - Osteitis Pubis (Tertiary) - Right Knee Pain - Low Back Pain - Left Tennis E
  5. I have been going back and forth, including several reopens and such, with the VA since 2005 regarding a claim associated with Menieres. In 2008, I received a note that It was denied because I did not have an official diagnosis (although the symptoms: Hearing Loss, Tinnitus and Vertigo show continuously all the way back to my time in service. I spoke with my doctor at the VA and they noted that it was listed as a working diagnosis going all the way back to 2007. I requested to reopen the claim and received a notice saying there was no new and material evidence siting that the diagnosis
  6. I originally filed a claim for bilateral hearing loss for both my left and right ear, but 2 years ago was only awarded Service Connection for my Left Ear, but only at 0%. The VA said that it was at 0% due to my Right Ear being at normal hearing at the time of my hearing test. But I just now filed a claim for an increase in my Left Ear hearing loss. I went for another C&P hearing exam. I told the Hearing Doctor that now my Right Ear was getting bad too and could she test me for hearing loss in my right ear this time. When the test was all over she told me that I did have some Right Ear hear
  7. During the last 2 years or hearing exam, I have discussed "Hyperacusis" with the VA audiologist. I have a 10% service connected tinnitus award. Is there a possible claim for the Hyperacusis? Thanks for your response.
  8. I submitted a claim for Sinusitis, OSA,, and Tinnitus. My claim was denied for all 3. The tinnitus they claim was neither occurred in nor was caused by service. My job on active duty exposed me to gun fire, explosions, tanks, and tracked vehicles. I submitted the Duty Noise Exposure Spreadsheet that displayed my AFSC was rated as highly likely to be exposed to loud noise. In the first Exam they claimed I said my hearing loss was from jets flying overhead. Never said that, so they scheduled a second exam. This one they acknowledged the correct job but I was still denied. The evidence list
  9. Berta I hope that you may provide an answer. I am presently rated 10% for tinnitus. I have some dizziness, which causes me to lose my balance. I also have feelings of fullness in my ears. I am now thinking of filing a claim for Meniere's secondary to tinnitus. I noticed that another vet's claim for Meniere's secondary to tinnitus was approved and rated at 30%. The reason for the approval was that the Meniere's was likely as not caused by the veteran's military service or SC tinnitus. I am glad that the vet got his claimed approved. I was under the impression that Meniere's was not secondary to
  10. I was rated at 10% for tinnitus last year by the VA. I went to my private doctor yesterday and I described to him the problems that I have been having with my sense of balance. Any sudden movement of my head or movement while sitting in my desk chair causes me to lose my balance and become nauseous. Also when seeing TV if there are certain scenes,such as movement across or up and down the screen my balance is affected. The doctor said that what is causing the problem is Meniere's Disease. Does any know if this could be secondary to tinnitus and if it would be rated separately from the tinnitus
  11. My husband was just denied SC for hearing loss and tinnitus. I would have expected 0% hearing loss for left ear and 10% tinnitus. I attached the C&P resultsAudiology DBQ.docx - it seems to me like the audiologist contradicts herself in her rationale - or maybe I am just confused? But overall it does seem to say he has tinnitus and its linked to service? Not sure what to think of this. Any insight would be appreciated! Thank you!
  12. I am trying to understand how I will be tested for tinnitus by the VA. I have a pending compensation claim for hearing loss and tinnitus (and a couple other things) that is in stage 5 (preparation for decision). I am now awaiting a C&P exam (I believe). I am already S/C for shoulder and lower back (20% total). How is tinnitus tested by the VA to receive the 10% rating? I served in OEF and have a Combat Action Badge (all on my DD214). I have hearing loss, but what happens if I pass as “normal” for hearing loss. I have occasional ringing in both ears from OEF (artillery/heavy machine
  13. Hi, Asking any vet in the Richmond, Va area for doctor recommendations. I was diagnosed by my audiologist with hearing loss and tinnitus. I'm in the process of gathering all my paperwork to file a claim. Problem is this doc doesn't want to write up a letter for me. Sorry if it sounds excessive...this would be my first VA claim I have filed. I figured if I submit as much as possible...less likely to get denied? So any help would be appreciated! Tks
  14. Facts regarding claim: Sleep Apnea secondary to insomnia Date of diagnosis: 7/18/2014 Current disabilities relevant to claim: Tinnitus – Service Connected - 6/5/2017 Insomnia – Servicee Connected - 4/13/2018 Facts regarding claim: Sleep Apnea secondary to insomnia Date of diagnosis: 7/18/2014 Current disabilities relevant to claim: Tinnitus – Service Connected - 6/5/2017 Insomnia – Servicee Connected - 4/13/2018 Status of claim: CUE submi
  15. Hello, I've had positional vertigo problems in the past ever since a hand grenade exploded close to my position four years ago. One week ago I had an appointment at the V.A. and I noticed that the building was moving, I asked my case manager if she felt the movement of the building and she said no, I was about to exit the building when this happened. I drove home and woke up the next morning feeling like my house was moving but ignored it since I have had episodes of vertigo before. I got to the building where I volunteer at (voc rehab) and felt the same way so I figured that it was positional
  16. I have seen a bunch of conversations about tinnitus lately, but was curious if anyone has had any luck getting tinnitus SC as secondary to TMJ. The military yanked my 3rd molars and now I am SC for TMJ. In December, I had a really bad time with my TMJ. The VA oral surgeon treated me and my records indicate bilateral TMJ exacerbation. Since this occurred, I hear this constant high-pitched in both ears. When there is not a lot of background noise, it is significantly pronounced. Should I go back and see my VA oral surgeon or an audiologist? Any thoughts? Is there anything that c
  17. I was awarded 10% for Tinnitus but turned down for hearing loss. How can that be?
  18. Back in1961 I was pushed backwards and fell on the frozen ground. Records showed "concussion", Infirmary and Hospitalized with loss of consciousness. Had C&P and got 40% for TBI and 30% for chronic headaches. My neck has been acting up for years. Can I ask for an MRI or Xray to find out what it is? If it's osteoarthritis neck or some other thing can I claim it as secondary to the TBI? Also have 10% for tinnitus for a total of their math at 60%.
  19. I'm working on preparing my brief to the CAVC on my appeal having received the Record Before the Agency (RBA). Searching for the initial EENT consult in the RBA now. Have it in a CD sent to me by the VA Records Management Center earlier. Does anyone know the date of "liberalization" of tinnitus allowing the rating of 10% for noise induced loss instead of only as secondary to a TBI? Is there a reference? Docket 17-2990 The following is in the RBA. 1) RBA Pages 4255 & 4254; The Rating Decision of 2-25-76, RO did not do investigation of injuries medically, only for “in
  20. This post is for my oldest brother.By the way he is 70 yo. anyway the VA has given him hearing aids, a wheel chair, a new ramp and a power chair. But he is not SC. The VA sent him to a GOVT. HEARING CONTRACTOR for a hearing test. The test was the 8 of Aug.he was told he had a hearing bad loss. So he got a letter Wed and he was denied, again. He went to get a copy of her report, she told him that she wasn't allow to give out that infromation. QUESTION here is she right? My brother never served in combat he was a helicopter machanic. so any help or advice here would be greatly . thanks his l
  21. Hi, my second post on this site. I'm wondering about tinnitus. I've told my military doctor about the ringing and he noted it on my medical paperwork, but do I have to be officially tested before I can successfully claim it and win?
  22. Hello this is my first post on here but have been reading for sometime. I never filed anything with the VA for the fear of being kicked out for medical discharge but now I heard that this is rare in the army. I would like to file for the following injuries while on duty. Please give me pointers and what I should do before I file. Thanks Knees I injured both my knees while in the army and still in and have a permanent profile regarding PT test where I can only walk not run. The doctors said I have bilateral knee & Chondromalcia. I have knee pain a lot even when I am standing for lo
  23. Hey there, this is my second post and am still figuring it all out! So the nitty gritty.... I filed my claim for tinnitus in Sep '12. So on Jan 7 I had an ACE phone interview with someone from the VHA. He saked me 5 questions about my hearing, what I did on Active Duty, how my daily life is affected etc. So my question is this...how are they testing the tinnitus over the phone. Can such a call really give them enough information to determine whether or not I will be granted tinnitus. Has anyone else ever had an ACE exam? Does the ACE work in my favor or hurt me in the end? I decid
  24. When a claim is farmed out, which VARO has the responsibility in requesting the C&P exams? Home or Away? My husband has had two C&P's by QTC and the heading of the letter to schedule these exams were from Washington. He still has deferred claims in which a C&P needs to be scheduled. The temporary office of jurisdiction is Denver and our VARO is Winston/Salem. A request was for an exam was put in on December 18, when the rating decision was also made for hearing and tinnitus. An inquiry to IRIS only tells me to be patient and they were waiting for the medical facility, wel
  25. Hello Hadit Family. VARO granted the following effective 26 December 2012 on a request to reopen a previously denied claim: 1. 10% for Tinnitus Associated with bi-lateral hearing loss; and 2. 0% for Bi-lateral hearing loss. The approval reason in part reads, "Service connection is warranted because your service treatment records (STR) show your hearing loss began in-service. In addition, your military occupational specialty (MOS) of non-nuclear welder is consistent with acoustic trauma and your hearing loss has been linked to that acoustic trauma". In the original claim sent
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