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Found 5 results

  1. I'll try to be brief. Va claim filed April 2019 for sleep disturbances, jaw condition, scar in mouth, painful scar. In June my scar was rated 0% and pain 10%. Jaw condition was deferred and sleep disturbances ignored. In July I filed somatic symptom disorder and mood condition secondary to all my denied disabilities and current ones. I received a letter saying I did this incorrect and ebenefits updated accordingly deleting the claims. Then in August I filed somatic symptom disorder and mood condition secondary to jaw condition and scar pain. I also filed hearing loss primary. Ebenefits updated accurately showing what i claimed. In October I get a call from the regional office wanting to clarify what I was trying to claim. They then attached my somatic symptom disorder and mood condition to my sleep disturbances claim. The person told me I would retain my original effective date of the April claim. I attended c and p for jaw condition and hearing loss. I submitted a dbq from a board certified psychologist. The October called said I had plenty of information to get it rated. I looked at ebenefits December 14th and have now been rated 20% combined due to my scar pain and TMJ. Claim CLOSED. I called VA 1800 number and they tell me the somatic symptom disorder and mood condition, as well as hearing loss are attached as secondary to tinnitus which is pending appeal (and nothing else). What I did from there this week was submit a 21-4138 explaining I claimed those secondary to tmj and scar pain, not tinnitus. Also hearing loss as primary. I then called the VA and they took a statement to send to the regional office. Has anyone had experience with this and should I be worried? Will I still retain my effective date with my original claim?
  2. Hello Hadit.com Members, I am new to the site, but I have reviewed a lot of information throughout the different forums and I must say the collaborated efforts to assist an in need fellow veteran is refreshing. Hopefully I am not too much of a burden with my situation and hopefully I can benefit from your guidance because right now I am at a loss on how to approach my claims. I am currently service-connected for TMJ - 20%
  3. I am rated at 30% for PTSD and I have other things pending but after returning as a door gunner in Desert Storm, I started having severe headaches and TMJ. Both have been diagnosed and DBQ done by my medical Dr stating more likely than not related to the PTSD. I have an upcoming C&P exam with QTC for my diagnosed Bruxism, related to PTSD. I have broken several teeth from grinding at night and just broke another crown that they will see on Monday when I go in. Anyone else ever dealt with this or have any advice? I sleep with a mouth guard but I am on my 3rd one right now after chewing threw the first two. I also have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and sleep with a prescribed CPAP machine.. Any advise is appreciated. Semper Fi!
  4. I thought I should finally share my story... I separated from the Navy in June of 2014. I started my first VA claim as a quick start ( I was still active duty) claim but it was anything but quick. I went through a rep at MCRD in San Diego who helped people separating the military file initial claims. I claimed/filed for migraines, TMJ, neck scar, lower back pain and shooting pains down left and right leg. I submitted copies of my AD medical records and went to all my CP exams. After waiting close to a year, I got my BBE that contained my claim award that I very much needed and expected a good outcome. I got a big fat 0%. Migraines- 0%, scar- 0%, Tmj 0% and denied completely on my lower back pain condition and shooting pains down left/right leg. I was so angered by my outcome that I lost all faith in the VA and threw my BBE in a drawer and decided to forget the VA and move on with my life. Fast forward to two years later something got me fired up again about the process/original outcome I received from the VA. I began to do my homework and stumbled across this site. The stories I read gave me hope and personal insight into others who had filed for the same conditions I did. I got smart and marched straight into the San Diego Regional office and joined a Veteran's Organization. I personally went with AMVETS as they were the first group to reach out to me and I like what the rep had to say. I could tell he was really there to help me with my claim. I filed for increases on Migraines, scar and TMJ. I also started a new claim for my lower back pain and shooting pains down left/right leg since I was past the one year mark to file an appeal. We also filed new claims for depression/anxiety, acne and tinnitus. I gave him all my medical records from AD and my separation physical that was missing from my original claim. To better my claim outcome my VO suggested I get DBQs filled out by my personal doctor and dentist for my Migraines and TMJ. I once again attended all CP exams the VA requested. My outcome this time was a small victory. I received: Migraines- 0%, Scar- 10% and TMJ 10% conditions for acne and my back had been deferred. From doing my homework I knew I was being low balled on my migraines and TMJ. My rep filed for a reconsideration on my Migraines and TMJ and resubmitted the DBQs from my personal doctors that had been overlooked by the VA ( they only considered the cp exam results). I then went for my next round of CP exams for my acne and lower back condition. My new rating came shortly after: Migraines: 50% TMJ- 20% Neck Scar- 10% Lower Back Pain- 10% Sciatica Left Leg- 20% Sciatica Right Leg- 10% Acne- 0% Allergic Rhintis- 0% Depression/Anxiety- Denied because doctor had stated it "resolved" in service. Tinnitus- Denied Combined Rating- 80% Without the help of Hadit.com I would have never been able to go through this process again and get this outcome! I went from 0% to 80% within 6 months. I'm so thankful to everyone who has posted here and I'm hoping I can help out another Vet by contributing! My fight with the VA is not over! I'm beginning the process to file a CUE claim on my lower back pain and left/right shooting pains down leg to get my effective date pushed back to my separation date. The VA originally denied my back claim stating that there was no medical evidence in my file. They were wrong. Best wishes to everyone and keep fighting!!!
  5. Hello Hadit.com Members, I am new to the site, but I have reviewed a lot of information throughout the different forums and I must say the collaborated efforts to assist an in need fellow veteran is refreshing. Hopefully I am not too much of a burden with my situation and hopefully I can benefit from your guidance because right now I am at a loss on how to approach my claims. I served the USAF from 2000 to 2007 with an honorable discharge and I am currently 40% service-connected for TMJ - 20% ACL Reconstruction - Knee Joint Pain - 10% Right Ankle condition with Achilles tendonitis -10% Here is my issue: In 2005 I suffered facial trauma to my nasal area while participating in a squadron event that has since then continued to affect my breathing to this present day. During the event, one of the participants collided into me very hard at full speed, descending from an airborne position, and inadvertently came downward with his elbow ramming into my nose, which resulted in my visit to the Emergency Room. Upon impact, there was a break in the skin (aka hole) to my nasal area that required 3-4 stitches to reconnect the right alar sidewall to my cheek. My nose instantly bled internally, as well as from the right alar sidewall. I suffered a headache, dizziness, facial pain, and obstructed breathing. The impact felt like my face was broken. During my visit to the Emergency Room, the Emergency Room doctor looked at the injury and after 3 minutes of observation recorded his findings (without an x-ray or CT scan) as a facial laceration (I strongly disagree with this finding because of the symptoms I have experienced since the injury). The Emergency Room doctor then sent one of the aids to stitch my nose, prescribed Motrin for the swelling/pain, and told me to return to the Emergency Room in a week and one of the aids on site can/will remove the stitches. When the stitches were removed, I was still suffering a headache, nasal pain (tenderness), and difficulty breathing through the right side of my nose and made it known to the aid and she documented that. Since this event I have experienced various episodes of sinus troubles and infections (to include sinusitis), and a constant and consistent feeling of a blocked nasal passage. 2009 - sleep study diagnosed mild sleep apnea Could not tolerate the CPAP machine... felt like I was suffocating 2009 - 2013 Various sinus issues including sinusitis, allergic Rhinitis, and headaches. referred to ENT doctor and he stated there was a high septal deflection with Internal Nasal Valve narrowing on the side that may account for my complaints. Would require surgery for correction. 2013 - sleep study diagnosed moderate sleep apnea Trying to use the machine but it feel like I am suffocating.... may ask for different options on visit in 2 weeks. My questions are: Is there away for me to challenge a military ER diagnosis as an incomplete diagnosis to reflect the damage caused? My initial claim for my nose injury was denied because I claimed facial laceration. I did not have a VSO at the time, but when I acquired one, we put in an appeal claim in for a nose injury which has been pending since 2009. Will a nose injury suffice for a claime or does it need to be more specific? Could my sleep apnea be service connected if my sleep doctor provides a nexus letter stating that the moderate sleep apnea condition is more likely than not aggravated by the nose injury that occurred in 2005? or would the nose injury need to be connected first? Would a sleep doctor or ENT specialist opinion trump an ER doctor? Any direction or opinion or answer will be welcomed and respected.... sorry for the long story JFizzle
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