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Found 20 results

  1. Submitted a claim for I/U had three C&P exams back in the beginning of September and now waiting (as usual). Each week the VA keeps requesting more forms from me via VA.GOV and ebenefits , 4192, 4142 and 4142a, medical records from providers dates and addresses. I submitted all these requesting documents when I submitted the FDC claim (over 100 pages) The VA has all the same documents . VSO even questioned the requests. Question I have is why request the information that I already submitted and filled out properly and they have copies??? Will they see after I submitted duplicated docu
  2. In 2012 the Department of Education granted my T&P Disability Claim. I notified the VA. In 2014 the VA sent me a letter to inform me that had attempted to receive a response from the SSA of my SSDI in August deliberately waiting until August when the SSA had reclassified me at 67 as retired. Fortunately I had a copy of the SSA/SSDI letter dated 2012. All of this was for my TDIU claim. I notified Congress and they confirmed that the VA had received a 2012 SSA of my SSDI status. Now 2019 came and has gone and the VA still is telling me that my TDIU claim is still pending ev
  3. If I were to get a job where I was considered a Virtual Employee(with a big company) and Worked from my home. Is that considered a "sheltered environment"? Meaning would I get in trouble for working from home and make more than the poverty threshold? Thank you Scott
  4. For example: a veteran with PTSD works for a family friend’s business. The family friend provides the veteran with an office and duties that afford limited interaction with other people. The veteran’s salary pays his bills, and is over the current poverty threshold. Because the veteran’s job has been tailored to his individual needs (limited interaction with other people), his job is considered to be sheltered, and therefore falls under “marginal employment.” The VA cannot consider this job as being substantially gainful employment, and must not use it against him in determining IU. https
  5. So I was recently granted TDIU and noticed a large lump sum deposit into my DIRECT DEPOSIT on 9/16/2019. Well that account cannot hold large sums of money over $10,000 so I provided them with the new account information 9/17/2019. Well my award is STILL suspended and I'm frustrated and broke. I have two kids with one of them being 19months old. I have no food and $40 to my name. I'm two months behind on rent and my lights will be shut off in less than a week. Of course, the VA is taking their precious time to un-suspend my award. Im calling everyone I can including the Secretary of Veterans
  6. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME MAKE SENSE OF THE RESULTS OF MY C&P EXAM FOR IU? LOCAL TITLE: COMP & PEN MENTAL HEALTH/PSYCHOLOGY EXAM STANDARD TITLE: PSYCHOLOGY C & P EXAMINATION CONSULT DATE OF NOTE: SEP 07, 2018@09:00 ENTRY DATE: SEP 10, 2018@13:29:26 AUTHOR: HILBORN,ROBERT S EXP COSIGNER: URGENCY: STATUS: COMPLETED Mental Disorders (other than PTSD and Eating Disorders) Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of patient/Veteran: Derick Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination Request? [X] Yes [ ] No SECT
  7. Hello friends! Quick question.....I am 90% overall and TDIU 100% with an appointment scheduled at the 1 year mark. Recently i have heard (through a VSO) that my wife and child are eligible for health care. Is this so??? thanks!
  8. Yes, in some cases you can. I can’t work if I’m getting Unemployability, right? No, in fact, unemployability does not always mean that a veteran is not working. The key, however, is that all income earned from employment must be at or below the poverty level, or from a job that is considered to be “sheltered”. These types of … Continue reading
  9. I'm service connected for bilateral severe O.A hips 10%,secondary lumbar sprine,10% left and right knee 10%.My case was remanded back to R.O for further development for my increase for hips O.A and to set C&P for my throat claim. My question is if granted increase rate for my hips and granted service connection for throat would I have to file for I.U or will they simply grant it if my ratings me the criteria.
  10. For some reason, my date of completion keeps getting pushed back. I was told that I have a tentative decision on my claim when I called the VBA hotline. However, the representative (VBA claim representative) said that he could not see what it was and that the VA was awaiting the results of my C&P exams for finalization. I have requested another C&P provider because MSLA kept telling me that they didn't have any providers available from October through January. I was finally scheduled for all but my mental health exam, which, the company claims that it send back to the VA as not being a
  11. I'm having some trouble understanding the 21-4192 document, in section 1 it says in parenthesis (to be completed by VA) and below that it has address blocks 1 and 2 (and the word "complete" in parentheses) Pretty sure my former employer's information goes into block one (filled out by me?) but i'm not sure what goes in block 2 - It says "return to" between the blocks. Thanks for any assistance you can give.
  12. Hi Hadit. I am working on getting some ratings raised from a case that was just decided and rated on Sept. 16, 2015. According to my understanding, if we do a NOD I would need to send in new evidence which was not included in the original claim. What if I feel that they obviously did not look at the original evidence sent in? I believe that if they had looked at the original evidence the ratings would have been higher. The veteran's highest rating is 30%, but his total adds up to 90%. Based on what I have read if we wanted to make a request for increased compensation based on unemployabi
  13. I first enrolled on the Agent Orange Registry in about 2008. No real reason then, except others said it was a good idea to get on the list. I was in-country in Vietnam from 1968-69. In 2012, I saw that Ischemic Heart Disease was added as a covered Agent Orange disease as of September, 2010. I had a heart attack in 2006. So, I applied and got a 60% rating and was paid retro to September 2010. That 2-year lump sum deposit was sweet! In 2013, I applied for PTSD and was denied because of a doctor filling out his report wrong. I appealed and was granted 50% only 6 weeks later! Now, my rati
  14. My husband has several claims being considered, one of which is unemployability. This was originally filed due to bad advice from his VSO. After much reading on here, we realize he is not entitled to receive unemployability at this point. He works limited hours due to his disability but, partially due to the fact that I work at the same place and help him often with his work (commission sales), he makes over the threshold. Now, we are wondering if he should request to have the claim dropped for this one contention. It will likely hold up the decisions on the other claims and is just clogg
  15. Need some advice please. My husband's claims were denied in Sept. 2013. In August, one month before the denials, on the very bad advice of his VSO, a claim was filed for unemployability. We were really lacking knowledge in all this and just did what told. Since then, I've spent a lot of time on this forum and gained much more knowledge. I now realize the unemployability should never have been filed. My husband still is working (about 16 hours a week.) Really difficult to do and causes great stress due to his PTSD symptoms as well as symptoms for kidney problems but is working. A mont
  16. I've been doing some research about TDIU. I don't meet the rating requirements for TDIU, but I have a SC disability that prevents me from working. I have read that there is such a thing as extra-schedular TDIU if you can prove that your condition prevents you from working. My disabilities are: Major Depressive Disorder 50% migraines 10% IBS 10% I have also reticently received SSDI. Does it carry any weight in proving unemployability?
  17. I am retired military with a rating of 90% from the VA. Today, I received my approval letter from Civil Service that my Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) has been approved for medical retirement. My question is, if I apply for Unemployabilty with the VA, will I lose my military retirement pay?
  18. All this stuff confuses the heck out of me. I have a combined rating of 70%, my highest individual one being anxiety at 30%. I received this rating in fall 2009 and have been talking to MHC on a weekly then monthly basis; and trying different meds ever since. I held one job for 7 months since my ETS in 2009. After that I've had one job interview, the employer kept making remarks about how I acted and asked if I was ok. Since then I find every excuse in the world to not leave my house. I was considering filing for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability, but unless I'm mistaken I
  19. Last June I filed a P&C Claim for my feet, in November I was granted a Service Connection rated at 0% I immediatly appealed and have an appeal pending to the DRO since November. Suddenly the VA shows in January I have a claim pending for unemployability, me nor my rep filed an unemployability ckaim. I am considering asking the VA to close it, becaue I am sure I would not qualify. I am afraid to close it though, because I am wondering if the VA themselves opened it for some reason, since no one knows why Iit was opened in the first place. Anyone had this happen to them? Any sugge
  20. My e-benefits deal shows that crazy making gathering of evidence phase still. I had C&Ps in October and November. I note that it says my file is missing the 29-8940 Unemployability Form. This was submitted with my binder of info in March 2012. Is it misplaced? Floating around the Cleveland VA Office? Does issue need to be addressed or is it just another e-benefits SNAFU?
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