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Found 7 results

  1. JUST FOUND THIS! will be helpful for me instead on relying on the IRIS to forward my letters/emails to the VARO, i just submitted directly to them. first time using- anyone have any luck with this? https://eauth.va.gov/accessva/?cspSelectFor=dmhs
  2. Pretty stocked and can't wait to get this info and share it. I recently submitted an iris claim asking about the 10 day policy of waiting after letter is sent with a decision and why they can't make it available online immediately and rationale for their policies etc. I've spoken to 2 people so far at the Peggy line and both have said that they are jealous (one actually is asking to have the info sent to their management team) of the information being put together for me and that they hope I like to read. One told me I better share this info with other veterans as well so my hopes are high for some really great information to share. Hopefully more to come by end of next week at latest.
  3. Hello all, It has been many years since I have gone through the VA claims process, so I have no doubt a lot has changed. I am in the process of submitting claims for my secondary conditions. In my Veteran Statements I am writing, I am referencing certain U.S. Court of Appeals Decisions (like Walsh v. Wilkie) and certain VA Citation Numbers (like Citation Nr: 1340261) that pertain to my secondary claims. My question is...should I have my VSO upload and submit the Court Decisions and Citation Numbers as evidence in my file? Or is it sufficient enough just to reference them in my statement, but not necessary to upload them to my file at this point? I asked my VSO this question and he said I would only need to submit them if my claims go to the VBA. I'm just looking for a second opinion from someone that has recently been through the process and want to make sure that I do things right the first time. To give you a better picture of what I'm talking about, the paragraph below is from my Veteran Statement. It reads: "It is my contention that my service-connected disabilities, in particular those affecting my musculoskeletal system, have greatly impacted my ability to exercise, which has caused, or aggravated, my weight gain/obesity, which in turn has caused my Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). My obesity, caused by my inability to effectively exercise or engage in any physical activity, is the intermediate step (the bridge), that connects my secondary condition (my OSA) to my service-connected musculoskeletal disabilities, as stated in the Walsh v. Wilkie decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals on Feb 24, 2020, and VA Citation Nr: 1340261. I also reference VA Citation Numbers 1426481, 1435836, 1447259, and 1536140 that show prior VA decisions linking OSA to a lower back condition (through weight gain). This should satisfy the requirement under 38 CFR 3.310(a) for service connection for Sleep Apnea on a secondary basis. I have also attached to my claim, credible sources that directly link OSA to weight gain/obesity." Thank you for your time, and to all that reply!
  4. Hello! I currently have my appeal to the VBA Judge. It has been there for over a year now, and for the last 10 months or so VA.gov tells me it is with the Judge. What is puzzling, is the VA site says the average for a decision is around 248 days.....I passed that A LONG time ago. I have sent a request for a "follow up" through the VA IRIS system, but no answer. It is a "Direct Evidence" appeal, so no hearing, just the Judge review the evidence and make a decision. At one time I remember there being a phone number to the Ombudsman at the Board, I looked now and can't find it. Did my appeal get tossed out? Shredded? Any of you know why it would be just sitting there for so long? Thanks in advance.
  5. https://hadit.com/vba-annual-benefits-report-fiscal-year-2019/ Updated July 2020 The Annual Benefits Report (ABR) summarizes the benefit programs delivered by VBA, identifies the current level of program participation, and profiles the beneficiaries. The report is intended to accomplish the following: present a clear, complete, data-driven picture of the extent to which Veterans and their dependents use these benefits, and provide insights into the nature of the benefit programs. ICON SECTION TITLE LINK TO REPORT Annual Benefits Report for Fiscal Year 2019 View Report (6.19 MB) » Introduction and Appendix View Report (2.1 MB) » Compensation View Report (1.36 MB) » Pension and Fiduciary View Report (1.12 MB) » Education View Report (0.77 MB) » Insurance View Report (0.97 MB) » Home Loan Guaranty View Report (0.64 MB) » Veteran Readiness and Employment View Report (0.63 MB) »
  6. Hi, I checked my e-mail earlier and what in the world did my wondering eyes see? An e-mail from the VBA following up on their RAMP invitation. Hmmmm. Is it me or does this positively reek of desperation for their Pilot program? It is probably just cynical me. Any thoughts, opinions, and/or advice is always welcomed. Thank you. H
  7. Hi, I am a new member of HadIt. I've watched anonymously for years. I have an old claim that has been plodding through the system since 2008. There are 12 issues I am pursuing. In July, 2013 I had a face to face with a DRO. In September, 2013 (2 months later) I received a SOC from the DRO for one issue (entitlement date for depression/anxiety) that denied that claim. I subsequently filed a Form 9 for that issue. I have checked and double checked the SOC and it is only for the one issue. No mention of the other 11. I have not received a SOC for the other 11 issues. E-benefits shows that everything is awaiting processing for the VBA. I submitted an IRIS. I also called the 1-800 number and spoke to someone there. I also emailed the Director of Benefits at my VSO (co-located at the Regional Office with the DRO). The IRIS, the 1-800 number and the Director of Benefits are all saying that a Form 9 has been received for everything and that my file is awaiting processing for the VBA. I have been waiting a year thinking I was waiting for a SOC and decision on the other 11 issues. I thought maybe the DRO thought the effective date was perhaps clear-cut in her mind and so she quickly denied it while everything else needed a more thorough review. Is it possible I am still waiting for a DRO decision and SOC for the other 11 issues? Or is IRIS, the 1-800 number and the Director of Benefits from the VSO all correct in that my file is awaiting transfer to the VBA? I feel jipped if the DRO only reviewed and decided on one issue and then passed me off, ignoring the other 11 issues, and now my claim is moving to the VBA. Is there any chance the DRO may still be reviewing/deciding the other 11 issues and when the DRO is complete it will process to the VBA? Thanks, j-a-g
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