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  1. So my Voc Rehab counselor called and said they were ready to start purchasing Step stool to get in and out of car Kitchen height adjustable so I can sit at my countertops to prep food. Prescription dispenser with alarm. (I asked for a different one than they suggested so I am waiting to hear.) Lumbar cushion for Van. Lift Chair they picked out PerfectSleepChair.com I don't know if that means I'm getting that one or something similar. Zero Gravity Workstation they are offering this one http://www.ergoquest.com/zero-gravity-workstation-0.html which doesn't acc
  2. In Feb of 2018 I had an accident where my back went out on my and my left side became paralysed. I spent two weeks in the hospital relearning how to walk with a walker. I also became incontentine because of the nerve damage. I eventually regained some feeling in my left side and now am able to walk with a cane, but still have footdrop. In January of 2019 I had a counselor come to my 'unfinished' home, for an appt on Independent Living. He made several suggestions, including an SAH/HISA grants, scooters, lift chair and hospital bed. My VR counselor wrote up the items and sent them to my, t
  3. Hello, Bro's and Sis's I'm sorry but I couldn't find a forum exclusively about the GI BILL. If this isn't the right place please move it to the right forum if you don't mind. I got out of the Army on May 15 2006th, and I used a good bit of my Gi Bill (Chapter 33) not the forever GI Bill, which I thought everyone who qualified, for the GI Bill was switched over to. I still have over a year left on my (Chapter 33) GI Bill, and just found out that it was not apart of the forever GI Bill that Trump signed in to law, and found out my GI Bill was expiring soon as was my right to utilized the V
  4. From approval to delivery of items requested how long would you say you waited?
  5. Hello. I am wondering about educational benefits. When I was in the military, I did not have any dependents, so, I did not list anyone to transfer my GI BIll to. Once I was out and service connected, I was told it is best to Voc Rehab stipends, and I did. My question is that it now states that my GI Bill is delimiting April 2021, with 25 months worth of benefits not exhausted yet. Is there ANYTHING I can do about this? I have dependents now, but, it will not let me transfer. Is there any way to get it transferred now? I have read posts that some have done both voc rehab AND GI bill benefits at
  6. Per VA directive- if any of you are on Voc Rehab education and getting a stipend/BAH- the coronavirus modification that made your online classes remain paid as physical classes that was supposed to expire in Dec2020 has been extended to DEC 20201. I think this also counts for the Job assistance payments you get after graduating while looking for a job (normally 2 months) extended to 4 months. 5202.Extensions of certain provisions of law (a)Extension of Student Veteran Coronavirus Response Act of 2020 Section 2 of the Student Veteran Coronavirus Response Act of 2020 (Public Law 116
  8. Started this forum just for ILP questions.
  9. I have been having a hard time simply getting email from my voc rehab counselor. After reminding the counselor multiple times I got the email for orientation and exploration phase. When I got the email the attached documents had errors. On the functional test document for my doctor the numbers were wrong(order went 1,2,3,5,4) and my gender was wrong. On another document a page was blank when it was supposed to have text on it. Then when I called the counselor for my first appointment the counselor says "Did we have an appointment today? Let me see if I have nothing else going on ri
  10. In January of this year I was approved for the ILP through Voc Rehab. I had an Industrial Psychologist come to my home and visit with me for three hours. He developed a report that was then submitted to my VR counselor. My VR counselor then created several 'Request for Medical Services' Chpt 31 that were delivered, by me to my Primary. They stalled for several months of getting me the supplies which ranged from long handle grabber, electric scooter and HISA Grant for outside work which included drive-way. The only thing that was delivered was a set of grab rails and a shower chair. The i
  11. Hi everyone! So I have bipolar disorder, and I've made massive progress in my wellbeing in the last 6 months from diet/exercise and tons of self-help books and a Bipolar Life Skills program. Anyway, I feel great, and have for months and months now, and I feel like I'm ready to go back to school and finish my degree (in psychology) and try to get higher education so I can help other Veterans out of depression (I want to be a psychologist, the Psy.D route). Anyway I'm at 100% right now for my bipolar disorder, and I'm getting re-rated in like 2 years. I have 1 month left on my 9/11 GI B
  12. Hello Everyone, After being approved for Voc Rehab and driving 35 miles back and forth to the VR&E office, I was recently sent a letter denying me for these benefits. Overall, it was a TERRIBLE experience. I felt like she was patronizing me each time i walked into her office. Despite taking the tests, giving her my transcripts and everything going smoothly(i thought), it seemed like each time I met with her their were new reasons to string me along not give me an IWRP. One time it was the testing, the next time it was that she wasnt prepared. I almost felt as if the counselor Allison,
  13. I was working in the TWE program. While I was in the program I was accepted to voc rehab the vr councelor said that I could not be in both programs so I withdrew from TWE upon my first appointment to vr the councelor told me that all they do is try to help with an entry level job.I stated that I was interested in schooling she told me that since I was 100% P&T for ptsd that I can't work or the VA would reduce my rating and that the vr was an employment program only and that they can not approve school or independent living, that I should have stayed in the TWE program but they as well are
  14. I need some input regarding a few regs. I returned to school last fall through VR&E, but was put on an IEEP because of a diagnosis of PTSD 8 years ago and rated 100% for it. I am a senior graduating in December and have always been a 4.0 GPA student. At the end of the semester, my new case manager decided that she was not going to fund my last semester (spring 2018, that I just finished) and i ended up paying for it out of my pocket. I was also put infront of a panel who a few weeks later made a "recomendation" (read mandated) for futher evaluations, neuropsychological evaluation, anger ma
  15. I graduate soon and want to teach english overseas in either Japan or S. Korea but my GPA is too low for the requirements of the teaching credential program. Is there a possibility that the VocRehab program would let me retake classes in order to raise my gpa?
  16. 2 years ago applied for Voc Rehab Entrepreneur Track with an idea for an invention. Told by Case manager day 1 "They don't train us for this benefit." No progress after 6 months/Called KY DOL Veterans Affairs for assistance. Assistant director sends me text after 3 weeks of implied help with VR&E tells me "If I give him a percentage of my patent he will get my benefit approved". 1 year mark a Congressional Inquiry uncovers Voc Rehab hasn't started my claim officially. Under the watchful eye of Senator's office Voc Rehab sends my packet to D.C. with recommendations f
  17. I was in the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VRE) program for about two years and I was placed in a job by the VRE employment coordinator that I worked for about 3 years. I was determined to be rehabilitated by VRE. I was medically retired from the job due directly to my service connected conditions. This is well documented as the reason I could no longer work at my job. Because of the 5 years spent preparing for and working at this job, I am over my 12 year eligibility period from my first rating of disability making me eligible. I am in the process of a Serious Employment Handicap
  18. Does anyone know or they themselves ever received assistance through Voc Rehab for self employment? I need specific information... I would greatly appreciate anyone's help and I am going to share what I find after reviewing Board of Veterans Appeals Decisions in regards to the matter. Maybe no one ever has? §21.257 Self-employment. (a) Approval of self-employment as a vocational goal. A program of vocational rehabilitation benefits and services may include self-employment for an individual if VA determines that such an objective is a suitable vocational goal. VA will make this determination
  19. I have just graduated from a 6-month educational program that Voc Rehab paid for. Now I am supposed to submit my resume and license to Voc Rehab and start the "Employment Ready" portion of the program, where I receive 2 months of pay to tide me over while I look for work. I have a license to work for myself, so technically showing my resume and license would be enough to qualify for being Employment Ready. However, my husband has just been offered a position to travel internationally for the next year or two. Of course my daughter and I will be going with him, and we leave Sept 1. So I'm confl
  20. I have been in college for one year now and I am still not sure what is entitled to me with voc rehab. I had a tbi that effects my memory, concentration, and my ability to remember my location at times. I would like to know what could help me complete my college degree. A doctor recommended a lifescribe pen that records the lesson as I take notes, a garmin Oregon gps, dragon naturally speaking software, a dell laptop and many other things but I only received a computer and a copy of dragon. I hope to hear some words of the wise from other vets that have gone through voc rehab. Than
  21. Went on line to ebenfits aka epeggy. Applied for Voc rehab. Went to my appt on Wed and was approved for Voc rehab all this in under 45 days. Go back Monday for some time to test, I wish the rest of the VA moved this quick.
  22. Hi everyone, In the last year and a half I consider myself very blessed... Approved for 70% disability, Approved for Voc Rehab (Haven't started yet), Approved for TSGLI, Started a steady job and was promoted (VA Call Center), Refinanced the house yesterday, and got engaged. I would like to thank Hadit for helping me get back on my feet and having this great resource available for all vets! My hat is off to all of you!!
  23. I'm in the Voc-Rehab and have 3 more classes before I complete my bachelors degree. My question is , will the VA pay for me to continue my education to get a masters degree? If so, is there a certain form I will need to submit requesting an extenstion?
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