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Found 2 results

  1. is this in my favor? The veteran's use of opiates, cannabis, and alcohol began prior to service, thus current/recent use/abuse is not caused by an in-service related event. Given the veteran's consistent diagnosis and treatment of PTSD, and the frequency of relapse of substance use, it is as least as likely as not that his substance use (to include opioid use disorder) is aggravated beyond its natural progression by his PTSD symptoms.
  2. Been quite awhile since I posted anything... (Last post was this Been in that hurry up and wait limbo status that everyone hates, but after 630 on appeal via DRO process (average time was somewhere between 311 and 400 days I think) I finally receive a letter informing me that I have a disability examination. Since this is my first time through this part of the process I would like some simplified translation of what all of this means. At face value it looks as if it means they are going to look at my records and do an exam. But I also, understand that some of these individuals aren't really working in the best interest of the vet. This fact pretty much is giving me an anxiety attack worrying about it. I know this is irrational, but, with hearing all of the horror stories it isn't surprising to feel this way. I want to be fair and honest going into this exam, but I also know, that by being too "helpful" can actually be detrimental to a claim and getting subsequent medical services (my knees and back are shot). Like with my back, flex, I can only bend about 12 Degrees before I have to bend at the waste. This was measured during therapy I was receiving through private insurance with a galvanometer. I know this doesn't mean a hill of beans when it comes to a VA disability examination. So any tidbits of sage advice would be greatly appreciated (as long as it doesn't mean committing fraud.) I don't know if this will be used as the C&P examination or if this just means a very small step in a "direction" (not necessarily favorable). Thanks for the advice and encouragement Joe
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