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Found 4 results

  1. If you have dominantly social impairment from PTSD and there is enough evidence of this and this has worsened, can this alone get you to 100% P&T from 70%. Do you also have to demonstrate work impairment? I'm asking how the VA views 'total impairment.' Do you have to have both social and work impairment or can social impairment suffice? Do they look at how long you have been previously rated in making their decision? I am waiting for a decision letter for a PTSD increase claim that closed last week. The claim includes my private therapist's nexus letter and DBQ where he specifies language of "more likely than not to be permanent in nature". He also provided a long list of session dates that I have had with him since 2009. I have been in continuous therapy with him for 11 years. My original rating was 50% in 2010 but the VA called me back for a re-evaluation on their own (not at my request) in 2012 which resulted in a rating increase to 70%.
  2. I am 100% SC with Major Depressive Disorder & I was told that I could not work. Can I work at the new VA Medical Center in New Orleans doing voluntary work. Last week I had an apt with my Pych Doc and he told me I can work. Anybody know if this is true? Please let me know so I want lose my 100% SC. m
  3. Hello, I have been rated service connected 100% Permanent and Total Disabled with a SMC Special Monthly Compensation-S and that I have been found to meet the housebound criteria. I also receive SSDI. The 100% is based on one claim--others follow with an accumulated 165% service connected disablement. Retirement date: Jan 2006 I recently received a Bachelor's degree under the Post 9/11 program. I'm cautiously seeking some extra income as a trial, however, I am confused with all of the information I have sought over the internet to include the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 38 in particular section 4.15. My regional VA Officer said that it shows that I am 100% service connected P&T and that I can make any amount I choose without penalty. Can anyone help unconfuse me on all of this information? and/or Am I risking much too much?
  4. Hey, ya'll. I've had it. First off, I'm going to try and start a business (real estate). I am currently 90% plus TDIU, SSDI, and FERS retirement. Please advise. DO NOT advise me not to do this! I am looking for the procedure to follow. I read about SSD ticket to work program. Does the VA have anything similar? Second, if you pray to Jesus, please pray for me. I have been down and out since 2006, but want to give it a go before throwing in the towel for life. Pray I succeed, and can have meaning to life. It may start out as not substantial employment, but will hopefully one day transition into making a living to support my family. Finally, you may ask why? For a couple reasons. For those of you who will never have the opportunity to work again. For my children (6,2), so they can learn that Daddy has to work for a living. Finally, for me. I must give it one last shot. Again, please don't respond with all the usual, "You worked so hard to get IU, why throw it away." I just want to know if there is a procedure for this, or a ticket to work program. Any sort of grace period? Thank you for your time and prayers.
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