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How Long Did It Take Va To Send Copy Of Your C-file?

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If you have ever requested a copy of your C-File, please answer the following questions:

1. How long did it take the VA to send you a copy of your C-File?

2. Did you write a simple request or invoke the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)?

3. Was everything you'd ever sent to the VA in there? Was your file complete? If not, what was missing.

Thanks in advance for the feedback,


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  • HadIt.com Elder


I requested my c-file under the privacy act and the FOIA. I think it took maybe 6 weeks to get it. It was complete as far as what they did at the VARO. Your voc rehab records will not be in the C-file. You can make an appointment to view your file and then ask them to make some copies for you and they will do it if there are just a few pages you want badly.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I think it varies at each RO. Sometimes they get really swamped. Ask your SO how long he thinks it will take. they usually have a pretty good idea of whats going on at their RO.

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Guest terrysturgis

I requested a copy of my C-file after I was awarded 100% TDIU, P&T. I mailed a FOIA request and received a copy three weeks later. The C-file appears to be complete and I did learn some info from it that I wish I had during my claims process.

Ironically, two weeks after I received the copy of my C-file I got a letter from the VA saying my request for a copy was received but because of the backlog I would be a while before they would be able to copy it. That too is now in my file. Take care. Terry Sturgis

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I got mine in three weeks- I didnt file under FOIA because that would get it to the FOIA desk and they are always behind here in NY-

I just sent a simple brief request for it.

After my claims are resolved I am asking for copies of the additional info that has been put into it since I got the last copy of it

as I found out the DRO had to file a report on the conference she had with my rep.

He told me he presented and highlighted my IMOs for the DRO to consider - but the SSOC reveals this was not true at all.They were never mentioned.None of my other evidence was even mentioned either and he had copies of it all.

It is the DRO's actual report she had to put into my c file that will reveal what really happened that day during a long conference with my rep.

NYSDVA's director assured me that what the rep said happened- did happen but I have considerable proof that it did not from the VA itself.

I told the Governor the whole story.He pays them -New York State Division of Veterans Affairs (I do too as a state tax payer)

When something seems fishy it might mean something is fishy.

I like to fish.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

My experience on getting copies has been dood usually in less than a month. However, you need to review as they sometimes are sloppy in the copying.

I have a complete copy of all my records that I keep in a lock box that is fireproof. I have finally reached the point that I don't worry about my records any more.

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My husband requested a copy of his C-file in August. He has gotten several "we are working on it" form letters -but no c-file upon his death in Feb. I recently called and asked if I could get a copy or see make an appointment to see it. The RO told me I needed to request a copy or appointment in writing - and that it would take at least 6 months before I could do either.

I told her I was specifically wanting a copy of his discharge physical (which is something we haven't found in HIS records). She said she would check --and then told me his file was in "prvacy status" so that would mean they were working on it - and that I should recieve a copy within 30 days).

I am not sure whether to put in another request or not -- in case they aren't working on it. Because it surprises me that they would close his claim at death and then send out his c-file request a few months later.

I wonder how many people they have to hire to send out those "we are working on it" letters.


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