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What Is A Reit Of Mandus!.



Dear Mrs. ALLEN,

I have for years tryed to do all asked of me from the V A waco,Texas. I a'm tired of juping throught hoops to try and give the AV Waco,Texas All the info they need to settel my beifts clams,I first file for ptsd,hearring loss both ears,eyesite problem,feet problems,mental problems,malpratice claim for nerve damage during a dentel operation in summer of 1980.at the VA hospital Dallas,Texas. bouth the dallas hospital,and the the VA Waco,Texas say that they dont ave,or can't find any record for the nearly 90 strait day I was an inpatent there at the dallas vamc, I need thouse records to win my claim for copensation,and beniftswould you please help me, I have asked Senator Hutins back in 2 and a half years agofor help, notheing but well look into it for you,after 2 and a half years,I fired her as my POV,. and in april of last year i desoverd record of my Texas national guard duty ,that the va waco said they could not find!. and in april of 2006 asked Senator jhon cornyn for help ,and sent him my POV, and it been a year,and nothing except the same I got form Senator hutins ,Nothing but words. I can't even get lawyer to help. any help at all in what to do!. Thans

sincerly,time in service, Dec21st 1967-March21st 1970 Texas Army Natinal Guard,Waxahcie,texas,1985-1989,

My discharge phys from1970 sates mental disorder,and gross biladeral hearing loss both ears!. pluse my National guard med records shoe that a heter blue up in ny face,and my have caused more hearing loss and eye site problems?

Thanks Sincerly DLC e-mailed to the investagaters ch 4 news on april 28th 2007


CBS 11 Main Headquarters

5233 Bridge Street

Fort Worth, TX 76103

Dallas Office

10111 N. Central Expressway

Dallas, TX 75231

Main Switchboard: (817) 451-1111

Main Fax: (817) 457-1897

News Tip Hotline: (817) 496-7711

Newsroom Fax: (214) 696-9011

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What is the actual status of your claims? Are they all still pending and if so, did you file NOD in time?

Did the VA acknowledge receipt of the additional evidence you found?

Did you receive a VCAA letter with an election notice?

A good service officer can help more than CBS or whoever-

also Congressmen and Senators can do very little because they do not control the claims process and are not raters-

When VA gets an inquiry from them , it can take many months or even years for VA to respond.

Senator Craig with 5 days of receipt of letter from me immediately contacted my RO.

Then they immediately transferred my claim to the BVA-they immediately got it back-

they did not know how to answer this Senators letter and hoped BVA would get stuck with it.

He still has not heard from them.

The only thing that helps a claim succeed is evidence and making sure that they read it.

Fax it to the director if you have to-

The VA gave you -at some point- reasons for their denial in a SOC-

that is what the NSO or vet rep needs to see.

Plus the evidence you mentioned here.

It sounds definitely like potential for service connection here but a good service officer can sort it all out.

You can obtain the status at 1-800-827-1000 or-often better-send an Iris inquiry at the VA web site to your VARO.

WHat I see lacking in your message is anyone such as DAV or AL on your POA.

You need a good vet's representative--even the Texas Veterans Commission-

whoever will help with all this.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

If it were me and I still lived near Dallas I would go to the Dallas VA and ask to see the Supervisor for Records and the Hospital Administrator. I would ask the Administrator to please help me find the records. I am pretty sure that they have them they just have to go trough a lot of old hard copy records.

Good Luck on your claim. I doubt that you will ever hear back from Channel 11 but you never know.

The Dallas VA has your records. Your requests have gone to some of the laziest people in the World and if you have an Administrator telling the boss in the basement they will find them.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Or, he can go to the Patient Advocate's office (down by the pharmacy in the new clinic area) and talk with....lessee, I've got her name here somewhere. Well, heck, I thought I did.....she's the gal with the two-last-names. Anyway, talk with her, or anybody in the Patient Advocate's office. They'll want you to fill out a "communicating with the boss" form....GET THEM TO HELP YOU WITH THIS please.

Welcome Aboard!

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Hey, PETE, whadidya do? MOVE?

That ain't fair......you still owe me a Starbucks'.......errr, ahh, I think that's the way it was.......was'nt it?


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  • In Memoriam


Welcome aboard. I know you are burned up, but save it for the battle you are about to fight. Hadit will be your most useful tool. Every little thing that you will learn, on Hadit, will help you.

I think that it is a "Writ of Mandamus", that you are looking for. POV is service term for (Private Owned Vehicle). POA is (Power of Attorney).

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  • HadIt.com Elder

DLC56 the best place to have your story heard is to find a knightRidder station. They have been very vocal for Vets and I have seen quite a lot of stories over the years. The Closest one to you is an NBC Affiliate in Oklahoma City.

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