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Questions Abt Just Filing A Claim?

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I have just recently filed a compensation claim using the VONAPP site. I had a state VET rep who was going to help but had surgery and was going to be off of work for an indefinite period of time. So I did it this way. I go the letter back from the VA wanting all my medical records and my DD 214's. I spoke with another stat VET rep who said to get it all together and send what they were asking for. My question is what is the next step after I do this. After the wait part I understand. I was just trying to get some idea of what to expect. Or at least try and be a little prepared and not get so blindsided by things. Any info would be appreciated. As I said my VET rep is down and out and referred me on to another one and he is doing his best with working both areas. Thank you.

Donnie Tyson

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You came to the right place. Your SO will put your claim in progress. Some claims are won without ever having a C&P exam. If your medical records support a chronic disability that is the result of an injury or condition that was caused by military service then they can service connect based on your medical records. If they have questions the VA can schedule a C&P to find answers. Use the search option on hadit to find claims similar to yours and feel free to ask questions.

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This is what we did when my husband was discharged:

We went through my husband's military medical records, highlighted everything for which he ever sought medical attention while active duty, and then listed it as a claim.

We noted any cause and condition for which we could trace his whereabouts and activities in his personnel service records. For instance, tinnitus working the flight line as a primary duty activity, that kind of thing. To prove that his duties exposed him to hazards that caused the condition. Look at your hearing tests in your records, do they indicate a problem over time (i.e., do the numbers gradually increase, which indicate a hearing problem?).

If you were treated by civilian doctors for anything, either while active duty or within a year of your discharge, get copies of those records and do the same thing.

Make a list of medications, strengths, and dosage routine for any medical conditions you experienced while active duty. Research their side effects on the internet, determine if they caused you any secondary illnesses or injury, such as long term used of steroid medication can cause carpal tunnel and cataracts, for instance.

This is a good start to help your SO help you.

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After you file your initial claim with VA, you should receive the "Duty to assist" letter outlining any evidence VA needs to process your claim. The letter you received asking for your DD214 and medical records sounds like that was it.

For each of your disabilities you claimed, make sure you send VA any treatment records since discharge. This shows "continuity of treatment." If you do not have any treatment and records since dischrarge or there is large gaps of time in between treatment after your discharge, I strongly recommend you get an IMO from a doctor regarding the relatioship bewteen the two. "Continuity of treatement" since discharge and/or an IMO shows a "nexus" or the connection between the in-service occurance of a condition and the current diagnosis/condition.

Depending on the information you submit to VA in reference to their "Duty to Assist" letter, you may receive additional communications from VA asking for information. Once the VA had determined that all of the needed documentation has been received, they may or may not schedule you for an exam (more than likely you will be scheduled though). Once an exam has been completed, your claims are decided by a Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR). Once a decision is made favorable or not, you'll receive a rating decision telling you the VA's decision(s).

I hope this helps!

Vike 17

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Did you get a VCAA Election Notice?

Did you choose the next step, sign it , copy it and send it to the RO?

Put VCAA into the search and this info will pop up-

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