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Convalescence Pay/ Paper Work?

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Kevin J


Hi everyone I am new to this board, first post. But I have read a lot and learned a lot great information. Now my question is I am 40% SC and just had surgery through my private ins. V.A would not do the surgery to correct my s.c condition. Since I didn't go through the V.A for the surgery how do I go about getting the temp 100% rating. I already know about the hosp discharge,doctors letter,and my letter requesting the temp 100% but "WHO" or "WHERE" at the R.O. does the paperwork go to. I don't want to send all my paperwork to have it get misplaced. Do I need a specific name at the R.o. or Dept. and if its a name anyone know the name for central Fl. R.O. ?

Also does anyone have a template for the letter that I need to send for the request?



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  • Elder


To submit a paragraph 29 or 30 claim you just need to send the paperwork you mentioned to your Regional Office with a short cover letter stating you're submitting a paragraph 29 or 30 claim (state whichever one your are sending in) for such and such service-connected disability, and you have enclosed all of the supporting evidence. Once your packet arrives at the RO it goes to what is called a "Triage Team" where it is routed to the correct team to be worked. Generally, paragraph 29 and 30 claims go pretty quick because they are normally done at the "Pre-Determination Team" and do not really need to go to the Rating Activity for a rating decision. Having said that, some regional offices do direct these claims to go to the rating activity for a decision, It just depends on how the RO Director has allocated his resources ect...

Vike 17

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