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Problems At C & P

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Went to my PTSD C & P the other day and was surprised that the doctor only had some of my records. He did not have photo evidence I submitted of stressors and there were no VA medical records. During the interview which took 45 minutes we went over quite a bit. He seemed somewhat pushy to me but then again, I have never been to this type of a medical exam before. He did ask me if I wanted the benefits turned over to my wife. Without thinking I said yes. But in reality the money goes into the same account. Has anyone ever had this happen before? There was a lengthy questionaire he went over and I had sent about 500 pages of medical records to the VA. I contacted VA through IRIS and was told that and I quote "if records were missing, then they were missing before they were sent to the Physician"??? They also said they sent two volumes of medical records to the physician when there was only one packet in the file of about 100 pages. Thanks for your comments.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

When it is ready at the VA get a copy of the exam. The exam will ask the question about evidence reviewed. If the Doc says yes, then he had the entire record and took only what he thaught he needed for the exam. Dont get disgusted until you get the results. Sometimes these doctors have their minds made up before you go into the exam. I know My Hyertension C@P was the same case. The Doc came out and told me exactly what he was going to do. Htn with heart disease as secondary.

Also you can print off the exam guidelines here at hadit or the VA website.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

As Jbasser said, I wouldn't get too worked up over it just yet. The C&P examiner may have reviewed your records prior to the exam and some of those records were still possibily in another office used by this physician, and he may have just bought some of those records with him into the exmining room? Like JBasser said, just wait maybe a week or two and get a copy of that exam and see what the examiner wrote down. It aslo sounds like he may write down that you're unable to handle your own finaces.

Vike 17

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You can challenge the Competency issue-

the doctor might declare you are incompetent for VA purposes-

dont worry a bit if they do-

I think it might help a TDIU P & T award-

It is just VA BS- distant relatives cannot come and get your stuff- SSA does this too-

I actually suggest not to challenge this with a NOD if they do deem you as unable to handle your funds (VA's definition of incompetent)

then again maybe the doctor felt you could handle your funds-

This can be a protection to veterans- the only problem is it takes them so long to interview the wife etc-to make sure the wife is competent----

One of my vets won an enormous retro check.

It took many months before they got the money to his wife.

Still- I never expect the VA to mess with his award (100% P & T)

because the VA said he was incompetent-

I was sure glad they did that-I have known him for 20 years- he would have spent it all in a weekend-

This is not your situation at all-

but in the long run- I feel this might help with the P & T part of the award-

and that will bring CHAMPVA and Chap 35 to your dependents.

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