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Back Pay/retro Signatures Required

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3 signatures usually always means over 25,000 clams Jim----

If you gave them your direct deposit number maybe you should start checking the bank account next week.

It is wonderful news!

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been checking online every day :P

thank you for all your help on this board and in the emails between us. I aint going anywhere, I am still fighting for two more years they owe me IMO. But know its fighting effective dates, you (Berta) got any advice on fighting effective dates?

Jim-the medical evidence as well as the rating schedule can challenge the EED.

Best to wait and see how they handle that part of the claim.

They might have done it right!

But we can help you prepare NOD if the EED is incorrect-

Jim-you sure need a break-but I know how hard it is to put down the weapons-

have you planned on taking a short trip or anything?

or doing something special for you -----and just for you----

You did win your war- and Thank God it is over- the rest will be just minor skirmishes if the EED is wrong.

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I was told today, that my BackPay, has two signatures and that she will review and sign it tomorrow. She said that she has to say 7 to 10 days max, but that it would be sooner.

I ask about the automatic deposit. She said nope they send out the first one. I can understand why. That makes the Vet totally reponsible for deposit in a secure account.

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