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Differing Medical Opinions ?

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I have been seeing a VA psychologist for over 8 years and she is a medical doctor. The BVA sent me for a C&P mental evaluation to a psychologist who only has a PHD. And of course the C&P PHD. Totally disimised the findings of my MD. Are there any regulations reguarding two differing medical opinions

and should an 8 year treating MD's dignosis and that of a 1 hour exam by a phd have the same legal weight to the BVA ? Thanks TIMR.

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I think you might be confused-

a Psychologist has a PHD but it is usually only a doctorate in Philosophy or Psychology-

an MD-such as a psychiatrist-has more weight --opinion -wise than a psychologist.

Who writes your med prescriptions?

That would be a Medical doctor-

Do you have an established nexus yet?

For example- a personal example- my husband saw the VA employee shrink-for PTSD because he was a VA employee.He already had a rating from 1983.30% PTSD.

The employee shrink didnt have a clue on PTSD.

He did not document anything and talked to Rod about everything but the war.It made the doc unconfortable when Rod talked about his stressors.

After our Congressman helped Rod got the real PTSD shrink- a psychiatrist-(after I raised Hell)

the real shrink gave Rod not only medication (he never had any for PTSD before that) and also 5-6 tests to determine the extent of his PTSD etc.

He also wrote up the test results and noted that SSA had awarded Rod for PTSD and also

he taught Rod self hypnosis which did help with his sleep disturbances a little.It was real PTSD help.

The VA ignored the real VA doc's stuff over the employee shrink's minimal records.

I raised hell on that too and they finally considered the real shrink's records and awarded solely on the VA psychiatrist's reports.

Rod filed for higher than 30% PTSD in 1992. They awarded back to 100% PTSD to 1991 but made the award in 1997. He was already dead for three years by then.

I believe the VA wants you to have a C & P from a psychiatrist as they are finding the psychologist's records as not probative enough.

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The one hour C&P exam should not top the 8 years with your regular shrink, but it probably will because the VA considers the C&P exam to be an independent medical exam. They way to fight this is to get your own IMO exam. This way you should have the benefit of the doubt. When I deal with the VA I don't want their to be much doubt. I want overwhelming evidence, so that the VA cannot place the thumb on the scale. See if your regular doctor knows someone in private practice you can go to see for an IMO.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

MD trumps anything else in most VA rulings.

Like John says 8 years of psychotherapy is much more impressive. Ask your MD to write a Medical Opinion that shows it started due to your service, its been a problem since you got out and state what the diagnosis is. That will do it.

Good Luck

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