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Sleep Apnea W/ Cpap On Active Duty Usn

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I am active USN, was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea last September and issued a CPAP machine. Have to say the machine is the best thing that has happened to me and use it every night. Without it have headaches everyday like a hangover. I have done the research and read the forums so know I would rate 50% for the OSA. Doc even mentioned it to me so the VA would provide CPAP for life. Did not really think much more of that until research concurrent receipt and such. I retire in 3 years, but is there anything that I should be doing now or prior to getting out to make sure that I can reduce the number of snags encountered? I have the sleep study in my record but will VA require another sleep study if mine was done through the Navy Hospital and have had CPAP for 4 years prior to retirement? I am to go back for yearly check ups and for odering a new mask. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.

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I retire in 3 years, but is there anything that I should be doing now or prior to getting out to make sure that I can reduce the number of snags encountered?

Retired MCPO here, Document Document Document.................go to medical about everything, and keep going to medical document document and document by going to medical. I had the fortune of having a retired SGT Major come to my chiefs mess and tell us about VA C&P 8 years b4 I retired. He was a VSO for the county where I was stationed.

I took his advice and I am 100%, actually 290% but its cause I started right then going to medical and documenting stuff. I was not a sick bay commando, but I went allot. Then again I had allot in 28 years of medical records. Knees ever hurt you from walking on steel decks, hearing loss and ringing ears.

I cant emphasize enough go to sick call and get every problem you have recorded. Keep going back and complaining about your problems.

Most vets fight for service connection, I didnt have that problem its hard to denie SC when its in 20+ years of med records. SC is the biggest fight and hardest fight to win. My first rating I had about 12 items Service connected at 0 % and then the other items that got me a 50% rating. I appealed and I am where I am.

Document Document Document. Start making copies of your SMR (Service Medical Record) now.

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You got great advice-documentation is everything-

I suggest when you are set for discharge to go to the briefing from the Americal Legion or whoever does it as to some claims info.

Make sure the Discharge Cert reflects all of your inservice problems and conditions and that you leave the Navy with a complete copy of your SMRs.

My daughter got a copy of her med recs everytime she needed to see the doc-

not much there but before she left mil she knew she had all of her SMRs.

The AL briefing she went to stressed filing any potential claim right away- as the VA

will award any potential SC comp back to the day after discharge for claims filed within first year after service.

Tricare is complex but it pays to have all that info when you leave.

Also I suggest that you look into the CRSC and CRDP issues.

All of this could change in 3 years-one never knows but these issues were long time in coming so they probably wont change CRSC/CRDP.


DFAS and DOD as well as some branches have excellent info on these benefits.

Also I posted alot here too under the search feature at top of the forum.

This is an excellent overview of these programs:


Thanks for that long time continued service veteran-

the Army has been lowballing SC discharged vets who have disabilities but there is a movement going on to make sure that the entire Military rating schedule will be comparable to the VA's Schedule of Rating Disabilities.

It would not be fair for any vet to be discharged with say 30% and then have to fight for 50% with the VA if their med evidence at time of discjarge says they should get 50%.

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BETRAYED and Berta thanks for your advice. I have made the copies of all of my sleep studies and have kept the paper work tricare sent with the CPAP machine. BETRAYED, AMDO is for Aerospace Maintenance Duty Officer. My rate was an AT1/E-6 before going to the dark side, I mean OCS at my 11 year mark. Speaking of documenting everything, do you receive a rating for surgerys that fixed the problem that they intended to? This is an argument at work. I had deviated septum operated on while i was in my first year in the Navy. It did not fix the problem of not being able to breathe through my nose. I had another surgery on my nose because I could not use my CPAP. This time the Doc got it right and I can breathe fine. The argument is that I am not entitled to anything for the deviated septum since it is not deviated now. Is that correct? I have just found this web site and am learning from reading all of the back posts, but am really glad I have found this and have pointed others here as well. THanks for your help.

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Welcome to Hadit. You got great advice and please be sure and use your CPAP. If you travel take it with you. Its also important to clean every day replace filters as required.

I use a CPAP and it has almost cured my allergies.

Good Luck

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