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Dod) Deceptions And (dva) Enforcement

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DoD) Deceptions and (DVA) Enforcement

Hi to all,

Below is another media release on generic and a particular case involving one

of our Korean DMZ Toxic Chemical Veterans.

The Department of Defense (DoD) Deceptions and

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Enforcement of Those Deceptions



Again, I would like for those that have contacts in the media and any

political contacts to send this media release forward as you have done in the past.

Not to reprint it is too long but just get the information out.

I would think those scientists involved in this toxic chemical issue might

also jump in but that is too much to ask as I will discuss later. It is obvious

this one specific case I am referring to needs attention ASAP.

Then VAC in the House and Senate would rather talk about other issues that

while good in some venues are not really discussing the real issues, such as

this one. Rather than government created disability and death issues going

uncompensated a constant pat on the back of those in VA power seems more in order.

This case and these generic issues is why I get so angry at our congress and

those in VA compensations in DC for not doing anything regarding this

disgusting and I would conclude unchallenged criminal behavior.

Thanks folks for following through on this. We need to get this case

resolved ASAP as well as many other cases that incompetent and less than

knowledgeable VA rating officers are deciding on behalf of the White House with no

mandated Benefit of the Doubt consideration for the Veteran or his/her family.

In the news lately is the brain damage done by Saran Gas during Gulf War.

While that is being portrayed as, an accidental issue related to war.

Thu, 17 May 2007 ----“WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have found evidence

that the kind of low-level exposure to sarin gas experienced by more than

100,000 U.S. troops in the first Gulf war can cause "lasting brain deficits," The

New York Times reported on Wednesday.

While the results are preliminary, scientists working with the U.S.

Department of Defense said they found apparent changes in the brain's connective tissue

-- known as white matter -- in soldiers exposed to the gas.”

Did you know?

From my book:

”The report notes the department limited its investigation of specific

exposures to identifying former military personnel that could be eligible for

medical services from the Department of Veterans Affairs, said the GAO. Finally,

the GAO said, the Pentagon did not pursue all possible sources of information

during its investigation.

Between 1962 and 1974, the defense department conducted a classified chemical

and biological warfare test program, named Project 112, which exposed service

members and civilians to chemical or biological agents. The Pentagon has

said the tests included spraying of chemical and biological stimulants and

release of the deadly saran and VX gases.

“The ocean-going tests, known as Project Shipboard Hazard and Defense (SHAD),

were "to identify U.S. warships' vulnerabilities to attacks with chemical or

biological warfare agents," said Pentagon officials. The land-based tests,

said officials, were aimed at learning "more about how chemical or biological

agents behave under a variety of climatic, environmental and use conditions."

“The Desert Test Center, based at Fort Douglas, Utah, conducted the tests.

“In October 2001, after seven years of inquiries from veterans, Congress and

the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Pentagon finally confirmed that

thousands of sailors were present during a decade-long series of classified tests to

determine the vulnerability of U.S. warships to attack by chemical and

biological warfare. With more urging from veterans and their advocates, still other

ocean- and land-based tests around the world were identified.”

This was no accident! This was no different than Germany Circa 1939.

More evidence that our Presidents, the Defense Secretaries, Veterans Affairs,

and some members of Congress knew this was going on from 1962 to 1974 to our

finest citizens and none of them did anything. Even when inquiries were made,

denials were made for almost four decades. Lies and more lies made

acceptable by the Feres Doctrine that allows the DoD to lie and not only keep service

connection for medical care at bay but keep life and death information from our

Veterans and their families.

If you have not done so please sign the new 2008 petition to either get rid

of this black mark on our nation’s history or at least revise it to where those

that harm others through their actions or lack of actions, whether they are

directed by our own government or not - will be charged with liability.


Accountability and Justice!


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