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Service Connection For Hearing And Tinnitus

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Guest jangrin


Guest jangrin

For those trying to get a service connection for hearing loss and tinnitus this might be another way to get a Service Connection. Especially for the older vets that have very thin service records. You may be able to link as secondary and not have to prove it happened while serving. Especially those who were around explosions and in combat, but without the combat MOS.

The web site is:



Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the United States. Although estimates vary from study to study, it appears that about 40 percent of people with diabetes have hearing loss. It usually occurs in both ears and is most severe in the high frequencies. However, Meniere's syndrome may also be caused by diabetes, and sudden deafness can occur.

High Blood Pressure

Some conditions associated with high blood pressure (such as hypolipoproteinemia, which is extremely high cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood) are also associated with hearing loss. In general, it appears that people with high blood pressure have a higher incidence of hearing loss. They may also be more prone to noise induced hearing loss than others.

Problems With Blood Flow

Insufficient blood flow in the inner ear or related areas of the brain can contribute to hearing loss. This can happen as a result of cardiovascular disease, untreated high blood pressure, and other similar conditions. It also may be present in people whose blood tends to sludge and clot excessively (hypercoagulability), or who have too many blood cells (polycythemia).

Kidney Disease

Many of the things that damage the kidney also damage the cochlea in the inner ear. Parts of the kidney and cochlea are quite similar and can be damaged by the same drugs, for example. Hearing loss is not uncommon in people with kidney disease.

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