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In The Rating Room At Va

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Just received information from the VA that they have all the information they need for my PTSD claim and have sent my "complete" packet to the Rating Teams. I was told to expect a decision by August 2007. I dont know how that tracks with others on this board, but was once again told that my claim process seems to be progressing better than a majority of the claims.

Berta, I see that you talk quite a bit about secondary claims. I know from your posting a BVA decision (as least I think it was you) that Hypertension may be related to PTSD. My additional claims are for Hypertension, Migraines and Sinusitis. I have submitted all medical records but not an IMO regarding any connection between them, less sinusitis which started while I was in the army and I have five surgeries to correct all to no avail. I take medication daily to handle the Hypertension issue and Migraines and PTSD. My question is this, did I screw up by not seeking to classify the Hypertension and Migraines as possible secondary issues, or, it is possible the VA raters might on thier own classify them as such.

Did I also screw up by not talking in some detail about the side effects of the medicine or is this something that will be considered on its own. Thanks for any input.

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As I recall- I attached a TDIU form for you on a past reply-

I felt you had excellent chance for TDIU award.

As to the HBP and migraines- due to PTSD as secondary-

this would depend on a doctor's statement -associating these conditions to your PTSD.

Possibly there is some info to support that-in your med recs-very hard to say-

As for the sinus condition-and the surgeries- as long as that was initially documented in your SMRs-that should receive a rating -in my opinion.

You had some vivid proof of your stressors as I recall.

Did you in fact send in the TDIU form and did you apply for SSA disability too?

If they deny on the HBP and migraines (could these also be due to the sinus condition-which you have good chance for SC on- and this is another way to go)

you could consider if the claim generates some retro to obtain an independent medical opinion on those conditions.

The opinion could either connect them to the PTSD but might be easier to perhaps connect them to the sinus condition-some sinus medication raises blood pressure and sinus problems certainly can cause migraines.

Then again if a doc says these are secondary to your PTSD that is OK too-

A lot will depend on their pending decision.

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