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Sleep Aids

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You need to see a doctor first to get a prescription, then give your pharmacist a copy of the internet coupon.

They have a tool free number if your printer is on the fritz.

I've never tried this drug.

Does anybody have any experience or actual comparison to Anbien?


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  • HadIt.com Elder

My wife takes it and likes it. I am afraid of a sleeping med cause I have sleep apnea.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I think it is another hypnotic like ambien. The only really different one is Rozeram. However, it does not work for me. These drugs ususally work for about two weeks and then you have to take more and more.

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I was doing pretty good on ambien but have been taking it for a long time.

I thought that the ambien might by messing with my PTSD meds and tried switching to trazadone, bad decision.

Oh well, I'll try a sample of the lunesta to see if it works better for my situation.

If not, I'll get doc to write a new prescription for the anbien.

Hypnotic? Who cares if it keeps me outa jail.

It is nice to have finally found a doctor that seems to understand what living with PTSD is like.

I've been on a cpap for 8 years but it only works if I'm asleep.

I get a little crazy when sleep deprivation sets in and I can't have caffeine.


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  • Founder

i take doexpin for sleep, it's an anti-depressant i think that make you sleepy. it works sometimes and sometimes not.

trazedone is a no go for me it makes me disoriented and forgetful and i just can't have that.

i'm afraid to take anything stronger for sleep, i worry that i will sleep to sound and something amiss in the house my not wake me. though i have an alarm system and it is monitored by police and fire. i have some weapons around the house, and try to be fairly careful about safety. but still hard to fall into a deep sleep most of the time.

i am really trying not to take much medication, though my family doesn't seem to get this, they always say you are so many meds, but i only take 80mg of celexa a day, and atavan only when i have to and doxepin for sleep. that's hardly any meds at all, but they don't listen. it's very frustrating.

i'm suppose to go to my sisters today for memorial day and my nephew is driving, i just don't feel like being around anyone. so i don't know if i'll go.

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I'm with you but I got rid of the weaponry so kids couldn't 'borrow' them and get into trouble.

That was when I couldn't get into deep sleep.

Today I have turned down invitations and have no real plans.

This is not one of my favorite holidays.

TV is going to suck today with all of the political rhetoric and news about all of the wars.

I could take the required 6 hours to do a 10 minute job on the lawnmower but I doubt if I can even buy plugs today.

I wonder if the wife's car has plugs that will fit the mower?

And she is already mad at me for wearing out her blow-dryer whenever I have those sweaty nightmares.

If my neighbor's grandson shows up to help Grammy today I can teach him how to change the oil in his soon-to-be hand-me-down pick-up that his Grandpa left to him in his will. Grandpa died in March.

Even better, I could instruct the lad using my old truck.

He learns how and I get the oil change that the old truck has been needing for 3 years.

Or, I could take a nap like I was planning to anyway.

Decisions, decisions.


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