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New And Looking For Information

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Hey I'm new here and would like some information. I've filed for service connected disability and am having an audiogram at the va in Waco tomorrow. I served on a Battleship(USS Wisconsin) and was outside when they fired the 16 inch guns on turret 2. They didn't sound salvo alarm and I didn't have hearing protection on. I was a firecontrolman on the 5 inch radar 1 just above the turret. I don't have proof of this but it happened on sea trials at Guatanomo Bay. I do have my old records that show that I had hearing loss during my six years of service(86-92). On my final physical and in one more physical in my record it says I suffer from hearing loss and the audiograms show it.

My question is....Does anyone have any advice on what all I need to say to the guy doing the Audiogram and is this sufficient evidence or do I need to give more information. I appreciate any input and thanks for being a fellow veteran!

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Welcome aboard Jody-

best to get into the Claims Research forum up top- as that is where we all do claims advice-

this sounds like you have a strong nexus to your service- the audiologist -he or she (we have female audiologist here at Bath VAMC and she is great)

should bring up the inservice incident and I feel you should make sure they know of this.

Then you should write to the VAMCs records access officer to obtain a copy of this final C & P report.

You could bring copies of the SMrs to the C & P-

the ones that show the inservice documentation-

even though they are supposed to be reviewed for the C & P -by the doc-that will highlight and help with what you need from the doc-

a statement that" more than likely your hearing problems today are from your service"

That will be stated in the C & P as far as I can see- and then let us know what the audio test results were and we can help you to assess what an appropriate rating might be.

If you have tinnitus tell the doc this too.

I am a civilian and I echo your thoughts-the fellow veterans here are just wonderful and you are at the best place in town!


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Hello Jody,

welcome to hadit.

I went through the same thing on the USS Twining. 5" mounts.

Do you suffer with any concussion effects from artillery trauma? Depression? Loss of balance? Visual problems, insomnia? Headaches?

The "eighth nerve" can also be damaged by the air concussion.

If your tinitus comes & goes away, theres no need to file . Tinnitus has to be constant in order to recieve a rating.

It is a single rating at this time for"bilateral" tinnitus, of 10%

For hearing loss? There are many offers in the yellow pages, that provide "free" hearing examinations for loss & tinnitus. Some county or state health dept. also offer hearing tests.

Get one & submit it as evidence as well as the C&P they give you. It's good to have several.

They gave me hearing aides, but it doesn't help with normal speech tones. Im constantly misinterpreting what is said. Have to have the wife face me sometimes so I can understand her.

I recieved 0% for the hearing loss.

The adiology clinic at the Spokane VAMC, provides excellent care. Same for the eye clinic & therapy.

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