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Ao And Benzene Questions And Request For Help

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AO and Benzene Questions and Request for Help

Below is a request for help associated to Myelofibrosis and exposures to Benzene mixed with AO or anyone that mixed AO with diesel, kerosene, and gasoline to spray.

Actually, Fort Detrick, MD sent out an emergency directive in mid 1969 to MACV on how to decontaminate the used AO barrels in 1969. The reason was that used AO drums were being used to transport PLO also and when mixed with gas AO readily burned. The result was an internal combustion engine Agent Orange Aerosol Dispenser. How many Blue Suitors actually followed the decontamination instructions, as anybody knows that served in the Military, is questionable even after 1969 when the emergency directive came out.

AO was always used with AW. AW contained Picloram, which had Hexachlorobenzene. The issue is we do not know how much was in there because it was conveniently of course DOW proprietary.

We do know that in 1985 to re-qualify Picloram our EPA made DOW reduce the amount of Hexachlorobenzene. Reports have shown this is now at <100 parts per million but what it was in that toxic swill they used on us is at this time conveniently unknown. Government amnesia is somewhat convenient when it comes to VA claims and telling science exactly what we drank and ate.

You might check with the 9th Infantry Division website – One of the 9th Infantry said a directive came out on how to use AO and Diesel fuel (50/50) injected into an tube on the exhaust manifold to make a mosquito fogger.

I know some Marines drank boiled water out of the used AO and AW barrels prior to mid 1969. Therefore, it is doubtful they were decontaminated. We also cleaned canteens in the hot water.

Best of luck.

Marvin you can tell Congressman Gary Miller from me and millions of Veterans, we do not need anymore damn studies that the government can manipulate to hell and back while congress sits back with closed eyes and deaf ears. We spent 146 million dollars and 25 years on nothing but outcomes that are lies and more lies. What we need is some damn integrity in Congress and for them to let us speak, and then demand answers from our questions. Another damn study is the last thing we need – the data is there already in Odds Ratios and Risk Ratios. Someone just has to be honest about it and that at this time is not our own government.

It seems clear that these herbicides and combination of herbicides can induce hematopoietic disorders either in autoimmune form or cancer form.

Keep fighting -


AO & Benzene, did you mix or spray it

Mon May 21, 2007 10:43 am (PST)

AO & Benzene, did you mix or spray it?

Anyone who mixed AO with diesel, kerosene, gasoline to spray

Please contact: derrickdecker@cox.net

Purpose to get Myelofibrosis recognized as caused by AO, to prove AO was



Long-term health effects of exposure to benzene

The major effect of benzene from long-term exposure is on the blood.

(Long-term exposure means exposure of a year or more.) Benzene causes

harmful effects on the bone marrow and can cause a decrease in red blood

cells, leading to anemia. It can also cause excessive bleeding and can

affect the immune system, increasing the chance for infection.

Some women who breathed high levels of benzene for many months had irregular

menstrual periods and a decrease in the size of their ovaries. It is not

known whether benzene exposure affects the developing fetus in pregnant

women or fertility in men.

Animal studies have shown low birth weights, delayed bone formation, and

bone marrow damage when pregnant animals breathed benzene.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has determined that

benzene causes cancer in humans. Long-term exposure to high levels of

benzene in the air can cause leukemia, cancer of the blood-forming organs.

-----Original Message-----

From: derrickdecker@cox.net [mailto:derrickdecker@cox.net]

Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2007 1:25 PM

To: colonel-dan: sbcglobal.net

Subject: Help

Colonel Dan, I need help finding anyone who sprayed Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Anyone who mixed AO with diesel, kerosene, gasoline to spray.

This is very important, possibly to hundreds, if not thousands of Vets.

Can you put out the word? I have statements from New Zealand, Australian

vets, but need 1st hand accounts from US Vets.

I have a bone marrow disease Myelofibrosis, I'm terminal have 1 maybe two

years, according to my DR. I have just completed my final BVA via a

teleconference with a Judge in DC, April 30. I supplied information and my

research regarding my illness. I have battled this claim for 4 years for

recognition as caused by AO. My illness is one of many directly linked to

Benzene, leukemias, etc. Mixing AO with kerosene, diesel fuel, gasoline to

spray, directly caused my illness, and the many other cancers VETS are

suffering from. This could answer many cases for Vets. The VA mandate to

research AO, only included AO and its components. These studies were and

are limited to just that, failing to recognize the total picture. Benzene is

the cause of many Vets problems. My congressman, Gary Miller, CA has helped

my effort. He suggests I write congress and suggest hearings regarding this,

and allow congress to mandate further studies.

I need to this for all the families and those Vets, fighting for other

related diseases, unknowingly caused by Benzene.

Having Myelofibrosis recognized as caused by AO, will open the door wide

for those Vets, suffering MPD's Benzene is absolutely known to cause many

cancers. Bone marrow depression, immunological deficiencies, etc Recognition

will greatly advance the solutions for Vets.

Look what Benzene causes online; you’ll see what I’m talking about.

This, I pray will be a legacy of mine to help them.

Testimonies of Vets, who mixed these deadly components, who support my


Please help,

Marvin Derrick

519th MI Bn Vet 67-68


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