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Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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That site tells some but is written by a doctor who does not have fibro. Take care in believing everything it says.

It is better then some sites. but is what doctors want you to hear. Your treatment may very and some may not work for you.

There list of medications is poor. Very few people get relief from OTC pain meds. Anti depressants work on about 30% of people with fibro. and there is some question if some really have fibro.

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The first link here is something everyone should bookmark... (The main site)


Now, the second is an energy machine:


The lady that owns a vibe machine near me bought it for her and her husband, both sufferers of rhumetoid arthritis... She says when she uses it, she doesnt have any pain... Ive used it before, it definetely gives you energy.... Check it out

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If a 'vibe' machine could do what it's described as doing, the VA would have a dozen in each clinic just to get us off of the pharmacy's back.

My osteopathic, orthopedic surgeon does not discount ant treatment, no matter how seemingly bizarre, if it can be verified that the treatment is beneficial to a patient.

While we agree on certain herbal remedies, we have not been able to successfully treat PTSD with anything outside of the usual drugs.

Drinking, grass and funny mushrooms are not my style either.

Fibromyalgia can be caused by many undiagnosed medical conditions.

When I figure out which one causes my symptoms I'll be cured.

Very few doctors have a clue and a whole bunch of them do not believe fibro exists at all.

I'm service connected on fibro at 30.


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Go to your local Acupuncture clinic... They probably have the same pamphlet I have... "Acupuncture and Fibro"...


The only way to find out if the Vibe Machine works, is to try it... Call the people in your area and ask about it... It's pretty plain and simple, if you dont try it, you'll never know...


And as far as the VA buying the machine, seriously... think about it... If it worked, then it would take an act of congress to get the machines in every VA center, and that would be heavily defeated by the majority of congress, as they are bought off by the big Drug Companies... Even if the VA loved the machines, they wouldnt be able to get them...


US Congress rep and presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) is the only presidential candidate and one of 16 congress reps apparently that arent bought off by the drug companies... He needs to be elected, if us vets want quality health choices... And before you lock this thread, mods, do some research... Im not just some dumbass vet that is making stuff up... My reseach comes from all kinds of doctors in the disciplines of PHD, MD, ND, HHP, NC, etc.... If you all love your prescription drugs, so be it... But there is other ways out there if you look (as many MD's have done)...

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Just a quick question JackNCoke, if the natural remedies etc. work so well, why are you at 100%?

It looks to me like you are in the same shape that the ones taking prscription drugs are in.

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