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C& P Exam Today

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Went to my C& P Exam for PTSD, pleasntly surpirised after reading so many horror stories. I arri ved agt 7 am C&P was at 9. I walked arou nd for 2 hours exam stated promptly at 9. Dr stated he just revied my C fi,le and had it in his possesion. Went through my file with me. Stated he was no there to treat me but had to ask questions. apoligized in ad vance if the questionbs were troublesome to me. made me feel comfortable.and at ease. upon completion informed me that he was giving me a diagonsis for PTSD and since his report was being sent today on the Computer the VA cannot loose it. Also said I shopuld hear from the VA in 6 to eight weeks.

Left there feeling like I was treated with respect and compassion. By the way Dr is from the VA Med Center in Nortport LI.

Hop[e this experience helps others.


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Rich --

What about stressor evidence, which you will need before VA will grant service connection for PTSD?

If you were a veteran who served in combat, they will accept your account of stressors; but, if you are not, they will send the matter for resarch by the hisorians as to the occurence of the stressful occurence. Most claims fail at this verification stage.

Not to rain on your parade, but tis is just the way it is.


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Hi Alex

Dont think stressor is a problem received a Bronze star w V device for a 2 day battle, where we were almost overrun by 2 Battalions of NVA and one of our planes dropped Naplam on my position,Lost (KIA) 25% of Company and many more wounded. Dr asked me about it and I explained my fear and nighmares about this battle.

Also the last 4 months of my tour I was made the Supply Sgt, I reguarly went to graves regestration to ID bodies. I was promoted and was going to renenlist. 2 weeks before I was going to re-up 2 members of my rifle squad were killed. I was required to ID them and go through their personal effects to send home. Needless to say I didnt relist

I know anything can happen, But my main purpose of the post was to say I was treated fairly and with respect by the Dr.


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Sometimes C&P exams are a good experience. There are some good doctors within the VA system and there are bad ones just like in the civilian commumity. The same goes for the employees at the RO's most are great people and really try to help veterans. However, there are many who just do not care. A majority of the problems with the Va are at the management levels especially when the management position is an appointed one or the person holding the managment position is expecting some type of appointment at some ponit in their career. Glad you had a good experience and especially glad you posted it for others to see.

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