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Common VA Disabilities


14 Questions about Veterans Disability Compensation Benefits Claims 

When a Veteran starts considering whether or not to file a VA Disability Claim, there are a lot of questions that he or she tends to ask. Over the last 10 years, the following are the 14 most common basic questions I am asked about when it comes to filing VA Disability Claims.

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Yesterday when I woke up my right elbow was stiff and hurt a little when I moved it. Today it aches and if I move it it hurts like hell. It is on right outside of elbow and when it is not hurting it is aching. I would say its tennis elbow but I don't play tennis and I am not sure how tennis elbow feels.

I called my backup Doc and he made an appointment at 1 PM. If I went to VA I would still be waiting to be seen. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them and any suggestions?

I could not even put my shirt on by myself this morning. Mrs Pete got a free peak :D

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I have Bursitis in my left elbow. It gets so bad, the bursa sac swells and needs to be drained. These symptoms include swelling at elbow, pain in elbow, sometimes a tired pain kind of like breaking a bone.

Tendonitis. My wife has that in the elbow, but it hasn't swollen just pain and stiffness. bracing helps. The docs have prescribed prescription strength Ibuprofen for both of these. Also xrays and mri help find the cause. Good luck. Yes, I have to wait a month to get my elbow drained at Spokane VA. My pc doc won't do it.

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Ok, I'm hesitant to post about this, because Ive been attacked so much about natural methods, but as a student in holistics, I was told this would happen... So here goes...

1) Acupuncture.... Call the local acupuncture clinic, tell them your problem... It will probably cost you $50 or so to figure out if it works... Worked for me for root canal pain

2) DMSO... Dimethyl Sulfoxide... A chemical they use on race horses joints... I was introduced to this by my boss in 1998... He is a former SEAL and he swore by it, saying all his team members used it on thier joints religiously, and he also used it on his 3 daughters for softball injuries / aches.... So I started using it once in a while on my bad knees, and on a camping trip a couple of years later, I blew out my knee to the point I couldnt put any pressure on it, and upon getting back to camp, applied DMSO (Washcloth in very hot water soaked with DMSO)... I got home that night, and did another application and upon waking, was able to jog like normal... Here is what the users say on my Holistic school's forum:

Here is an article about DMSO. I am curious of experiences you may have had with using it externally and/or internally, I know people who use it both ways.

This is not a mainstream treatment as yet for humans but Vet's use it on animals very often, especially horses that founder and have inflamation issues.

I expect to get mixed reactions from you all so please be honest.

Myself, I have seen wonderful things happen when they add DMSO to herbal therapies and other therapies. I have been looking into DMSO for a few years now and look forward to your input.

God Bless,



DMSO is Dimethylsulfoxide and is processed from pine trees. Commercial grade is used as a solvent and works wonderfully that way. The pharmaceutical grade has been used very successfully with Down Syndrome children, Cancer patients, glaucoma, cataracts, and just about any other ill we humans have mocked up. It is a catalyst second to none as it has the ability to permeate any cell wall existing, including bone and external eye tissue. You can put a drop on your big toe and taste it in your mouth in anywhere from 8 to 12 seconds. Amazing stuff. One of its greatest characteristics is the ability to take herbal biochemicals with it when it passes through these cell walls. This gets the 'goodies' where they are needed fast. It also happens to be a free radical fighter without peer and bonds to free radical hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon atoms and neutralizes them instantly. Most exciting to me is that it also happens to help realign DNA back to the original blueprint.

The above are the main reasons it is in my anti-plague formulation. There are over 75 different sulfur compounds in Garlic which is a main ingredient in the Total Tonic Formula. Garlic is "Nature's antibiotic" and used with the DMSO will get in there and knock off bacteria, viruses, and fungi at a tremendous rate.

You should be able to get the USP Pharmaceutical Grade at your local drug store or possibly at your local Heathfood store. A lot of "healthfood stores" carry a very inferior brand in plastic. Do not buy this type. DMSO will eventually dissolve plastic over a long period of time. The USP Pharmaceutical grade is stored in brown glass with either a teflon or wax top. This is the variety that is used by the Sierra Clinic to inject into Down Syndrome children to correct that condition.

Hi All,

I have a little experience with DMSO. My dad, who just turned 85, had a recurring urinary tract infection (UTI). He also has Parkinson's. Normally he has very little symptoms of Parkinsons. He takes a number of natural products that help with it. But last year his UTI really kicked into gear and it stimulated severe Parkinson's symptoms. He was down in bed and it was quite serious. His GP recommended anti-biotics. I personally avoid them, but I felt I had to follow his docs advice so we got the prescribed anti-biotics. They immediately started to kill him. Not overstating the situation here at all. He turned yellow due to the effect on his liver and we were instructed to stop them immediately.

Well the GP had no alternatives so we were on our own. Many elderly people die of UTI's, so it is a serioius health issue. Well we used a multitude of products to reverse it and keep it at bay but we could not seem to really eliminate it. I must have spent $500 or more on products. Colloidal Silver, Agrisept, Fulvic Acids, Olive Leaf Extract, Golden Seal and more. Much, much more. Well he had to be on product daily to keep it under control but nothing really got rid of it.

Then he started to have wrist pain from over use of his walker. We tried magnets and a magnetic pulser and far infrared and more. Things that normally work well, but he kept injuring it. Finally I tried dmso topically and it helped a little. He thought he'd like to try it internally and so he took 1 1/2 tsp a day and got immediate relief. The really fantastic thing was that it totally got rid of the UTI. I was amazed. 50 cents worth of DMSO totally did the trick. The DMSO I got was in a food grade plastic bottle that I got at the local Equine Shop. Less than $10.

DMSO Nature's Healer by Dr. Morton Walker is a great little intro to dmso. It is really quite remarkable stuff. If it never got used for anything but it's ability to stop schleroderma, it is a God send. That is one nasty, painful body malfunction and dmso effectively treats it.

It also dissolves calcium deposits.

It is also fantastic for reversing down's syndome to a degree.

Dr. Jacob up here in Portland Oregon has used it in emergency rooms to treat spinal cord injury and it has reversed inflammation so quikly that people who would have been paralysed are not. Dr. Jacob is coming out with a multi volume work on DMSO in the near future. I look forward to that.

It is also beneficial for treating cancer and arthritis and burns and more. It is worth knowing about.

It will make you stink to high heaven in a half hour, which is part of why no double blind studies have been performed with it. But you can take a couple of chlorophyll tabs with it and relieve or eliminate the smell.

To Health!



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Pete 53

I have had the same thing for about six months now, and it got to the point where I cannot pick my nose or drink a cup of coffee because the pain in my right elbow is so bad. I had a lot of schrapnel from Vietnam in my right elbow, so I thought that perhaps it was from that. Well, as it turns out it is Tennis Elbow, or more to the point they call it Golfers Elbow (Tendonitis).

The VA in San Diego gave me ice packs, elbow and wrist splints and told me it will take about 3 - 6 months before the pain recedes.

I was told that it is caused by overuse, and because there is no numbness in my right hand, it is not Carpal Tunnel.

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Pete 53,

I may be tendinitis (sp). I had that in my elbow and they suggested physical thearapy ie, they hook up a gismo to treat it with heat and some sort of electro stuff. Sorry I don't remeber the specifics. I had this several Yrs ago and I do remember it was painful. For me it went away after 65+ months.

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Any relief yet ? ?


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