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You'll Just Have To Read It!

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Dear Brothers & Sisters;

I would never try to get anything over on you when it comes to health and Diabetes. Maybe many of you thought I was making all this up, because you haven't heard about the lettuce cure for Diabetes. But anyway, I wanted all of you to read the articles about it.

Please go to any of the following or just type in from your address page: lettuce cure for diabetes.



Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Take care of yourself & each other~Happy Labor Day and "Lettuce us all count our Blessings!"

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Interesting story blessed. Yet the cure still has a long way to go - and doesn't take into effect all the contributing factors in each individual condition.

But it does look like this study might hold promise that something might be developed that might be able to cure diabetes for some people (especially in the early stages) and help lessen the effects for others.

I think one of the things researchers frequently miss is the synergetic effects of things.

For instance my husband took taxol for awhile for cancer. Apparently they found that the substance from the bark of Yew trees was effective in killing cancer cells.

What was the FIRST thing the researchers tried to do - once they found out it was effective?

Make a synthetic version.

This natural substance is effective - so lets try to find out the ONE part that makes it eefective - separate that out - and create it synthethetically.

Well - it is NOT the same. The ONE part is NOT the same as the full natural combination - and the synthetic version is not the same as that which was created by nature.

Then they wonder why it doesn't work.

In the case of taxol - I was reading that they were NOT able to create an effective synthetic product.

But they couldn't make enough taxol from the available bark of trees - so they started using the needles. Again - NOT the same.

So even if this lettuce is shown to work - they would most likely try to find out the PART of the lettuce that made it work - and then manufacture that synthetically.

It just loses a lot of effectiveness by the time they finally get done with researching it.

Still - they might find out enough to hold some promise for some people.

I didn't take your question to be trying to get over on us.

I considered the question to be valid. Hmmmm. If I depend on my 100% from this disability - and a cure is discovered - what happens to my income? That is a valid concern - especially when you consider how many people have been booted off the roles of different disability programs because they wouldn't "cooperate" with their treatment. They didn't want to risk the surgery or treatments that had no guarantees - yet their very unwillingness to accept the treatment was held against them - and decisions made as if there actually WERE guarantees that the treatment WOULD have worked.

So - yes - I considered your question to be valid - and express a valid concern.

And I think most vets would take the cure over the VA payment any day if they had the choice.

Unfortunately those are not choices the vet gets to make.

I don't know of any vet on this forum who would, if given the choice, not gladly give ALL the money they recieved back to not hurt, to not be depressed, to not have PTSD, or whatever they have.

As every widow would return every dime of DIC to have her husband back.

But those aren't choices we get.

Interesting article - but the news like to jump in a bit to enthustiatically with promises of cures.

And any promise of a cure is news worthy - for sure.

With my husband's cancer - we just kept hoping that whatever he was taking would keep him going long enough for something else to be discovered that would keep him going long enough until they discovered something else. We hoped we could buy enough time to buy us more time.

However, I DO think there is SOME promise in much of the research.

We investigated LOTS of things they were using in cancer research - and my husband tried a lot.

For instance - we found that Mayo clinic was trying the mineral selenium to see if it could help prevent lung cancer recurrance. If it DID work - it would be years down the road before that was incorporated into standard practice.

But my husband took selenium. We figured - If it MIGHT help - and if it WON'T hurt - and if it is one of the best shots Mayo Clinic is trying right now - we might as well try it.

The same with Gingko. Now that more people are surviving cancer for longer periods of time - they are beginning to research the effects that chemo has on the brain. Now - if your choice is between living or not - of course you will take the chemo, regardless of whether it might make you forgetful.

BUT if there is a way to reduce the effects of chemo on the brain - why not try it?

We read that they are doing clinical studies trying using gingko to try to prevent "chemo brain." It hasn't been proven. But then again, if it MIGHT help, WON'T harm - and is the best shot the researchers are trying -why not try it. SO my husband took gingko.

A warning though is that you DO want to look up any adverse effects - and let your doctor know what you are trying.

There were some things my husband didn't try - as they might have lessened the effect of his chemo treatments.

Also - like with gingko - the research didn't accept people with poor platelet counts. So we knew it could have an effect on his platelets. So we knew to watch his bloodwork - and if the platelet count started being effected - that he would have to stop taking the gingko.


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