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Appointment Day For Neuropsychological Test Is Here



I have so many thoughts, emotions, and physical responses to all that my neuropsychological tests will tell me. I wouldn't be in such a termoile if it hadn't been for my ENT Dr. sticking it to me by not clarifying a few points on his IMO report.

I've had to increase certain meds to keep on an even keel, but they leave me somewhat, the word I want to use is stupify. All my action and responses are slowed down and people might think I'm retarded or something. I've already had to correct this post at least half a dozen times because my letters in words are backwards or I completely misspell words I would not normally do otherwise.

Got to go get ready and make sure I feed my companion Tom, he's my cat and if I don't feed him he gets cranky and bites and I got the scars to prove it. LoL He can pur while he's stll biting you.LoL But if I don't breath or I am breathing to shallow, I think when he bites me when I am asleep, it is to wake me up and not because he is hungry.

Got to go, have an early call for my ride or I won't get all I have to do today done.

Rockhound Rider :unsure:

p.s. let you know how the appointment works out or at least the results theire of.

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If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. Yesterday I blew out the drive gears in my VA awarded scooter and now they have to determine if it is to old to fix or not, that will take a couple of days or more. Made an error in my checking and now have no money left to buy groceries until next pay day in two weeks. Lost my keys to my house, scooter, my motorcycle, and a couple of other locks, and to top it off;

All I learned today on my neuropsychological tests is that yes I do have some congnitive problems that is associated to the frontal lobe of my brain and yes it is possible that it could stem from the TBI I recieved in service and it is possible the the TBI cognitive problmes could cause a personality change. Possible this Possible that, every thing is possible.

I asked if they could use better language such as as likely as or more likely as and I was rebuffed saying that such language was reserved for C&P examers. Hell what are doctors for if not to definitively finding out what was wrong and what caused a particular injury or illness/desease?

I will still have to wait until the report is written up to see if it will be of any help. She insenuated that it would, but would not be tied down to anything deffinent other than she noted that I did have a head injuring in service and it did relate to the frontal lobe of the brain and I am now showing symptoms of congnitive damage to the frontal region of the brain. She implied but would not testify that their could well be a claim for residuals of a head injury, which would include the dysthymia disorder as secondary.

She did however take notice when I pointed them out, my personel evaluations that told a different story as to a PD , she put them on top of the papers I gave her that supported the fact that their wasn't a PD until after the TBI occured and the likely hood that TBI was afterall the reason for the PD. Anyway, got to wait until the written report comes out to see how it reads before I go submiting a claim for the TBI and Dysthymia disorder

Oh yea, about the bad luck. It gets worse. not only is my psychiatrist going on maternity leave, but due to the willfull placing of a patient work load beyond the ability of my PCP to give her patients proper care and attention, she was forced to resign her position with the VA in protest.

After other Dr's or PCP's on the Green teem either quit or for unknown reasons were fired, my PCP was the only Dr who was the PCP for the whole of the Green teem and was given no indication when releif would be provided. Now they are forced to move the Green teems general medical needs over to the Red and Gold teams.

I'm afraid as others are, that the special medical needs of the psychiatric patients of the green teen will not be met and problems that are now borderline will become inflamed or antaganized by medical people who have not the least understanding how to cope when these individuals have flairups in their already tenuous problems.

I along with others are writing to our Congressman and Senetor elects to see what can be done to rectify this problem. I always thought Reno was one of the better hosptials around for its treatment of Veterans and now that Idea is being sourly tested. Also I won't be able to get the necessary Dr. to Dr. referral until I am appointed a new PCP and until they meat with my approval, namely, I will not except a male Dr. I have an ingrained aversion to male Dr's since I have had nothing but bad results from their treatment on me and what they deam to write in their reports about me, where as female Dr.s seem to have more impathy and are able to show an understanding beyond that of their male counterparts.

I wonder how long it's gong to take me to trust my new Dr and Psychologist this time. It took over three years last time for me to start opening up about my feelings and such, in what happened to me in service ans since that time.

I's going to take all my meds at their highes dosage allowed to hopefully get to sleep tonight, I just hope I don't end up being awake all night long as I have in the past when I get this worked up. I guess the VA just doesn't screw us over, but it screws over our Dr.s as well, running them off like they did my PCP.

Got to go now or I will end up writing a book on this subject.

Rockhound Rider :( :( ;) :unsure: :P B)

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There was a VA form posted in the last six months or so on hadit that was for a VA doctor to sign that had the "at least as likely as" verbiage you asked your doc to write in his report. However, because I don't use the VA for my psych care I didn't print the form or make a note of what link it was in. I do recall a couple of guys worked on getting it posted in PDF form.

Perhaps if someone will post a link to the thread that the form is in, given it is a VA form for doctors to sign, your doc won't be so reluctant to make a declarative statement that meets the VA's guidelines.

I can't help but wonder if it was an honest misunderstanding on the doc's part thinking that only raters could make those "at least as likely as" determinations. If that were the case then we'd all be sunk.

Can someone who bookmarked the thread please post a link to the form for VA doctor's to give an opinion that includes the "at least as likely as not" verbiage?

Hang in there Rockhound,

TS Snave

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You gotta love the hadit feature that shows you what topics you’ve subscribed to in the past – I found the thread I was talking about that has the form for your VA doctor to fill out. It was LarryJ who posted the form and Donews that posted the PDF file – true hadit teamwork!

Here’s a link to the thread:


The pdf file of this form is on Donews post from Jan 21, 2008 at 11:15am.

Also, there is some great info in this thread that FreeSpirit posted from the VA Clinician’s Guide that negates what your VA doc told you. Show him the VA Clinician’s Guide. Check out Free’s post on this thread from Jan 27, 2008 at 1:30am.

Perhaps you could get back in and see the doc before he completes his report.

There was a suggestion in this thread to use the form as a strawman for a civilian doc’s statement which I also thought was a good idea.

I hope this helps,

TS Snave

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There was a VA form posted in the last six months or so on hadit that was for a VA doctor to sign that had the "at least as likely as" verbiage you asked your doc to write in his report.

Hang in there Rockhound,

TS Snave

If you read the form, you will note that it also has the statement, "Possibly related to" Which is what the test examiner is only willing to attest to.

If the three had been Related to, More likely than not related, and at least as likely as not related to, I would have been inclined to show this to the test examiner. With the present atmosphere on the Green teem, which she is a member of, I don't see her commiting herself to use language that puts her at odds with the VA claims department and her superiors at this point in time. One Dr was fired for unknown reasons given and another forced from her position and others running scared for their own jobs. Demanding they word a report or telling them it is their job to provide such statements isn't going to get what I need done, at least not right now.

Right now my biggest worry is who is going to see that my medications continue without my knowing who is to be my Dr. and Psychiatrist and how can they continue my medication if they haven't even seen me yet. What if they decide to discontinue certain meds or reduce their strength, or tell me I should be taking a larger dose? I don't know what is going on or what is going to happen and I don't like to feel this way. It far to much stress for me to handle along with the worries of my claims.

I'm already physically sick over this, I can't keep any food down, just imagine what is goin on with my mind. I'm paranoid enough with how the VA has treated me and now they have forced out my Dr. Now I find out my psychiatrist, who I thought was a fully credentialed MD, is but only an Intern and I wasn't told until now. That means I can not trust anything she wrote in my medical charts because she had someone over her telling her what she could and couldn not write into the records.

If they try to pass on another intern on me, I won't accept it. I am intitled to a Certified MD whether it is a General practitioner or a psychiatrist. I have a right to make an informed choice and if it is an Intern, then I should be told that and who their suppervising physician is and what their credentials are.

Rockhound Rider :P :rolleyes::lol: :(

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