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Combat In Non Combat Zone Gulf War I



My 1st appeals claim was remanded and the wording makes the people at the RO sounds like they didn't do a bunch of crap -- when they had the information in their files. Just curious anyone got a remand like this before -- ohh and of course it says they the RO should set me up for related exams along with other stuff they said they didn't do. --- Anyone ever tried to get a decision for a PTSD whereas the place where it occurred was not a war zone but a hostile area -- one of the kind they don't talk about in countries we shouldn't be conducting military war time ops out of ????? -- I was in India staging Aircrews during the first Gulf war and I had ppl indian black camo's over take my position with shiney new amachine guns and force me up against a wall yelling at me. It was only me and a Pacer Bounce HF radio talking in C-141's -- the only thing that shows in the on line papers is that the ppl of India were not happy because they were Muslin and supported Saddam and almost over threw their President at the time and that they stopped refueling. I do have a accomodation that says something to the effect of good work for conducting military operations in non military eviroment in India. There was a Msgt that was are team leader that came down the hall of the abandon bldg in the shack out on the the flight tarmac they held him at gun point to but VA says they have his name already but not that they have contacted him -- I have no idea where he is now but have his info on my award docs -- you know social and name. What more do these F'in ppl want to prove the stressor -- they say since it was not in a combat area it has to be proven. Great so my ass could have gotten killed or if I had killed someone with my M-9 it would have been a international incident but its no stressor -- I am so pissed off right now. What do I do?

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I seen this very same thing happen in Saudi in the 1st Gulf War at a guard gate leading to the Port, The Saudis were rousting US Army Solders at Gun point because they hated us being on there Saudi soil, we thought a gun fight was going to break out on the Port of Jubal, and your right Muslim soldiers hate US Soldier on their soil. I know the orders your talking about too, your talking about a group orders list Names and SSN to receive a Citation of some type. Try Military.Com to find the guy and for the other they will more than likely set you up with a C&P exam. NOW LISTEN TO ME, when they do this , I say again, make sure its a PTSD exam NOT a MENTAL HEALTH this is were they set you up for a Borderline Personality Disorder or Personality Disorder and KILL your Claim then and there because this is a existing condition. Mine is different because there caught dead in a made up lie. If they get you clean you could be fighting this thing for years to turn it around.

Oh welcome to Hadit!!,lol......

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Hi Yoggie,

I think these guys were some sort of Indian Special force or special police it was like something out a movie. There I was manning the Pacer Bounce HF pack we had set up in an abandon bldg'ing with no power other then light sticks and lantern. Sitting on a make shift chair listening to the crackling of hte HF radio waiting for the C-141 to call in for instructions -- when these guys bust in the door to the room I was in dressed in black about four or five of them point shine new automatic weapons not like the ones the guards at the local hotel had that were rusted. plus they spoke good english not that broken or Indian sounding english. They forced me against a wall asking me what we were doing there in India and asking me what the radio was for. I was frozen I couldnt speak. I wasnt special force or one of those commando types I was a Loadmaster off of C-141. The my site leader showed up and they took him down the hall as one stayed with me. After about hour one of the first of the people in black camo's came back and got the one watching me.

In this situation I have dealt with fear of death - that I was alone and if they killed me we were in India and the US would have denied US forces operating there and on the other hand shame that I didn't open up with my M-9 I had in the back of my blue jeans as we were in civilian cloths. I ahve always told myself that if I had opened up with the M-9 I would have been killed or never made it home becuase it would have been an international incident. -- then I get the VA saying hey dirt bag you weren't in the Desert so you shouldn'y have a stressor. It makes me want to kick some pencil pushers ass. -- thanks for your post Yoggie Scoopy- Loadmaster-C-141B

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If you'd pulled out any thing we'd never heard about it they'd killed you and the others believe me brother 1 shot and it turns into mayhem, this was nothing more than a power play to scare the Sh*T out of you to let you know we know your here and here is where you better be..But heed what I said the VA will pull a lot of crap on you and take charge as they say here "no one cares about your claim more than you". We here really don't talk about what we've done but how to help each other and get where you need to go .....Good luck

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Hi all

Thanks for the info so far -- anyone else every have a problem proving a a stressor in an area that the Govt doesnt really want to talk about. During or not during a war time enviroment -- both will be help for gathering info on operations that seem to be muted.

Thanks Brothers

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