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Seattle Vamc Refuses Care To 80% Vet For Sc Care

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I was at the Seattle VAMC ER today with my friemd who is 80 % and needed to ne seen for a bad miagraine.

The intake clerk asked if she had civilian insurance also, because they would need that card also. My friend told the clerk that she wanted to check with her "lawyer" (that being me..tongue in cheek) and told her until they could show the regulation..CFR 38.4 that said that veterns 50% and over were no longer wholly covered by the VA, then the VA didn't need her card, they simply WANTED it...big damn difference. I was informed that I knew not of what I spoke and if I did not vacate the area I would be escorted out and my friend could not be treated.

So...........I whipped out my trusted cell phone that I have Rep Jay Insley's number on and was put straight thru when I sarted to explain our problem. Within 10 minutes my friend was seen and Insley's office has been promised that it would not hear about this again.

What hacks me off, is while I was in the restroom this jerk from registration tryied to strong arm her.

I'm sure it works with many,

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Seattle VAMC care at it's finist.

This goes on all the time there.

They left a Vet with a herniated disk lay in the back of a cab for over an hour, refusing to send anyone from the ER out to get him. His wife was so frantic she finally called Seattle 911. When the ER heard the dispatch on the radio, they scurried like rats and all ran out to get him in before an ambulance from another hospital showed up.

I wouldn't send my dog there.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Four years ago at Dallas VAMC a Veteran who was in a ward called 911 for help cause he had not had a nurse help him with his IV's for 9 hours and the ambulance actually came and got him. It really caused a stink and shortly after that Dallas VA was rated worst in the Country.

I will admit that it is much better now. I asked for an appointment last April to see a shrink and now the best that the VA can do is Oct 10, 2008 and I sort of think that appointment will be short or postponed again.

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  • Moderator

WOW. Next time they act like that ask them this question.

When is your next Jhaco inspection scheduled and can you speak to the Inspection team.

It does not matter what VA your at, Jhaco always causes VA's to beoome extremely nervous.


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I already know

when the next JHACO is and am not waiting for it, am filing a complaint now.

The jerk at the ER desk had the "audacity" to say that the insurance money from the civilian side was "allowing" the VA to give better care. ;) Now there's a crock.

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  • HadIt.com Elder
WOW. Next time they act like that ask them this question.

When is your next Jhaco inspection scheduled and can you speak to the Inspection team.

It does not matter what VA your at, Jhaco always causes VA's to beoome extremely nervous.


It's actually JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations).

I worked for them, as an engineering consultant, for 25 years.

If an institution does not "pass" JCAHO, then they are not eligible to receive Federal (and most State's) funding. No Medicare, nada.

Hospitals quake in fear of not passing JCAHO. I've actually SEEN hospital administrators CRY!

Grown men. M.D.'s, MBA's, etc., CRY!



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I know, I am a RN and have seen the "clean ups" before the commission arrives. Talk about quake in their boots...

I wouldn't mind the VA using the insurance info for billing if:

1. They change the CFR and made it legal (there's a biggie)

2. If it made a difference in the care (what a concept)

But they are lying thru their proverbial and literal teeth. I guess that this should come as no big shock, eh?

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