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Where To Put This?



  • HadIt.com Elder

I wasn't sure where to put this, but I wanted to know if there was a way to do a fundraiser to get MORE veterans to the hearing thing in September. I'd really like to do this, but I don't know how to go about doing something like this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many veterans I've spoken to want to go, but simply can't afford to go. I'd like to change that.

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WHat hearing?

The only House VAC hearing scheduled so far is a presentation from the American Legion-on September 11th.

Also Charles Kelley is trying to get good rate for anyone who will attend a Congressional visit with him in September-(I think he did get a good rate already from one hotel)

this is on AO, Blue Water issues-

and certainly on the proposed AO cancer bill he has worked so hard for-

Denise Nichols is getting the best hotel rate she can for anyone who can attend the Gulf War Advisory Committee meeting in DC on Sept 24,25th.

DC is very easy to get around once a hotel room is gotten-I have been there numerous times- and I think the EL takes you right to the Capitaol from just about anywhere one or near the Mall-I walked to the Capitol from the Washington Monument and the Wall -so it isnt too far and transportation costs can be cheap because of all the buses and shuttles in DC.

I dont know what hearing you mean but I am sure anyone organizing a group effort would be interested in any fundraiser plans you have.

Our local AL just had a Pig Roast fund raiser- I am sure an AL or DAV might consider this type of fund raiser to have a vet represent them in DC but I dont know exactly what hearing you mean.

The Senate and House VAC hearings are all live via PC - a vet or interested party can attempt to try to get something into the record-by contacting Chair Congressman Bob Filner (HVAC) or Senator Akaka (S VAC)and we always have time after the hearing to write or contact them about it-

Congressman Filner has come to the SVR radio show many times where I or someone else asked him some specifics regarding the hearing testimony.

I got Rich Cohen on the show (NOVA) by emailing him, a gripe about his testimony-which I read before the hearing started-

he gratiously came to the show and will be back-

and he did highlight during his testimony the stuff I griped about.

Whether we are at the S or H VAC hearings or not (and I dont know how many people they even let in) we still have ways to have input into them.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

The Post by Allan,

Is this what you are talking about:

Congressional Visit Proposal

What I would like to propose is a trip to DC for about 10 to 20 us made up of Blue Water, Korean DMZ, Thailand, Widows, and Vietnam Veterans, etc to include any spouses that would like to come and join with us in this effort.

The cheapest place that I know of is the Sheraton National in Arlington, VA in that area that is convenient to getting the senate and house buildings.

It looks like we could get some good rates from Sept 10 to Sept 14 that would be checking in on Wednesday and checking out Saturday morning. That would give us two days to canvass at least the VAC in the house and the senate. Glenda tried to get some prices today but without the inclusive dates they would not even discuss prices.

The plan would be to have at least six handouts with different issues concerning present bills as well as additional concerns. In addition, I would create a CD with an index handout of what is on the CD for each office with all the data I have and any data Blue Water and Thailand has such as Cheeco Report and Operation Corona Harvest formally secret documents. I would include scientists testimony and anything else I have that demonstrates what is still not being covered. With an index of the CD and the CD set up by folders it should be easy for them refer.

Anyway, I know we are not rich but I think we need to keep the pressure on and maybe some that cannot go can send in a few bucks to at least cover part of the efforts.

If anyone is available and wants to do this then please let me know ASAP so I can ASAP finalize reservations and get a quantity discount maybe about some old disabled Veterans trying to get some bills passed.

The 10th is not that far away and we have to at least communicate by e-mail in a group and get that started.

I think we need at least 10 folks minimum that are willing to walk the hallways of congress and submit our requests, flyers, and CD’s in person; make some contacts and tell them what we expect of them.

Let me know as soon as you can.

Again this is just in the planning and only a suggestion as to how to keep the momentum going.

Although, as you know with congress, it could also be a total waste of resources and time.



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  • HadIt.com Elder

I spoke incorrectly, I am in fact, talking about the Gulf War Advisory Committee meeting. My husband is a Gulf War Veteran and there are many where I live, I live close to Fort Stewart, home of the 3rd ID.

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Hve you contacted Denise Nichols?


There might be flyers available and you could use them and have a fund raiser for local vets who want to attend.

It could be a raffle (ask businesses to donate stuff) or a Penny social or an enormous yard sale with proceeds to their trip-

after years of being with the local volunteer fire department (we need fund raisers for much of our fire equipment, gear, and even ambulance supplies-I found

it is actually easy to get a fund raiser going-

You need to advertise it well-free refreshments are always a draw-

and this is certainly for a good cause.

One year we spent only 100 bucks on a Penny Social-on new school supplies-from our treasury- then donated punch, coffee, and cookies- and we pulled in over 800 dollars-20 chances for 1.00 and the place was packed-

we outfitted the pumper with new top strobe lights, gave some money to a very ill fireman, and had money left over for some 3 " hosing-

this could help these vets tremendously because Denise is hoping for a large turnout and she has relentlessly pursued this cause.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I just sent an email to dsnurse1@yahoo.com. I hope that was the right place. I also scheduled a meeting with the local VFW for Friday. I'm still not really sure what to do. Bake sale? Car Wash, the list goes on and on! We could do a few of these things, maybe. I'm just going to go to this meeting on Friday and shoot ideas back and forth with the VFW and see what they say. I'm also concerned about advertising this fundraiser, so I'm going to talk to them about that too. Any more suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also, anyone who lives in the Metro Savannah area who would like to participate, let me know!

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Yes that is Denise Nichols-

WOW- you are really a go getter on this-

If all the VFW can do is provide some space that would be great- but they might want to do more-

such as a barbeque? pancake breakfast?

even just raffle off some nice items at their next VFW meeting-

or have a fifty fifty-

I dont know how big your locale is- here I used to make the flyers for our fund raisers and just post 2-3 in every close by village that has a store windows to post one in - as well as pay for a small ad in the Penny Savers.

Our junior firemen and women would hold annual car wash with a bake sale too-same time and place

it is amazing how many people might either donate or support in some way this type of thing-

Gulf War vets need numbers to show up just like BWVs etc-when these committees are open to the public

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Berta, I am a REAL go getter. I believe in this, and when you believe in something it is easy to be a go getter. I'm still looking for stories from folks. I'd really like to start a series or something. I feel like I'm not doing enough, and our local newspaper just doesn't do enough for our Veterans. They aren't interested in stories about how badly Vets have been treated. I've submitted a few freelance articles and they don't want them, so I'm branching out. I want to do so much more than I am and I haven't done more already because I don't know what all is needed. I want to do something that is needed, not something I necessarily want to do. Does that make sense at all? I just want to do more, and this is one way that I can do just that. Gulf War Vets, in my humble opinion, are often overlooked, and if we get the chance to have our say at such a high level then I think we should all JUMP on that chance. Many can't really afford to jump on the chance so I want to make it possible for them to attend too. Like I said, I really believe in this.

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Try dsnurse@aol.com

Denise has many email addys and gets dozens and dozens of emails everyday-

This is the latest email I have from Denise and maybe the link here will help you the most-


Have talked to a few of you on the phone and yes I know I went a bit quiet on updates. First of all working some one on one gulf war vet issues here in CO. Found a gulf war veteran that is also a policeman in neighboring community and spent some time researching his issue. He has Guillian Barrie syndrome and got turned down by the VA for help.

Guillain-Barre syndrome is an uncommon inflammatory disorder in which your body's immune system attacks your nerves, typically causing severe weakness and numbness that usually starts in your extremities and quickly worsens. Eventually your whole body can become paralyzed, even the muscles used for breathing.

The exact cause of Guillain-Barre syndrome is unknown, but it sometimes is triggered by a respiratory infection or the stomach flu. Luckily, this potentially deadly disorder is relatively rare, occurring worldwide in only one or two people per 100,000. All age groups can be affected, but it occurs most often in young adults and the elderly.

In its most severe form, Guillain-Barre syndrome is a medical emergency requiring hospitalization. About 30 percent of the people who have the disorder will temporarily need the help of a machine to breathe.

There is no cure for the disorder, but several treatments can ease symptoms and reduce the duration of the illness. Most people recover completely from even the most severe cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome.

I did some medical research for this issue and will be talking to this family more and getting them to connect with our US REP staff here to get him assistance. They were lucky and have insurance so they had to push ahead with his care and needs.

I also did about 2 days of phone calling to help Mr Binns the chairman of the research advisory committee to compile a list of email contacts on the hill for him to use with communicating to senators and representatives on funding of gulf war illness. Trying to get direct communications to the actual members is a challenge at times. But I finished that task for now.

I also was somewhat stopped in my efforts when I got an email in reply to my last update July 26th from VMW. I was not upset but just confronted with an issue I had tried to avoid.

I have been speaking to all as WE meaning Gulf War Veterans not as any particular organization. Although I like many of you have membership and different levels of interactions and participation with many organized veterans groups and other groups.

I saw an overwhelming NEED ---Urgent Action Needed to get Gulf War Veterans to get active again and feel that the time is now to support this new Veterans Affair's Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans and to push for the changes that all gulf war veterans have spoken of for these many years. I also wanted to continue the support to the VA Research Advisory Committee. That is what I was doing and getting you all out of your bunkers to lead this effort. EACH OF YOU ARE LEADERS AND CAN AFFECT CHANGES WE NEED. As Congressman Shays, Mr Binns and so many other elected representatives and staffers and contacts in DC have told me....That EACH veteran that comes forward and tells what they have gone through, it has a TRUE AND DEEP IMPACT that not only speaks to their individual struggle but what is happening to all the other gulf war veterans. Each veteran that testified to Congressman Shays committee told their story and impacted what was done for other gulf war veterans. An Example is Major Michael Donnelly and Randy Hebert....they and so many others thru 3 yrs of the hearings spoke as VETERANS. As did the General with ALS General Mike last year at the House Hearing and he has definitely spoke up and is making a difference too. A great number of the veterans that have testified and done public comment did it as Gulf War Veterans not representing any particular organization etc. and their voices represent tens of thousands that have not been heard! That is the power of each of us.

Yes it is also highly desirable to have organizations that have power to help! I spoke up as a gulf war veteran and nurse officer from the gulf with passion and dedication through the years.

Yes I also have been a member of VSO and various groups in title positions at times. But always I am a veteran like each of you and as a gulf war veteran nurse officer that served 20 years trying my best to do what is right and to effect change that will help ALL.

I am desperately trying to have all of us involved and I will not give that up! I will also not let my energy be diverted from having a direction that counts to get things rolling that will help all gulf war veterans. I will not have my gulf war illness affected energy level be zapped by being diverted.

I asked and begged for all organizations to help and get veterans to get involved. I welcomed and welcome their assistance they could offer to each gulf war veteran and groups of us willing to put ourselves on the line to not just represent ourselves but all gulf war veterans. Many of us are ill and struggling and see our other veteran brothers and sisters suffering. We can help each other and have an impact!!!!! Whether as individuals, unaffilated and/or affilated with whichever or whatever veteran or civilian group we can be successful.

I dealt with facts on my last update and apparently some over reacted and like a red flag in front of a bull, they reacted. I did not do anything deliberately, neither did I try to do anything but deal with facts and let all be informed. I know of the background fairly well of events that have occurred in the past in relation to organizations. I understand and appreciate those concerns and I truly did not intend on their reaction or try to trigger it. I was trying to deal with factual information. I dealt with it because the issue was there. It was a point of information and not a call for people to take sides or join one group over another. I frankly am tired of the divisions and history and I know others are too.

I also in that update said what we all needed to keep in focus and that is supporting each gulf war veteran being able to have their voice heard and in doing so represents hundred of thousands of other gulf war veterans in the same situation! I have taken a bit of time pondering the response I got and I discussed it with maybe 2-3 people. I wanted to let time work and also wanted to take the high road and to stay true to the mission and not get side tracked.

I hope that the individuals(representing groups) will rethink their reaction and reach out in the correct spirit to support gulf war veterans working to come forward to DC in support of the VA Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans and the VA Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Illness Research. WE can not be divided when we are trying to get a mission done! It would not work at war and will not work in this war to improve VA Care, Benefits, and Research for Gulf War VETERANS.

So onward!!! To Sept 15-16th VA RAC GWI meeting and the priority for gulf war veterans: The New VA Gulf War Veterans Advisory committee SEPT 24-25 in DC!

Now I will encourage each of you to contact your local veteran organizations be it DAV, VFW, Legion, VVA, and other veteran organizations or civilian organization. Call them at the local post find out when their meeting is and arrange to meet their elected officers prior to the meeting to discuss your needs and ask them to be present to the membership to explain need in person. This is the best way to get their support. I also encourage you to make a commitment to their organization to become involved. We all need each other!

I will put out another update shortly. And I am sure I will be talking to those that have already signed up of wanting to go and to do this as a group effort over the phone and by email.

WE still need other gulf war veterans, veterans of other wars that want to assist, family members of veterans, veterans that have had exposure and illness related to vaccines, etc, and civilian advocates, to sign up to come or to assist. http://gulfwarcouncil.com/gulf_war_rac_mee..._and_travel.htm




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  • HadIt.com Elder

Thanks, Berta. I'm going to try to put a BBQ/Bake Sale fundraiser together by the 6th. Wish me luck! The VFW is going to give me the use of the property, free of charge. The lady also was very helpful in giving me contacts for donations for the food. I feel like I might drown, but I'm still fighting! Like I said, wish me luck! I'm going to need it!

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THANK you for helping these vets-

has the auxilliary as well as the VFW offered to help?

I hope they pick up the tab for maybe the paper plates and takeout containers.?

The VFW could use this opportunity to even attract some members-and at least get some community interest in the issue that this is all for-

I was in the local AL auxiliary for many years-lots of work for fund raisers but still always well worth it.We primary were involved with the local VAMC for Christmas gifts and held a Big barbegue at the Hospital every summer for the patients. I commend you and know how much work this is.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

The Auxilliary hasn't offered anything. I'm starting to have a minor freak out. The only the the VFW has really offered is the facility. They did say I could bring in some flyers, though.

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