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Couple Questions About Imo And Pcp's




My post just got lost so here I go again...........

1. I see some don't have a problem with getting their PCM's to do a IMO. How do you approach them? How likly are the doctors to do this and VA doctors as well?

2. I have sleep apnea (OSA) and spoke with my sleep doctor. When I asked him why and how did I get sleep apnea he said many people have it for years before DX'd.

I told him I understand and I've had these symptoms and complaints to my doctor and fell asleep twice while driving. We talked longer and I asked if maybe he

could review my records to see how long I've had this........."no" So, I asked directly if he would do an IMO and again "no".

This was a long conversation nothing straight out and I've been seeing him for over a year, this appt. was more for insomnia meds and something for daytime fatigue still,

just raised the CPAP pressure.

3. Is there anyone other than Dr. Bash that someone can recommend. My wife has been unable to work for 3 years and just received the "unfavorable" SSA Judge Hearing results,

so that $2000 for Dr. Bash cannot happen. I did let him know our whole situation but Dr. Bash doesn't seem to do anything less than $2000.



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yelloownumber, How do you feel that OSA is connected to your service? Did you have any symptoms of OSA in service? The doctor that write about, was he a VA dr?


While on active duty probably 2000-2002 I have notes from my Military PCM of "fatigue", "OSA 2 degrees", "consider sleep study", "wieght gain 20 pounds", "sleeps 8-9 hours daily but not feeling refreshed", "daytime fatigue", these notes were from my active duty PCM from 2000-2002 he retired or transfered in 2002 and I retired 31 Dec 2003. Also while on active duty my DOD PGW Physcial was for complaints of "fatigue", "memory loss", fatigue was never addressed and memory loss was but nothing noted about sleep issues. I also have septoplasty surgery in 2003 while on active duty because I had problems breathing and daytime fatigue.

When I told my new PCM at the MTF in 2006 I was retired but I told him I fell asleep while driving again, he put in a referral for sleep study and this was found I had sleep apnea and given the second sleep study. I was given ambein for insomnia and a CPAP which has been adjusted twice for pressure. I know the doctors do not always put info in about your complaints, the only way to ensure something is entered is to usually make an appointment for only that one topic and ensure that is the reason for your appointment. I have zero notes from when I made the appointment with my doctor about falling asleep while driving in 2006 but do have a few notes from my doctor while on active duty.


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yelloownumber, if what you say is documented then you got a plausible claim. If you cannot get an IMO, then submit all evidence and current diagnoses from your treating doctor. Write a statement to support such and wait. The R/O should give you a C&P exam but you never know. If you need help with the write up- use pm and contact me.

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  • HadIt.com Elder


If you have it in your Medical records you should eventually win your claim. Are you using a CPAP now.

Sorry about your wife hope that she has a lawyer helping her.


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