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Have A Few Smc Questions

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I asked these questions in another post but thought I should ask them in my own thread so does any one know how to figure out the SMC awards

can you get A&A more than once ?

does using a mobility scooter because of painful mobility bad heart and COPD count as loss of use ? I have to use a walker when not using the mobility scooter.I am SC for heart and copd and well as cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

I am now more confused than I was before. I was awarded A&A which I guess from reading several posts here is a L award I have 2 100% awards one of which is why the A&A was needed and a 60%. I have a K award which should have been higher as I am blind in one eye and have severely constricted field of vision between 5 and 10 degrees in the other eye so basically considered blind in both eyes. I received a 30 % (highest rating they give) but was stated in C&P that I needed A&A for the medical condition. I think they messed up big time in giving me only a L award I just cant figure out what I could have been given.

thanks Leroy

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I see why this post sat here for so long without a reply.

Leroy-SMC is an extremely confusing scenario for many.

I believe that many vet reps dont even realize their clients should have higher rating then they do- it takes a good read of the medical evidence and how to fit it all into he SMC criteria.

You need to read over the regs for SMC very carefully (38 USC 1114) and see how the SMC step levels work.

There are many excellent posts here on the steps levels. Rich is our inhouse SMC expert and I also have posted considerable info on the higher SMC levels. I dont have time to repeat it all it should be under the search feature.

I know you have studied a lot here-

another thing you can do is to search BVA decisions with similiar disabilities as yours to see how those vets shaped their evidence into the higher levels.

One of the first SMC vets I helped-a local vet- came to me when I first starting buying the VBM.1991.It helped us tremendously to attain for him the highest level of SMC he could get.

I think anyone trying to get a stepping stone level of SMC needs the VBM as there hav considerable info there as to the many combos etc of SMC.

It is intricate stuff to read-

maybe your rep has a copy of the VBM?They have en entire Chapter re SMC.

Other than S and K, SMC at the higher steps levels-requires an individual assessment based on SMC criteria in 1114 regs as well as the medical evidence.Sometimes an assessment we just cant do here-at hadit in each case.

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Put in a simple term, to get "R1" you need to to be rated in need of A&A for a separate S/C disorder than what you receive the "L" award for at this time. It sounds like you have that, but not knowing the exact nature of the disorders makes it hard to predict. Your SO should be able to help you with that. The PVA may help if you have not yet filed an appeal. Many times new SO's don't like to step in to help straighten out problems, if they haven't been on the case from the beginning.

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thanks for your answers I don't have any one helping with my claims my wife did all the work herself.Been doing a lot of reading and I do meet the criteria for loss of use of lower extremities as I cant walk without the aide of a walker or cane with out falling just have to get a doctor to say loss of use is caused by something I am service connected for I have been a fall risk for many years have falls documented since 91 so that should not be a problem but then again who knows.and as I said I use a mobility scooter. I do understand a little bit about the step ups it takes a 100% to move up a full step and a 50% or higher to move up a half step.I have read and re-read all the C&P that I have had and I have 3 different medical conditions which the examiner said I needed A&A for my hands, CFS, and neuropathy cant feel my feet and lower part of my legs.also blind in one eye and severe tunnel vision in the other eye to only 10 degrees. I am SC for heart, copd, spine, knees, hands, neuropathy, diabetes, TBI, CFS, fibromaylgia, eye(1151) and the list goes on.I am T&P schedular.

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