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Female Army Vet Seek Same With S/c For Ptsd/mst Support


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First I would like to say "THANK YOU ALL" for everything that you do day in and day out for each and every one of us. GOD BLESS.

I recently moved to Hawaii with my family (Military Move) I will be here for 3 years until my husband retires from the Army. As so as he retires we will move back to our home in Batlle Creek Michigan. I was familiar with this web site many years ago and I would always refer this site to veterans who wanted more information regarding service connections and claims. I have been out of the loop for many years and have not been to this site. Now that I am back I can not believe my eyes because the site has grown in so many ways. I am literally shocked to have allowed myself to be away from this site as long as I had. Anyway thanks again for all that you have done.

I would like to seek out other female vets who are service connected for PTSD due to MST. I am not aware of any support groups for female vets. I was apart of wonderful organization when I resided in Virginia and I have not been able to find one like it. I would like to find people with similar S/C so we can share mutual experiences and advice.

It is also a wish of mine to fine veterans S/C for (5th cranial nerve damage) and Trygeminal Neuralgia.

In the army a dental surgeon performed a removal of a small tumor in my lower gum area and because of the surgery I became S/C for 5th cranial nerve damage rated at 10%. Years later I began to experience excruciating pain on the lower left portion of my face. After a year I was finally diagnosed with "Trygeminal Neuralgia". My S/C was increased to 30% but the title for my S/C was changed from 10% for 5th Cranial Nerve damage to 30% Trygeminal Neuralgia. It is said that this is the worst pain known to man kind.I would not wish this on my worse enemy. Upon the diagnosis and countless visits to the Neurology, I have pretty much been put on every anti-seizure medication available. WHY antiseizure meds????This is the standard treatment for this condition along with pain meds. You would think that I would be entitled to Dental, since it was the dentist while active duty who performed the surgery removing the cyst that caused this condition, but of course this is not the case. Every attempt to see a dentist is shot down because they state that my S/C is not at 100% and that the certain code that is used for the VA system is not dental related. Unfortunately because of my condition, I am not able to perform adequate oral hygiene because the simplest brushing of my teeth will trigger a pain so intense that I literally drop to my knees and I have sometimes blacked out due to the intense pain. Of course I have to brush my teeth but I have liquid Lidocaine that I gargle with every morning in order to brush my teeth. It has been over 10 years, countless seizure meds, every pain med known to man kind and a couple of needles injected in my temple inorder to treat this condition. Now I just deal with it, I am not on any seizure meds, I am only taking oxcycodone. I have been suggested by 2 Neuraologist to try marajuana. Many people would love to get approval by their Doctors to legally smoke Marajuana. I personally don't smoke, so I rather continue to take the pain meds. My last final option is to have brain surgery to correct my problem. Many people might wonder what in the hell does a dental procedure have to do with her brain. I asked the very same question. The nerve that is being affected can be severed or cut and the only way to do this will have to be done through my brain stem. Of course with any surgery there are risk involved. The risk are very high and many of my doctors do not feel that the risk are worth it. It's just easier for them to refill my pain meds and call it a day.

I want to know if there is something that I have to do to get dental care. Ever doctor and dentist that I have delt with state that I should be able to see a dentist but because it is coded incorrectly they can not see me. I am in vocation rehab and along with chapt 31, I have been able to see a dentist. They have taken care of me and I currently am seeing a cosmetic dentist and I am so happy with there services. I l also want to know if I have been unemployed since 2005 and I have been on oxcycodone (strong pain med) 240 pills a month, should I or could I put in for 100% SC or should I persue 100% for PTSD due to military sexual trauma and if so what do I need to do to get such percentage?

I realize that I wrote a book about myself but I needed to get it all down in order for the reader to get the whole picture. Thank you for you time.

Caroline Montgomery

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Welcome back to Hadit. I'm so sorry to hear about the continual intense pain that you suffer...I cannot begin to imagine.

I'm a female vet and I'm SCd for PTSD due to MST. Like you mentioned, there is little help for women vets out there when it comes to MST....oh don't even get me started!! LOL!!

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Guest t�e�r�r�y�s�t�u�r�g�i�s

Welcome back. I live in Martin, MI about 25 miles from Battle Creek. My daughter is a veteran and is in Fairbanks, Alaska and her husband is a career soldier with 4 years left till retirement. A story somewhat like yours. She has filed a claim and has had her C&P and awaits her decision. Sorry for your pain and suffering, my hope is that you find a way to deal with it. Take care. Terry

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The dental conditon can be file as a secondary condtion to your trigeminal neuralgia. Trigemnal neuralgia can be rated at 50%, thus you can apply for an increase. Your PTSD can be increased based on the increased depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. With the amount of medication that you are taking and the side effects., TDIU is a possibility. Reopen your claim, sit back and relax, hope for the best.

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