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**just Is Not Right!**



So here I sit another night of scouring thru all the great Hadit.com forums and posts as I have done so many times. Figured it was time to put my situation out here and see what if anyone had any insite.


Discharged in from Active Duty in April 98 and filed claims on everything accordingly and recieved a 10% for TBI (Multiple concusions w/ continued headaches) & a 0% rating for a skin condition I got (Not sure of the technical term). Never thought much about it at the time being I was younger and was happy with the $100 a month income.

Fast forward to 2005 to current.

So as time rolls on things get worse with the TBI (irratiablitlty, anger etc.) & Skin issue. So I start seeing a shrink and attend consoling along with being put on medication for the head issues. Doctor / Shrink says the TBI is to be blamed for these issues. Also my skin issue does not seem to be getting any better and they put me on a daily med as well.

Come June / July of 2007 I decide to file for an increase on both conditions. After a few months or so in I go for a C&P (Columbus, Ohio) and don't hear anything back for awhile. Next thing I know I get a letter for another C&P at different location (Mt.Vernon, Ohio). I try to find why another one assuming they wanted a second opionon. No one could tell me anything so I went as scheduled and explained to the nurse & Doctor I had just been thru it all a couple months prior and showed him the 1st C&P Doctors paperwork. He has no clue as to what is going on and apoligizes, makes copies of my paperwork being nothing had changed since than and sends me on my way.

July of 2008 I recieve the package saying I denied an increase on both claims. Which we know the paperwork tells you were you need to be medical wise to get what rating. For th skin issue it clearly states if you are on a immunine suppresant (Which I am) for x amount of time its this % and the the longer or frequency the higher the rating. Well my records clearly show i have been on it for like 3+ years daily and anything over I believe 90 days was a to be a 60% rating. How the heck do they deny a claim that is so simple based on their own manuals & rules??? I filed the apeal immediately with my VA Rep locally for I believe a hearing on this rating. Here I sit almost 2 years later and still no hearing no nothing. Talk to the VA Rep and says another 18 to 24 months possibly. I was even nice enough to point out their own rules and regulations needed for the increase and how I clearly met or exceded them. lol

At the time of above apeal I decided to for go apealling the TBI based what they say is needed to get the increase to the a higher rating. That was until the new rating system was announced and I proceded to the VA Rep's office the with a couple of days and filed the appeal for an increase for the 10% TBI rating I have. Being with the new rating evaluation I am also inline for an increase on the 10% as well to I believe 40% (Based on there info).

So here we are Almost May of of 2009 and my appeals / claims for increase and nothing is getting done. I just can't seem to grasp the concept of it being denied to begin with yet drag on for almost 2 years and counting. With the economy being the way it is I surely could use the xtra income as we all can. On the flip side they will have to back pay a large sum if & when it goes thru. I called my local VA Rep 2 weeks ago after reading about hiring a Lawyer and going that route. So that is when he called my American Legion contact at the Regional Office (Cleveland, Ohio) and relayed to me another 18 to 24 months.

Sorry so long but does this seem right and is there anything else I can do to help move it along??????? Thanks in advance!

John T

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Prefiction, I noticed you have just joined hadit. Its the best place to be for info and help with va claims. Ask your questions and they will flood you with answers and info on how to get your claims thru the system. The va knows when they look at claim if its been done by an amature or someone who knows what they are talking about. I am not calling you an amature but i think you need some help. You have come to the right place for help and info. Post your questions and you will get honest answers. Hadit will get you thru this. If you don't already have a good VSO get one, they can be good in wording the claim. Stick with hadit and I am sure your proplems with va will turn in your favor. BTW welcome home and thanks for your service.

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Thanks for the warm welcome. I thought I had registered one other time a few months back. Hmmm I don't think I ever confirmed it when I recieved the email though. The VRO is the one who filed for my increases originally. Everytime I have had any paperwork etc. it was done via a VRO. Now grant it I have no clue the difference between a good & bad VRO either. Seems a trip to see the VRO and get copies of everything is needed real soon. Thanks!

John T

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