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This question is for my wife.

She was ib the Hospital because she broke her arm at the very top (A humus bone or something)

OK,,After the Hospital stay she has been sent to a Nursing Hme sort of sit up for physcial threaphy,she's right handed & broke her right arm & has trouble walking.

She is to be there 3-4 weeks,

Like U know I am 100% T & P & L1 & my wife is entitled to Champ 35 benefits & also is SMC L1 & my question is will Champ 35 pay the expenses on this as it is going to be quite a bit of money & she also has Medicare.

Any answers greatly appreciated.

I hope I gave U enough information & if not just ask.



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Gary- I regret I have been on CHAMPVA for 18 years and have Medicare too now but I still dont understand what they actually pay for-glad others are helping you here-

Both Medicare and CHAMPVA should have sent her large booklets which I am hoping to read next week- taking some time off- those booklets might help you see what they will and will not pay for.

In my case Medicare pays and then CHAMPVA picks up alot of the balance for my regular medical stuff.

I got a great checkup last week and wont see my regular doc for a few months and asked what I owe and the secretary said 11 dollars so Medicare and CHAMPVA have paid everything-but that

I also have AARP insurance too but I gave the secretary my AARP Road and Tow card by mistake to copy to bill them for the 11 bucks.

Then I started thinking wait maybe this is just the AARP inhospital card that pays you when you are in a hospital?

My father in law was as confused by his AARP benefits as I am (I get bored when I try to read the booklet that explains them) and after he died after many private hospitalizations- he had never sent AARP this info but his son did and they sent his Estate 24,000 bucks!

What a shame-he paid for it and could have used this when he was alive but didnt understand how to apply for the money-like me- maybe I better read this stuff-

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Medicare and ChampVA work very well together. Gary you will not have to pay much if any at all. If the provider accepts Medicare than they have to accept what ChampVA pays as payment in full. Of course you still have copays till they are paid.

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