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Chiropractor Opinion

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I've been going to different chiropractors and never once thought of using them to support my claim of back problems related to an ankle injury. Do you think is will be worthwhile? The reason being i heard real doctors dont really like chiropractors. thanks

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I think you need an orthopedist to make a connection between your ankle and your back. If the VA were to send you for a C&P exam and the VA uses a MD they will shoot down your chiroprator in a hurry. I think most MD's do think chiropractors are frauds even if they do good work.

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Our local VAMC puts chiropractors on staff on a contract basis. If they're good enough to work at the VA, their opinions should be credible enough to be considered regarding a rating decision.

We've used chiropractic opinions in VA claims since 1992, and have never had any trouble having them considered valid medical expertise in the area of spine problems, cervical and lumbar.

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Here is a CAVC case about a chiropractors opinion. He is a licensed medical professional.

Interesting court case that the VA lost.


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I just went to a new chiro. and he has been very good, did xray's on my body and ankle. My ankle had never been xrays by any normal doctor before, even though i had complained to them about the pain. If the chiro. finds anything unsual how should i go about getting that information to the VA doctor? I've found the VA doctors less than willing to send me to specialist. should i seek a private doctor to send me to specialist like orthopedist; and or order xrays?


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I see one tomorrow...

He will let me know in the AM if he will write the letter.

I allready have a letter from an orthopedic NP...

I figure anything extra can't hurt as long as itis consistant with other letters.

If I can find another chrio who will be willing to submit a letter.. I"ll use him to.

I am also going to try to get a letter from my PT.

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