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jim n ok


now that i am sc's for 50 percent ptsd,30 percent migrain,10 % tinnitus and 10% double vision from tbi, how do i get in to get meds and treatment? i have never used the facilities at okc and need treatment.

also question 2: how can they rate the tbi zero,but give me 30 for migrain and 10 for double vision. seems odd to me.

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  • HadIt.com Elder


You need to get enrolled in a clinic and get a Primary Doc. The entire system is built on that foundation. To do that you need to go to the VAMC and go through triage. It will take a couple of hours but once it is done you will get an appointment with the Doc that they assign you. If you know of a Doc that you want best to ask for them.

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I recieve all my meds by mail as soon as i get them I send the slip back and get freash supply about a week prior the them running out my PCP set it up.

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thanks pete and kw,

i want to get enrolled quickly and get started. i don't want them haveing an out by saying i did not seek care for my ptsd.

i will get r done.....i didn't know if you went there or requested it by the 800 number.

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Jim- this seems odd to me to-the 60&.

I am not good at VA math at all-

But if it came out to 70 they would have inferred TDIU.

On the TBI they only seem to rate the residuals of TBI.

Same as with a major stroke.

The residuals are what are the disabling affects.

Hope others chime in here- I had read the %s over and over and I am baffled how they arrived at only 60 %.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Currently TBI is a condition that is baffling the VBA. The condition as a whole does not get rated, but rather the disabling secondary conditions do. Is that unfair? I think so, its sort of like the bilateral ratings where in my opinion all secondary condition steeming from TBI should be added up together. Unfourtunitly, that would make a lot sence and the VBA steams to not want that in the rating process.

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OH- that makes sense-

they should be considering you for TDIU if you are not working.

I have impression you dont have the formal award letter yet----?

Jim this recent BVA decision shows the way they are supposed to rate TBI residuals under the fairly new regulations.


If they award you TDIU that would be great (the 100% comp rate) but if they dont-they could have rated the TBI residuals wrong- if they overlooked any residuals you have that are explained in this decision.

TBI can affect a veteran's physical, and emotional life and certainly their employability.

This is a physivcal damage to th brain that can have numerous residuals.

I am still stunned over when a Iraq vet was interviewed about 2 years ago on TV and the VA had tried to tell him he had a personality disorder when the reality was he was profoundly disabled by a TBI from an IED.Unless a vet can get a PD while being hospitalized at Walter Reed ( :D )

Fortunately the VA since then has altered the TBI regulations but I bet they still dont get it right on some of the impairments TBIs can cause.

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i received the brain injury in 1974 while on duty. 4 months later i was unable to function, my commander had me sent to a phsyc ward and evaluated,i was dx'd with an adjustment disorder and allowed to stay in until 1977 when i was discharged for the same "self medicating" problems that got me into the first evaluation. my question may be out of line and i truly understand if it is," was my discharge done because of the wrong diagnosis? they discharged me because of adjustment problems. can this be corrected?

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A type of inaccurate discharge can be corrected under certain circumstances.

I certainly would pursue this if you can.

There are Statute of Limits and other considerations to doing this.

Ed Crosby-whose site is at:


is an expert on this stuff-

I see he mentions a 1973 cut off date but dont know why he did-many it is the Statute of Limits problem that these types of cases involve.

also there are many other sites regarding Discharge Upgrades or changing 'bad paper'.

I am pretty sure his email addy is at the site- if not I will find it here on my PC-there is plenty of good info at this site-and also in SVR Radio Archives his past shows are there too.

I am getting the impression that due to your SC TBI the mil pushed you out with an erroneous diagnosis.They didnt understand TBI much in the 1970s and I bet many Vietnam combat vets have TBI residuals that VA has deemed as other mental disabilitites yet TBI is a physical trauma that can cause mental disabilities.

I would imagine that many vets got erroneous diagnoses and even bad paper discharges who were deprived of VA health care due to those errors as well as a proper diagnosis and compensation.

That is a travesty of justice that the BMCR (Board of Military Correction of Records) can often resolve but I dont know what the time frame is for filing this type of claim.

If you google Correction of Military Discharges a lot should pop up.

Did you file any past VA claims for benefits that were denied?

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This recent case shows that the 15 year statute can be extended.

This was a POW with obvious service connected disabilities who somehow got a bad paper discharge.

And got it changed.

If you do mean you want the discharge changed, there certainly could be a way to attempt to do that.

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