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Iu Employer Letters



I am awaiting a decision on my IU Claim from the VA. The actually VARO ( thru my VSO ) stated that they have not received any responses from my employers. However, on the VA's 800 # , they are stating that they have all the responses and is waiting for one more. Two separate calls gave the same answers and gave specific dates of each responses.I then told them that one employer has closed down.

First question, who the heck do you think is telling the truth?

Secondly, how important are the employer responses in granting my claim? I have a mental disorder and was not obviously bragging about it when I did work. I have gone thru 5 employers in 5 years. Some of these employers were not even aware of my condition. I am hoping they look at the medical evidence and the fact that I have not work since November. These letters are awkward.


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Those employer letters truly should have been taken care of by you. Don't ever count on the VA to do that on your behalf.

Go to your employers, or call or e-mail them and ask for a copy of those letters, then send them to the VARO, certified, return-receipt requested mail. That is the only way to ever mail anything to the VA.

As the vet, it's our job to ensure that the VA has everything they need to decide our claims.

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Purple gave you some good advise. Never send anything to the va without a returned receipt and file the the receipt, thats good evidence if you take it to a higher level. Wthout it the va can say , we never receivded it. It will cost you a little and a little time, but thats the way you work with the va. Good luck

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I've got a beef with the whole employer thing and 'our responsibility'.

First off, a couple of my former employers are like ex-girlfriends who didn't want me to dump them. Needless to say, they aren't going to be in a hurry doing anything to help me.

Is this my problem? NO - Employees are the only ones looking out for their own good and at-will employment is a 2-way street.

Employers will think you're screwing them merely because your best interests are not their best interests.

So- should the burden of getting cooperation from a former employer fall on the veteran? Absolutely not! We are powerless. (especially since mine are in another state).

The VA should put a little teeth in their efforts and quit using this as a stalling tactic.

Like you said, iraq, I wasn't exactly forthcoming with them about my personal health details.


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I had 2 employers in 5 years.. really only worked the last year. One repied, the other was the US Census..

The employer form asks for your supervisor to sign off.. really you could choose anyone in your chain of command.

In the regs is says they cannot hold it against you if your employers refuse to do the forms. However, I think you will have a problem if you have 4 employers and none of them return the form.

I didn't put the employer addresses on the IU form, so I got the employer questionaires.

The VA called me asking me for the addresses, but I told them my wife was getting the forms completed. I told them the Census was probably not going to return the form..

When I went to my employer, I had the form filled out.. I basically told them the VA needed to verify that I am not getting any worksman's comp or other disability money from the employer.. ( not a lie, the form does ask about it )...

Some advice, which seemed to help.. I didn't resign my job, I took leave under the federal leave act.. that created a paper trail that proved the medical side of it.. even if the employer doesn't return the form, I still had a paper trail that said I left under medical reasons.

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