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I Have Ptsd And Orders To Deploy

bob barker


i had a c&p exam first of the month, i was diagnosed with ptsd and a gaf score of 52. thats about all i know about the report. now i am waiting for my disability % from ptsd and my(forget what they call it) board of appeals apt. about my back arthritis,hearing loss, ringing ears and a couple others since they have all been denied. one week ago i got orders to deploy in oct in support of OIF. i am stuck in a rut about deploying, i know i can get out of it but i might go through with it anyways. i just wish i knew what i would get for my ptsd rating. and will they let me deploy with ptsd?

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  • HadIt.com Elder


Welcome to Hadit. If you are deployable don't look for a high rating from VA. If they grant I would guess 30%

If you have PTSD you probably should not go over there. Just my opinion

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I would not deploy if I were you. It may make your PTSD worse. You are going to be subjected to more stressors. A GAF of 52 means you have some serious symptoms.

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thanks for the reply's.

in the army's eyes i am deployable since my army medical records are relatively empty. my VA records on the other hand are a different story. i am planing on going to where my orders tell me to go and just tell them everything is fine and deploy. then come back to the states and continue my VA claim. doing so could this some how mess my claim up?

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this is awful to say but it depends on how qualified u r by army terms and how desperate they r for troops. pitiful to even write that but true. i wish u the best. u need to be honest with them about ur condition. u do not want to do a disservice to the troops around u. think about it....if u get over there and something triggers it, who knows how u will react. be honest with them!!

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Okay, I have been a member of this board for some time now and haven't really chimed in when somebody has a problem, due to the fact that most old timers on this board are very wise and know the system. however in regards to Bob Barker's comment that he is currently in the IRR and received orders IOT support OIF. I finally can add my two cents as a former Company Commander that helped train up 2 units for OIF.


You are currently in the IRR and received orders. I know it may not be what you wanted to get and trust me the unit you will be assigned too, has no way of knowing your physical or emotional status. You may wish to contact the unit you will be assigned too's administrative staff and notify them of what is going on with you. I can speak with experience when i say that if you are currently being treated for PTSD, they don't want you deploying. You will put everybody else in danger, slow them down. You don't have to freak out and certainly do not deploy, just because you don't want to make waves. Gather the documents you have from the VA that show your diagnosis of PTSD as well as other ailments. Make copies and certify mail them to the unit you will be assigned to with a letter explaining the situation. If you feel more comfortable, contact your congressman/woman and nicely and politely let them know the situation and show them the paperwork. They can help you.

I can promise you at this point the unit you will be assigned to, has no idea who you are, they don't know you from squat. you need to be the one making contact. The more time you give them the longer they have to look for a replacement and trust me everything will go much smoother. If you wait until the last minute, you will be putting that unit in a pinch and they will do everything in their power to have you deploy as now the unit will deploy understrenght. If you shouldn't be there, they don't want you there.

It was very hard for me to inform my Battalion and Brigade Commander's, that I should not deploy back to a hostile area and i was in the prime of my military career. You have to look out for yourself as well as the safety and welfare of others. Do you think you will do anybody any good deploying to a hostile combat area with a diagnosis of PTSD and a gaf of 52? Also, any funds you awarded from the VA for Service Connection will be paid back from your basic pay while you are deployed. Dollar for dollar. Maybe not at first they won't catch it, but sometime int he future, the feds will find it and request it back trust me.

So do the right thing and contact the unit and inform them of the situation before you get yourslef in trouble...my 4 cents


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  • HadIt.com Elder


You have done your part. Just because your wound is not visible does not mean you don't have it. I don't believe they would deploy a guy with one arm or one eye.

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Bob Barker

don't deploy, during my RVN days I went back to RVN, because I didn't like my Stateside Surrounding,

I went back and the tours were more intense to me, and today I am still living the events. Guess what I still don't like my surrounding.

I am 60 years Old now, if you see my point.

Don't Add to mental health challenges, you have done your part, we are proud of you.

Follow up on your VA claim and stay home with us!!!!

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  • HadIt.com Elder
thanks again for all of your advise. i have to report to where the orders tell me but then i show them my medical information and ''should'' be sent home.

Good Luck

Please let us know how this plays out.

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friday i faxed some medical information to HRC. the next day i get a call saying i have a claim open for exemption. today i get a call telling me i am exempt from this deployment and i am being discharged out of IRR.

think this will help my ptsd claim?

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  • HadIt.com Elder
i asked them what type of discharge i would get. they told me it would be a honorable discharge. my question is should it be a medical discharge?

I think it should be a Medical but I just have an opinion.

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  • HadIt.com Elder
i asked them what type of discharge i would get. they told me it would be a honorable discharge. my question is should it be a medical discharge?

If the army rates your disability 30% or greater, then you should receive a Chapter 61 Medical Retirement.

Edited by Commander Bob 92-93 (see edit history)
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I would look in to it, as far as i remember when i was in the army. Were you already discharged with an honorable discharge? The remaining time that you signed up for on your contract would be in the IRR. The tricky part is this... It doesn't require anything but, a commanders authority (signature) to push the paperwork that you were ineligible for duty and therefore exempt or waived from it. I think the only way you could get a medical discharge according to the regs is to actually be on physical active duty. If your in the IRR and not getting paid for it...your not active. Hence the name inactive ready reserve..When you get released from active duty to inactive status your dd-214 tells you the character of service and the RE-code at the bottom. its this RE-code or re-enilistment code that would tell you if it was medically related or not. The code is located at the bottom of the page on the right.. hope this helps

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