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I submitted a claim for convalescent pay after spine surgery and the doctor put that I would be out for 3 months. I just received that payment, but it is a lower amount then I was told. I am rated at 60% with a spouse and one child. The 100% rate would be 2932.00. If I am doing the math correctly 2932.00-1129.00=1803.00. The difference is 1803.00 and that should be the amount that I should have gotten for the 3 months for a total of 5409.00. The payment that I received was 4335.00. Is this the way the VA calculates this, or is there a different rate table for this type of situation?

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It should be t he 100 percent rate minus your current amount times 3.

You may be correct, Call them up and ask them to re figure it.


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I get the 60% vet with 1 wife, 1 child at 1129 per month -

100% vet,wife ,child 2932 per month

2932 less 1129 (what they should have paid you for those 3 months already-as your regular 60%) = 1803.

1803 times 3 months is 5409-

YES I think you are correct too-the difference soesnt make sense

I have had some errors on VA checks in the past-some a few hundred bucks and one was almost 40 thousand bucks.

If I were you I would write to them ASAP and state to them (keep copy, send priority or certified)that they have made a clearly erroneous mathematical error to your detriment in their decision or award letter dated xx xx xxxx and I always send them my calculations.Best to do that too.

They have always responded fairly swiftly and sent the cash soon too.

Except for my most recent ordeal and I went way over their heads on it.

They can fix this easily in your case . It shouldn't take long.

(Then again-Chapter 35 had started to refund my tuition-and sent me a check sometime ago and also the form AMU needed to fill out for audit of my additional tuition. A simple task. Yesterday I learned from AMU that VA has only recently released proof of my eligibility for this-the award letter is dated April 29th,and there are 2 more award letters as well.

They (VA) apparently stopped the Chapter 35 VA people from properly processing my award.

They also have held up my REPS for months.

I asked the school to state to me exactly what VA did with my VA forms.

Perhaps this was in fact an error at AMU finance office.

But I am collecting documentations on all this in case I have opportunity to give testimony again to the H VAC.

If they are treating me,as widow of a vet who died due to direct service connection,this arbitrary and capricious way- how the heck are they treating the widows and widowers of OIF OEF veterans who died in service?)

You have a simple error they should be able to fix right away.

Maybe. I have waited 9 months for them to fix a major and obvious retro error in my award.Still waiting.

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If you were house bound after your spine surgery, you can file for that, I got it for 3 months and it was 3123 dollars I think, I know it was over 3100 dollars, you might want to check in to that.


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Well I finally got in touch with a very helpful VA rep on the phone. I was actually surprised that this person was so helpful, but anyway here is the response that was sent to me. Now keep in mind that the original claim was for 3 months.

Mr. Foley:

This is in response to your inquiry dated January 29, 2010, regarding retroactive pay.

Based on the notification letter, the VA granted temporary 100% for two months, September 2009 and October 2009. September 1, 2009 - October 31, 2009 $3,756.00 for temporary 100% with 2 dependents.

I am trying to figure out why I was only paid for two months instead of three. The letter that I sent in from the doctor clearly states that the convalescence will be 3 months.

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