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New Kentucky 100 Percent Benefit Starts July 10 2010

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Beginning July 14, 2010 the Kentucky Department of Parks will offer qualifying military veterans three free nights of accommodations per year at any Kentucky State Park lodge, cottage or campground.

The state parks department worked with the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs to develop the implementation process for veterans who qualify as 100 percent totally and permanently disabled in connection with service-related incidents.

State parks Commissioner Gerry van der Meer said the department is happy to provide this opportunity to this group of veterans who gave so much for their nation. “This is a small but nice way we can show our gratitude to these dedicated people,” he said. “We hope that each one enjoys the beauty of Kentucky’s State Parks as a token of the recognition of their sacrifice.”

Qualified veterans who provide a letter that supports their disabled status and show proof of Kentucky residency may take advantage of free accommodations at any of the 17 resort parks or 31 campgrounds.

To make a reservation at a lodge, campground or cottage, veterans must:

Be qualified as 100 percent totally and permanently disabled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Department of Defense or Kentucky National Guard;

Have an official awards letter from any VA Regional Office (the letter may originate from an office outside of Kentucky and mention the letter when a reservation is made;

Present letter and proof of Kentucky residency at check-in;

Be an occupant for the reserved accommodation; only one lodge room, cottage or campsite is permitted for per stay; and

Make reservations directly with the park of choice rather than through the department’s online reservation system.

The awards letter is made available through any Veterans Service Center Managers at a VA Regional Office. The Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs estimates there are approximately 4,000 veterans living in Kentucky who qualify as 100 percent totally and permanently disabled.

The benefit, effective Wednesday, July 14, provides:

Three free nights of accommodations per calendar year booked either consecutively or as three separate stays;

Accommodations, subject to availability, reserved at park’s lodges, campgrounds or cottages at any of the 48 parks with these facilities;

Qualifying veterans may reserve their stay within a 10-day window prior to the time of their visit. For example, a reservation for July 14 can be made beginning July 4);

Sunday through Thursday reservations between Memorial Day and Labor Day and during the month of October, subject to availability;

Reservations any time of the week other times of the year also subject to availability; and

Reservations are to be made directly with the park of choice rather than through the department’s online reservation system.

Other Kentucky State Parks benefits extended to those who served or are serving in the military include:

Free camping for POWs who live in Kentucky with a POW card issued by Kentucky Dept. of Parks, Customer Relations division; and

10 percent discount for current and retired military personnel with proof of service.

For information about any state park, historic site, special events and contacts, log on to www.parks.ky.gov. Individual numbers for each park are listed there as is a map of all park locations.

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Well, there is a bright light.......it is good to see at least the parks and education system is working for KY Vets.

Thanks for the post Basser.

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