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Vet Now P&t How Is Chapter 35 Determined For Daughter



Can a new effective date be established from current award or due to the fact it goes back for retro date of 8 months ago? Was previously claimed as dependent and cut off at age 23, and has been continuing college post initial first bachelor's degree towards masters. Now with parent vet's P&T award can daughter receive educational benefits?

The regs seem to use age 26 as cut off but also there is information regarding appeals to dates and certain circumstances. Also if vet wants to take other grad courses would she be eligible? Also I could not find any specifics regarding amounts of funding other than some writings of 45 months worth. I realize also read 7 yrs on some and 10 yrs on other.

Should the vet apply via her VSO?

Any information in this area is greatly appreciated. Vet did not use all of her own GI Bill, from years ago, and paid for degrees for self in the past.

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I am going through a similar situation with my 29 year old son waiting to go back and finish his BS but I am trying to get the state to help. They actually state 16-29 but it does say between the two.

Not sure how this is going to work out. In your case I would send in the application and wait for an answer or call the 800# and go to the option for education and ask them.

You might also check with your state benefits and see if they offer anything. May state offers all kinds of help and aid including tuition free and a stipend.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

You actually have a choice to make. If they were already in school you would want the effective date. If they are going to go now use the notification date. The VA is fairly lenient and I actually got an award for my son when he was 33 or about

Good Luck the kids should visit with the Vet Reps at their respective schools

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stillhere and pete53 So going through one's VSO and also checking with the school vet rep is the best way to find out. Do you know what form needs to filed for this? I am totally in the dark when it comes to Chapter 35 and also with 100%PT benefits now. Any and all info is definitely appreciated. Also is the rate the same as substience assistance when a vet is approved for Voc Ed or more like GI Bill educational benefits. I tried looking it up for hours on the VA web but found little. I am approx 140 miles from home awaiting my 2 VAMC appts in the a.m. So do you think there might be a person who works there who may be a laison for this, perhaps?? Just wondering. Form # to apply for is????

I didn't know the person/persons who set up C&P appointments at the VAMC work for the VARO...just learned that today from a VA service rep. I though they worked for the VAMC. OMG I told one of them how I hated my RO and they must have a bunch of flunkies there who cannot read a claim...that's kinda funny though. Oh well live and learn. They have always been friendly to me especially since their Director(or maybe not "THEIR" director of the C&P unit) told all to DO ME RIGHT! I gotta stop in there and thank the NP for using my statements to opinion. I switched the terminology around and it was "quoted" when I won my HTN claim.

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Been checking around and found on VBN postings...one states that if your dependent is not at the age of 26 yrs old on your effective date of P&T then your child is eligible for up to 45 months of DEA Chapter 35 benefits...

The form to appy for through the VA is: VA form# 22-5490 and the one to use to apply for with the school is VA form# 22-1999.

When I logged into VA new web address the rates were as follows which seem to be the same for GI Bill rates.

They are: Full time $1368.00 per mth 3/4 time $1026.00 per mth

Half time $$684.00 per mth and less than half time $342.00 per mth.

Hope all this info is what is valid now in 2010 too. The rates were from 09 and we all know no raises occurred so this should be right.

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  • HadIt.com Elder


I have some good news for you. The Chapter 35 benefits are hers and she has to fill out the paper work. You need to help a little with your sponsor info but the checks the paperwork, the degree plan ect are up to her.

The VA also offers these kids some sweet jobs that pay ok to help them with expenses and tudors if they need them.

Most important thing is for her to stick to degree plan and ask permission for any changes she makes.

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  • Moderator

Sorry, halos, but I wish Chapter 35 rates were the same as the GI bill. Chapter 35 rates max out at $925.

The link is here:


Scroll down to "Ch. 35".

My son got Ch. 35 last year. Count on months and months and months delays, just like our comp benefits. It was a nightmare last year, and they never did get my sons right. Snafu after snafu. She should apply through her school, noting that some VA departments at college are better than others.

If your daughter is under 26 as of your effective date for P and T, she should be eligible and can continue receiving benefits in school after her age 26, but I would be careful and not violate any regs such as getting poor grades or not attending classes.

reason for edit: To correct link.

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