The new regs are so important it pays to bump them up here- I suggest strongly that anyone filing under these new regs read ALL of the info available. The whole 9 yards of the new PTSD regs are here: 2 hyperlinks and Tbird posted a video. The new VBM 2010 edition from NVLSP contains an separate addendum and the important part to this addendum is: It is important to note per the addendum that "the veteran must have been located" either in or within close proximity of the "hostile military or terrorist activity"that produced the "fear of" this activity. The new reg is Not a "liberalizing" rule and the reg itself is insufficient alone in attempt to re-open a previous denial. If a veteran's PTSD claim was denied and final prior to July 13,2010 and he/she files a new claims after July 13, 2010 they should give "as much detail as possible" regarding the experience they had or were in close proximity to that led to their "fear of hostile military or terrorist activity."