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You know, it is funny how I have taken flexeril (which made me too sleepy and fatigue for over 24 hours, bad side effects), Ultram (which broke me out in hives and Doctor saying I had a bad reaction to them so he gave me steroids in 2009) and Robaxin (which I had a reaction to it because instead of my relaxing the muscles it actually did the opposite, brought out spasms I didn't know existed on my back) and all of these were given by guess who, yep you got it, the VA. I go to a Neurologist last week and he gives me a prescription of Baclofen. I was hesitant at first to get it filled because I read all the unsuccessful topics about it here but I decided "Oh well it can't hurt much worse than what I was taking (Valium, which was given to me by my personal Internal Medicine Doctor and it helped very little)". So now it is Sunday 6 days after I had it filled and guess what, most of the spasms has relaxed to the point that I do not have shortness of breath now nor is my heart rate elevated (right now it is at 80). I know the medication will eventually wear off but I just wanted to show that after reading many unsuccessful users who take Baclofen and it didn't help them is helping me for the first time in over 8-9 months. Finally I have relief and it feels really good. Every medicine wears off some time or another but I hope this Neurologist has a plan after it does.....

If there is anybody to listen to on this board (which there are a lot of folks who are helpful) I think for me personally JBasser has hit it on the head whenever he told me I had a elevated diaphragm causing the shortness of breath. He might not be a Doctor but he knew what he was talking about. If it was a heart condition noway would have Baclofen been able to help like this. People say you cannot make your own diagnoses. WRONG. You can if you study it hard enough, because Doctors themselves just go by symptoms who are taught by literature to do. It is funny how JBasser said I had an elevated diaphragm, the VA Doctor said that was normal after showing him X-Ray results and he argued with me. JBasser knew I had an elevated diaphragm before I even seen the X-Ray results I had in a file that I didn't even know I had.

I have a elevated right hemidiaphragm which was shown on X-Ray back in 2006 which the radiologist said was an old injury. But, the VA doctor said no, it caused by my liver. Keep in mind that I have had a muscle spasm on my right rhomboidal muscle for 15 years. Then last year straight across from that my left rhomboidal muscle tighten up really bad for no reason. That same day, I started to have shortness of breath. One of two things happened. Phrenic Nerve was being pinched or both spasms was pulling on my diaphragm causing me to have shortness of breath.

It is also funny how my Anxiety Attacks has pretty much disappeared with this that I would have everyday.

Yes I still have the tingling in my hands which I know is radiculopathy because of the bulges in my neck. I can deal with that.

The point to this topic is to tell people to first, listen to those folks on this board who know their stuff and have been there.

Second, if one medication isn't working for you, ask for another and keep asking until you get that relief you are looking for.

Third, to show that the VA Doctors are really clueless in a lot of their diagnosing. Think about it why do they work for the VA and don't have their own private practices? That question is a huge question. Wouldn't they make a lot more $$$$?

Fourth, like others have said before go to a private Doctor and let him tests you, mainly a specialists in the field you are injured because these Internal Medicine Doctors and ARNP are not IMO qualified to deal with things like my issues in my neck and back. They have always seemed lost whenever it comes to back and neck issues.

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Does Baclofen give you dizziness? I just got dizzy a few minutes for no reason while I was researching things about Ft McClellan....

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Well sure enough after I write that below last night whenever I wrote about me being dizzy sure enough that stupid, stupid spasm on my left rhomboidal muscle decides "Hey it times to play games again" and sure enough I go have another Anxiety attack. I am hoping it was....

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usually they start you on a low dose to check for any response to treatment.... mention everything to your doc, if it helped reduce anything about them, etc. any side effects, etc.

Yea I did and stated to him I had relief for 4 days which felt really good because no Anxiety whatsoever until Sunday night. Had the old sweaty palms and feet but I am learning how to deal with it and overcome it each time it comes on. He wants me to take them twice a day on the weekends but only once a day during the week starting this weekend.

I have a C & P Exam again in February because the last examiner didn't even examine my Thoracic Spine because she said I never had a claim on it. But I thought they combined them as one. But I understand now you still have to claim it no matter what. I think this will max my back out because my Thoracic area is is worse condition due to the muscle spasms I have on both my rhomboidal muscle which is causing a lot of issues elsewhere.

Yesterday it was confirmed I have CTS in both hands by my private Neurologist. Last year the VA Neurologist told me I had it in my left hand only but now I have it in both hands. I am filing secondary for Bilateral Radiculopathy in both hands and shoulders. I can't even raise my arms above my head from the outstretched position but I can reach up which is weird.

Something I have learned is to not diagnose yourself. And, don't give up nor give in, just keep on it. I have proven everything just by my Army records so far and now the dots are connecting and adding up as I see this Neurologist, something the VA and the Army never sent me to.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

I took flexeral for a few decades & have had better results with spasms since taking baclofen. Been taken it now for over 5 yrs.

I have ataxia, so can't tell if it makes me dizzy. Feel that way all the time. Take Buspar for anxiety with good results.

Depending on nerve flair ups, still get some severe spasms.

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Here is the thing that is happening to me with the Baclofen. Sometimes spasms happen for protection, the way the body reacts to protect itself, sometimes spasms happen because of a pinch nerve. After taking the Baclofen I am finding that pain is now radiating down both legs along with numbness at times in my outer thighs, pain in both arms and I have this "shocking" sensation in my feet. I think the Baclofen has relaxed those spasms that are trying to protect the body? This is the only thing I can think of since it all started after I started taking it. Really weird.... But I can sure say I don't have the chest pains like I did before and most if not all the Anxiety as subsided. The Neurologist straight up told me that everything that has been happening to me is because of my neck. I just now have to deal with the pain in my arms and legs at night. Friday and Saturday were really bad for me. Never had pain like that before in my legs.

Tomorrow I go for a C & P on my Thoracic, hopefully the Examiner will NOT be a ARNP but a real Doctor....****Fingers Crossed****

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Same boat as you Pman5k...I can't take Flexaril because it affects me for at least 24 hours...

Well I had a VA MRI last March and they said I had a Bulge at C2-3 and C5-6. Last June is when I started having all the "Anxiety" and symptoms. I decided to go see a private Neurologist after the VA Doctor wouldn't refer me to one. Did a Brain and Cervical MRI this past Saturday. Got the results yesterday and the dots was finally connected. At C5-6 on the left side, a disc herniation is present into the left foraminal area resulting in left forminal stenosis. Also there is a small disc protrustion C2-3 disc This is why my arms hurt mainly my left one and why I have numbness in both hand and why I have chest pains. That sucker is pinching a group of nerves, more likely a group instead of one.

Finally I have relief to the knowing of WHY its happening!!! Now I have to figure out do I go see a Neurosurgeon or Orthopedic Back Surgeon? Any recommendations between the two will be helpful....I would like to hear opinions on this....

I do have a Neurosurgeon appointment tomorrow.

I am filing Bilateral Radiculopathy for pain in both arms and CTS in both hands

The same for both legs and feet.

I am filing for migraines which I get at least 4 times a week minimum.

How about the Radiculopathy with chest pains?

Edit: I almost forgot to mention I am filing secondary for Arthritis in my shoulders because a nuclear bone scan I had two weeks ago showed: mild athritic changes seen in the shoulders. There is mild uptake in the acromioclavicular joint and glenohumeral joints. Mild uptake is seen in the sternoclavicular joints and sternomanubrial joint. I have had more tests done in two weeks than I ever had in the Army or VA. Funny isn't it that they find stuff the Army or VA didn't want to find!!!!!

Also can somebody tell me what does part of the Rhomboidal Muscles belongs to? Do their nerves start at the Cervical Spine? Do I have muscle spasms on both my Rhomboidal Muscles because of the herniated disc pinching a nerve? I ask this because today the C & P Examiner told me the Rhomboidal Muscles are not part of the Thoracic Spine. He wouldn't tell me what part they were of. I know the nerves going to the muscles start somewhere but where? Edit: Nevermind I found it, they are part of the dorsal scapular nerve which is from the C5....So it is effecting a group of nerves not just one...NICE!!!! :sad:

I am already SC'd for Cervical and Lumbar...

Thanks for all your help and information you can provide because come Friday I am walking into the St Pete RO office with all my claims for secondary on this. I have been through too much in the last 8 months that I now know what is causing it.

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