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California (Ca): Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Regional Office

This topic was created to try to help veterans who use this regional office. It is designed to offer a way for them to possibly help each other or band together to possibly get services improved. When commenting in this topic, please try to do so constructively. 1. Mention reason for interacting with this regional office; 2. Give your pro/con on this interaction; 3. Without betraying private information, try to offer information or warnings that might be helpful to others when dealing with this office. 4. Please do not give names, phone numbers or addresses of specific persons at this office. If you do so, the post will be deleted.

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Top Posters In This Topic

This RO is extremely slow. The DRO and my attorney had their hearing two years ago yesterday and I still have not had a C&P exam. The attorney was ready to file a writ of mandamus, but then he was in Washington DC recently and met some people who worked in the VA Central office, and they told him that maybe they could help get claims moving faster at the LARO. My attorney, Ken Carpenter, plans to ask for their help with my claim first. My claim has been at this RO's DRO level for over three years now with very little being done. The original DRO working the claim challenged many items in the IME that Dr. Bash did on me in Washington DC. I picked up a copy of my C file from AMC that I had ordered 10 months earlier and took it to Dr. Bash, so that he would have my complete C file.

I did receive a grant of service connection prolly because of the weight of Dr. Bash's IME, but the exam letter was full of typographic errors and I believe this is why this DRO has focused on challenging it.

That DRO retired in December 2010, since then my claim has been collecting dust.

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