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    When a Veteran starts considering whether or not to file a VA Disability Claim, there are a lot of questions that he or she tends to ask. Over the last 10 years, the following are the 14 most common basic questions I am asked about ...
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Is There A Statue Of Limitations On Debt To Va?


The VA is attesting that I was overpaid for my dependents because they never received notification of my divorce. At one time, I did have documentation of the package that I sent to the VA showing that my wife and I divorced, but I no longer have this. I had the postage receipt which of course, probably would not be sufficient even if I could find it again. I have not recognized this debt or did anything yet. I got the letter and then I looked for the postage receipt to show that I did send in the notification to them, but I can't locate it. I could call my ex-wife and ask her and she if she took it when she came back to get some things after the divorce, but why go through the grief if it doesn't do me any good. No excuse but I didn't even know what the total was that I was being paid every month. She was the one who handled the money and spent it all on herself. I just assumed that they got the paperwork and reduced my monthly pay. I should have paid more attention but I had many other things going on at that time. My twins had just turned 18 and they were going off to College and I had to move out and get my own place, plus get them settled at College, etc. So, as it happens, many years later, the VA attests that they did not receive the paperwork and this created a over payment. First, I need to know if the Statue of Limitations runs out on any debt with the VA or if that is not applicable? I had some very bad real estate investments and more debt from my girlfriend who just left me high and dry. The past 6 months have been financially horrible. I have been eating Ramen Noodles. I don't need the headaches from this whole thing. I have so much debt that I was considering filing Chapter 7. It's a drastic move but one that my be necessary because of many circumstances beyond my control. If I ever want to have a semi normal life again with a fresh beginning, then Chapter 7 Bankruptcy might be my only option. This debt only complicates matters more. I need to know if the Statue of Limitations applies to VA debt and if you can file Bankruptcy Chapter 7 for this type of debt. I know that when you owe the VA or government money then they will do everything in their power to get it. Will the VA still turn the debt over to the Treasury Offset Program after so many years have expired? If the SOL does apply then, how many years must elapse before they can't attempt to collect. Is there a time limit on the debt since time is of the essence when you wait years to find a receipt or paperwork to show as evidence? This information would be helpful. Thanks Guys and Gals.

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You can ask the VA to firgive the debt based on your circumstances.

Welcome to Hadit

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I agree w/Pete but this has been an ongoing event, so there is probably no statute of limitations. Not to be hard on you but it was your obligation to check, on this, and I find it hard to believe you haven't checked, at some point, to verify you are/were getting the correct amount. Chapter 7 won't discharge your debt. Government debts aren't dischargable(sp). Actually you should be kinda happy they aren't charging you with fraud. That being said, I'd request a copy of your c-file, just to be sure there isn't evidence, in there, that you notified them, if you really did. The VA does make errors. jmo


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Yes,the C file might reveal their receipt of the evidence you sent them.If you had a vet rep at the time of the overpayment possibly they still maintain a file on you and a copy of whatever you sent to the VA.

My former reps have kept my POA file since 1998.

A former rep at the DAV however told me my POA file there was destroyed when I changed reps.

But the C file is your best bet.

These cases show how VA looks at this type of situation:


Many appeals like this one above are denied.


some are remanded to give the veteran further opportunity to provide more evidence.


This is a partial recovery of overpayment.

There have been successful outcomes for overpayments. Particularly when the VA itself was at fault.

Did they give you a time limit in which to file a waiver? Did you comply withi9n that time frame?

Speaking of fraud -in a different situation-

I have been reluctant to post this at hadit but maybe best that I do.

I read BVA decisions for about an hour or more every week.

They help me have a pulse on thinking of the BVA lawyers and they have been a great source of good information for me as to how the regs are to be applied.

2 weeks ago my focus was solely on some Blue Water Claims at the BVA.

A BWN vet claimed his ship had docked at Vietnam and he went down the gangplank and stepped onto Vietnamese soil.

(His ship is not on the AO list so his evidence of boots on the ground-Vietnam- was critical to his claim.

He had also supplied VA with a Buddy statement.The buddy was in same unit, same time, same ship etc but the buddy's statement was completely different from the scenario the veteran claimed.

Although the BVA remanded the claim for more evidence and for something that corroborated the veteran's story- the BVA also reminded the veteran, in the decision of the serious ramifications of making fraudulent statements in any attempt to gain VA benefits.

A few months ago I read a similar BVA decision. The above vet was on remand with a chance to continue to prove his AO exposure but this other case I read had claims for 15 or more issues and the BVA practically called him an outright wannabee.

With good cause.

This has nothing to do with this vet here with the overpayment situation-at all-

But the VA has found incidents of fraud of many types and they will pursue some of those cases(like the famous Keith Roberts case)

Roberts had 4 buddy statements in support of his claim. The IG investigated the buddies who (per IG) all came up with a far different story then what the buddy statements revealed. ????

I was asked on 3 or more occasions over the years to help perpetuate what I personally considered to be potential fraud against the VA.One reasn I dont use email anymore re claims.

Only one situation involved a vet-the rest involved widows of vets.

In one situation I got so upset I emailed a Judge at CAVC and his court clerk called me for the evidence I had mentioned in my email.The evidence stopped that situation cold.

Fraudulent claims (while few and far between) are one more thing that VA has to deal with and they consume time that would be better spent on valid claims.

Again, nothing to do with this vet's situation-

scruffydogg- I found in my C file ALL the stuff I sent to VA that they said they never got! And a critical FTCA report they said never existed.

I also found a claim my husband was told was in rating board in the AM he died.VA since has consistently denied they ever got it.

It was right in the copy of my C file.With the Certified USPS number on it.

I am still poed about that because that is why they said they never gave him SMC.I have CUE pending on that.

Cripes they sure will jump on what they consider fradulence and I feel they should but what gets me is that those of us with valid claims are often treated like we are liars.

Edited by Berta

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This form may help in your overpayment. You can ask VA to collect a certain amount every month until the debt is paid but ask if they could waive it due to hardship. I agree that you should review your C-File. In your case requesting a copy of your C-File may take too long, you may have to take a trip to the VARO to look in your file. Since you know the date that you sent your documents to VA, you should look in your records around that time.

P.S. If you call VA and ask them to look for this information, it may disappear from your records, so you may have to take the trip to see for yourself.


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Scruffy, I had the identical situation about 12 years ago. I had been paid for a spouse for several years even though I had been divorced and had notified the VA that I was divorced. When I applied for my new ( and current spouse) I (not the VA) discovered the overpayment. I contacted the VA and asked if this overpayment could be paid off by retaining the "new" dependent compensation until the overpayment had been recouped or, as an alternative, in monthly increments equal to double the monthly increments that had accrued the overpayment The answer was a flat no to both offers. The VA insisted on taking all of my monthly disability compensation each month until the debt was paid. I objected and then called my Senator and an attorney.

Long story short, I filed for Chapter 7 and included the VA overpayment as an outstanding debt. No one appeared at the "341 Creditors Meeting" and my bankruptcy became final 60 days later. The following month my disability compensation did not get direct deposited. I called the VA and asked why. They told me they were recouping the overpayment. I informed them that the debt had been discharged though the bankruptcy court. I was told to take it up with the bankruptcy court. I called my attorney who then called the Regional Counsel. The Regional Counsel refused to act. My attorney called the bankruptcy Trustee. The Trustee called the Regional Counsel and informed him that if my normal disability compensation was not deposited into my bank account in 24 hours, the Regional Counsel would be held in contempt of court. A direct deposit for the full amount was made that afternoon. I also received a call and letter of apology from the Regional Counsel which confirmed that the debt had been discharged and was no longer outstanding.

If I were you, I would first check with the local Legal Aid agency where you live. (Your financial situation seems to indicate that you would qualify for free legal aid.) The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 also now requires you to attend U.S. Trustee Program approved Credit Counseling within 180 days BEFORE filing (Alabama and North Carolina have a similar but somewhat different requirement). Most of the Bankruptcy Trustee Program approved organizations offer free evaluations--NOT free counseling.

Check here for more information:







PS: Philip, i usually agree with your posts but not this time. Fraud requires intent. Nothing in sdog's post suggests any intention to defraud. We are all mostly creatures of habit and usually react to something rather than proact. FYI, my monthly compensation checks were for a different amount for almost two years (80-81) after being rated except once. I visited the RO with the second check in hand and asked if I was entitled to the money. After several hours, I was told that it was indeed my money and to "enjoy spending it!" Two months later, I received notification of an "overpayment" on--you guessed it--the second check. I went back to the RO and spoke to the same person who responded, "Too bad! The VA giveth and the VA taketh!" The "overpayment amount" was taken from my next month's compensation. I appealed it to the Compromise and Waiver Committee and 22 months later the money was returned to me.

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  • Similar Content

    • By rightstrivinsissy
      Hello Hadit Helpers, 
      I feel like I am stumbling around blind. I hope someone can help me see.
      I was service connected in 2011 severe anxiety due to mst and a bladder condition.
      I have not had gainful employment since ETSing in 2004. I was re-evaluated for an increase and received an overall 70 - 40 -10 but started being payed at 80% in 2016. 
      In June of 2019 I applied for TDIU. I hit the make a decision now button on ebenefits, which was like shooting my own foot for lack of patience, not realizing that this meant the VA could not request any further info from me.
      In August I was denied, and obtained an attorney. 
      The attorney took over and ebenefits is showing the privacy act starting on October 4th and my claim is now in the evidence gathering/decision making process. Estimated end date of April 2020, the attorney says 3 years, but I know there are new systems in place to make things move a little quicker.
      I am looking for any information that you all would have about what is actually happening. I don't know if this is a NOD or what. My case manager acts like I am a major pain and won't give me any info and I fear she has no idea what she is actually doing. =(
      I assume it is not an actual appeal yet, because my case manager said they would have to wait for my c-file before they would appeal on the next denial from the VA.  
      I am so confused, If any of you experts could find the time to help me I would greatly appreciate it. I have always dealt with the VA on my own with no previous denials, but never fully understood what I was doing. I thought hiring an attorney would change this, but I still feel just as blind as before.
    • By pyrotaz
      I met with a VSO on Feb 8th 2019 and started my MST/PTSD claim. To be totally honest I am scared to death. The incidents happened during my Navy duty 88-89. I had hid it from everyone including my wife until this past December. I had went to a VSO  to talk about other claims when it slipped out and I was offered help to form a claim.  We filed an intent to claim in Dec 2018. She suggested I talk with my wife and make an appointment with my doctor. After sitting and having a very emotional talk with my wife and with her support I made an appointment with my personal doctor. I am very lucky to have a great doctor who sat with me and after many tears I was able to explain in detail what had happened. He diagnosed me with extreme anxiety mostly when dealing with other Males ( Authority Figures or when confronted), and PTSD/MST and prescribed an anxiety as needed.
      What we submitted:
      A two page statement from me ( Timeline form) A statement from my wife A statement from from my 20 yr old son detailing my issues with examples of my issues with male authority figures  A Nexus statement from my Doctor saying he feels that my anxiety and PTSD is definitely caused by what happened while I served. The VSO said that it was the best written Nexus statement she has ever seen  in her 10 years in doing Veteran claims.  My Questions:
      After submitting a claim to the VSO how long before it shows up on ebenefits? Mine still shows as intent to file. The VSO says it has been submitted. What can I expect at my C & P exam? How can I prepare myself for the exam? This is what I dread/fear most.   Is it ok if I post my journey? I also want to thank all the men and women who have submitted to the MST forum.  I now know I am not alone. Being a male and reading that similar things has happened to other males and reading their journeys  has prepared me to start my journey and start the healing process.
    • By pyrotaz
      Looking for some guidance. I served on active duty in the Navy from 87-90 overseas on a ship. My original plans when I enrolled was to do 20 years,  Back in Dec of 2018 I met with and amazing Veterans Service Officer about a tinnitus claim which was approved. While there she had handed me a bunch papers about claims and one was on PTSD and MST. She was copying  and I was reading the PTSD-MST document and it triggered a bunch of emotions where I started shacking and tearing up. The VSO walked in and noticed my state and asked me if I was ok. I tried to answer her but, couldn't she went and got a male VSO and a male nurse to come in. Once the nurse helped calmed me down the male VSO noticed the document I was reading and we talked for awhile about it and I briefly explained a little. He recommend  that I file a DBA for PTSD-MST and recommended the following.
      I document everything I can remember about the events is causing my stressors: I wrote an eight page document in details about the events. Talk to my wife about what happened and have her write a document on what she sees and how it effects our relationship: After having an very hard emotional talk with her, she wrote a two page document. My 20 year old son also wrote a two page document on things he as seen, even though he only knows a little about what happened. Talk to my doctor about what happened: Made an appointment and discussed detail what happened and he diagnosed me with severe PTSD and anxiety placed on Xanax as needed. He wrote a Nexus letter and has sent it into the VA for me Now I explain a little about what when on when arriving on ship I was assigned to a steam generator room and assigned watch with two other sailors one was a 2nd Class Petty officer and the other a 3rd class.  At the time we were doing 12 hour watches 12 on 12 off.  The first few watches went well. We were getting ready to pull into Subic Bay Philippines for a few days before heading back to Japan. They both stated " We want you to come out and drink with us and then we can tag team a few girls". Now a little history alcoholism runs in my family and I don'y shy away from drinking I just know my limits. When we arrived in port I hung out with a few of my buddies instead. When we headed back to sea things went down hill. On my first watch back with them they yelled to me to come to the watch booth which was big enough for 2 chairs and a small table/chair between them the whole booth was maybe 4 feet by 6 feet with a center door and windows. When I went in I noticed they both had towels over their laps which wasn't unusual do to it being over 100 degrees in there.   I was told to sit down and did then one of them stated we figured out why you didn't go out with use you must be gay and not like girls. I didn't get a chance to answer when they ripped the towels off and exposed  themselves to me. I tried to leave but they held the door laughing. I was finally let out and was very shaken up. This happened many time the next few day the both continually exposed themselves to me. I would ask them to stop and would be ignored.  I went to my Chief Petty officer and told him what was going and and got this remark back " Why you trying to get them in trouble they are just playing with you". I went to back to my watch and was cornered by them and verbally threatened to keep my mouth shut. With out going in two many details things escalated to the point where I wold come done to watch and they would be masturbating in the open I'd try to move away and they would chase me around. One time I was working in the bilge( bottom area of ship lots of stinky water and valves) under the floor of our work space  crawling around attempting to fix a valve when I felt what I thought was water coming down on me upon looking up realized they were urinating on me. A lot more worse things happened. I was very depressed and felt helpless. I tho ought about suicide many time and even cut my wrist once when things were at its worst. Got scared and told everyone I fell and sliced it still have the scar.  Other than my failed attempt to tell my Chief about it I never told a soul about it. I ask myself why didn't I fight back? Lets put it this way at the time I weighed about 125 lbs soaking wet and about 5'7". They both were about 170-180 and were both over 6 feet. I was working in a space alone with them at anytime they could injury me say I got hurt working it was my word against the 2 of them.  Why has it taking so long for me to open up about this? I always thought that Sexual trauma only happened to woman. I was scared and embarrassed to admit he happened to me. How has this affected me.
      I have nightmares weekly. I have flashbacks. Something will trigger memories and I'll have panic attacks. I have intimacy issues.  I have ED issues that started at an early age. I have issues in places where there may be Male Public Nudity ( Locker rooms, even public restrooms  I'll use a stall ) Just because it triggers flashback of them and what they did. I have issues with Male authority figures. I have the tendency to back down from and conflicts even though and right. Fear retaliation  And the big one still fear retaliation from them. Still fear after almost 30 years that exposing them and what happened they will find away to get me.     Thank you to everyone who reads this. Now my questions:   Is there anything else I should include to help my case? I'm aware that after my meeting with the VSO they will set me up with a DBA with someone from the VA. What can I expect from that meeting and how should I prepare for it? What about secondary PTSD symptoms what applies? After meeting with my personal doctor he actually interned  at the VA center I going to. He suggested  apply for ratings secondary to the PTSD rating for the following. Erectile dysfunction, hypertension. Do you feel that these are ok? Are there others that I should consider or be aware of?    
    • By PTSD78
      Does the Veteran have a diagnosis of PTSD DSM-5 criteria on today's eval?
       [X] Yes [ ] No
       2. Current Diagnoses,1PTSD 2Panic Disorder 3Agorophobia 4Major Depressive Disorder
       b. Medical diagnoses relevant. obstructive sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism.
      3. Differential
       a. Does the Veteran have more than one mental disorder diagnosed?
       [X] Yes [ ] No
       4. Occupational and social impairment
       [X] Occupational and social impairment with reduced reliability and productivity
       b. For the indicated occupational and social impairment, is it possible to
       differentiate which impairment is caused by each mental disorder?
       [ ] Yes [X] No [ ] Not Applicable (N/A)
       Vet has multiple co-morbid psych dx and therefore cannot differentiate level of impairment due to each mental disorder due to overlap in symptoms.
      Does stressor meet Criterion diagnosis of PTSD)?
       [X] Yes [ ] No
       Is the stressor related to the Veteran's fear of hostile military terrorist activity?
       [X] Yes [ ] No
       Is the stressor related to personal assault, e.g. military sexual trauma?
       [X] Yes [ ] No
       Criterion A: Exposure to
        [X] Directly experiencing the traumatic event(s)
       Criterion B: Presence of
        [X] Recurrent, involuntary, and intrusive distressing memories of the traumatic event(s).
       [X] Recurrent distressing dreams
      [X] Dissociative reactions
      [X] Intense or prolonged psychological distress at exposure to internal or external cues that symbolize or resemble an aspect of the traumatic
       [X] Marked physiological reactions to internal or externalcues that symbolize or resemble an aspect of the traumatic
      Criterion 😄 Persistent avoidance of
       [X] Avoidance of or efforts to avoid distressing memories, thoughts, or feelings about or closely associated
       traumatic event(s).
       [X] Avoidance of or efforts to avoid external reminders (people, places, conversations, activities, objects,
      Criterion 😧 Negative alterations
       [X] Persistent and exaggerated negative beliefs or expectations about oneself, others
       [X] Persistent, distorted cognitions about the cause or consequences of the traumatic event that lead the
       individual to blameherself others.
       [X] Persistent negative emotional state
       [X] Markedly diminished interest or participation in significant activities.
       [X] FeelingsofdetachmentEstrangement
       [X] Persistent inability positive emotions
       Criterion E: Marked alterations  arousal
       [X] Irritable behavior angry outbursts
       [X] Hypervigilance.
       [X] Exaggerated startle response.
       [X] Problems with concentration.
       [X] Sleep disturbance
       Criterion F:
       [X] Duration disturbis more than month.
      Criterion G:
       [X] The disturbance causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important
      Criterion H:
       [X] The disturbance is not attributable to the physiologicaleffects of a substance
      Criterion I: Which stressor contributed to the Veteran's PTSD diagnosis?:
       X] Stressor #1
       5. Symptoms
       [X] Depressed mood
       [X] Anxiety
       [X] Suspiciousness
       [X] Panic attacks more than once aweek
       [X] Chronic sleep impairment
       [X] Mild memory loss, such as forgetting names, directions or recentevents
       [X] Flattened affect
       [X] Impaired judgment
       [X] Disturbances of motivation a
       [X] Difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social
       [X] Difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances,including worklike setting
       [X] Obsessional ritualsInterfereActivities
       [X] Neglect personalAppearance hygiene
       DSM 5 Diagnosis:PTSD-Panic d/o with agoraphobia-Generalized Anxiety D/o
      Vet meets the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for PTSD as level of severity - severe. Relationship of mental disorders to each other Vet's MDD, recurrent,moderate is secondary to her PTSD.HerPanicDisorder, Agorophobia and FSAD are also secondary to her PTSD. It is my medical opinion that vet's MST stressor is as least as likely as not suppported by and consistent with the in service marker evidence. Her agorophobia preclude her from functioning satisfactorily in work environments.

    • By Navy4life
      Hi there!  Long time member here but been MIA for awhile.  Life has been busy and I have been dealing with health issues.  Long story short, I went through a battery of tests to find out what is wrong with me.  I did an ANA-TITER test, and it was positive for an auto immune disease.   Was referred to the RA doctor for further testing to see if I had lupus.  The RA doctor did blood tests and determined I don't have lupus.  We did additionally physical exam at the VA back in May and he determined I had Fibromyalgia and diagnosed me with it.  We discussed that my Fibromyalgia co-exists with PTSD/MST and IBS.  We also discussed that Fibromyalgia can be secondary to my already service-connected PTSD/MST or even maybe my IBS.  I discussed this with my representative and we decided to file a claim for Fibromyalgia (non-service connected disability) to an already service-connected disability.  Either PTSD/MST or IBS and we asked that they evaluate either causation or aggravation.
      We filed in July and I had my C&P exam in September.  The examiner was asked by the rater to give his medical opinion as to the Fibro being secondary to my PTSD/MST.  The rater did not ask if it was possible to be secondary to my IBS like we requested.  The examiner did a C&P DBQ for Fibro and that was positive.  I do have Fibro, that isn't the issue.  The medical opinion is what was disturbing.  I was with the examiner for less than 5 minutes.  He stated he physically examined me when he did not and he seemed very unknowledgeable about Fibro/PTSD-MST/IBS as co-existing and determining either causation or aggravation.  Of course the medical opinion stated, "less likely than not".  I was floored, so I went to work for my claim.
      I contacted my RA doctor and we talked with my representative on the phone as well.  By the end of the call he was confident enough to link my PTSD/MST as aggravation to my Fibromyalgia.  He wrote a one/two paragraph letter on my behalf.  We sent that to the rater.  Then I spoke to my MH provider last week and she too wrote me a very good NEXUS letter.  That was sent to the rater yesterday.  Both my doctor's are at the VA and both stepped out on a limb for me.  I am hoping their medical opinions outweigh the negative C&P medical opinion.
      I am attaching the C&P exams (redacted), the two medical opinions (redacted) - I am hoping I am successful because this will make me 100% scheduler.  I am currently 94% overall rated.
      C&P _Redacted.pdf
      nexus 2_Redacted.pdf
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    • OK everyone thanks for all the advice I need your help I called VSO complained about length of time on Wednesday of this week today I checked my E benefits and my ratings are in for my ankles that they were denying me 10% for each bilateral which makes 21% I was originally 80% now they’re still saying I’m 80% 

      I’m 50% pes planus 30% migraine headaches 20% lumbar 10% tinnitus and now bilateral 21% so 10% left and right ankle Can someone else please do the math because I come up with 86% which makes me 90 what am I missing please help and thank you
    • I was denied SC for IBS and GERD IN 2011. In 2019 I was awarded SC for GERD. This CUE  is for 2011, both GERD and IBS. There are some odd aspects regarding the 2011 decision, the way it was written and the C&P report and the way it was written. I've tried to present this as clearly as I can. Note: the decision contradicts itself. the decision also contradicts the C&P Report. Honestly, I think the rater just got confused because the C&P was so poorly written. *THIS CUE HAS NOT YET BEEN SUBMITTED*Please let me know what you think. Appreciate all comments and suggestions. Thanks.


      VA RATING DECISION MARCH 23 2011 GERD IBS.pdf C P REPORT 7312010 GERD IBS.pdf GERD IBS CUE 2011(1).pdf

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