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What Should I Do?


I 100 percent service connected disabled. However, I was denied service connection for migraines and tinnitus, which cause significant problems for --at least three days a month of exquisite pain forced to lie in a dark room with my eyes closed doping up. In addition to these two, I was misdiagnosed for mental health, without the mental health I am still 100 percent, but I want the correct service connections labeled in my file. Should I leave well enough alone or fight for the migraines and tinnitus and the change of diagnosis for mental health?

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If it is not going to garner your more income or your feel that you are going to die from the conditions, I would let sleeping dogs lye. Anytime you file a new claim you open yourself up for the VA to review all of your issues.

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I'm going to agree w/sharon, on this, except that if it could be used toward an SMC "s" award, you might want to pursue it. jmo


I read Sharon's post "How is Smc added to your compensation," so I now know what that is. I have complete paralysis of the left leg below the knee, significant and marked reduction of the ability to utilize the flexor of the knee and marked and noted weakness and loss of sensation in the left quadracep and hamstring and marked weakness in the hip dinminished capacity to utilize hip flexors and extensors. I have reflex sympathetic dystrophy, urinary rentention, deformity of the penis, and chronic adjustment disorder with depressed mood --which is the wrong diagnosis.

I think I qualify for the SMC without the migraines and tinnitus, --and, mental is rated on the basis of the patients ability to function, so chnging the diagnoisis would not increase the rating, because I can function --horribly-- with medications and therapy.

Does filing with the regional office for an SMC open my claim back up. My SMC would be for the loss of use of my left leg, but if asking for it opens up my claim, then I should request the other issues be addressed?

PS. I really appreciate the replies. I undrestand there are only two, but you guys replied and my service organization the DAV hasn't returned any of my phone calls...

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