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Hello , Another Veteran In Need Of Guidance



Hello All ,

My name is lance. I've been out of the marine corps for about a year now. I spent most of my term in afghanistan and iraq. I went to the VA before I even got out of the Corps , and lo and behold two months after my EAS i was given a 70 % rating. I came to this site to ask a few question and get some guidance. I was given 50% for anxiety(ptsd), 20 for IBS , and 10 for a seperated shoulder injury. I appealed the shoulder and my ptsd on dec 15th of last year, two weeks after getting my decision letter. Since ive gotten out i havent been able to hold a job and with the recession who can but alot of that has been attributed to myself. Getting angry very easily and aggrivated with ppl that really havent done anything to make me feel that way. Ive noticed i have strong feelings of guilt after thoughts or dreams ive had about friends that i had lost while in service. As for my shoulder I can barely put a shirt on in the morning without rithing with pain. my mobility is horrible. I guess what i should be asking is When will i hear something? I've talk to a man that is dealing with my claims personally and he told me to get a doctor in the hospital to write up a 70% recommendation for my ptsd , I did that. I am currently getting my doctor to write a 40 % for my shoulder because he told me i had frozen shoulder and would need surgery and even then i will never have 100% mobility anymore. So am i doing things right? Are there any other ways to go out this. I love the site and love other veterans. This is what has kept me going, I check everyday to read other ppl success stories its such a great thing to hear someone finally got what they deserved.

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Welcome home brother, thank you for your service. We sure are glad you found us and I know others will jump in and give you some answers.

Are you seeing a psychologist to help you with your PTS? If not you may want to check out your local Veterans Center and get set up with someone there. PTSD is all about management, manage your medications, manage your symptoms, be aware of your triggers. Coming back from a combat zone can make you feel like a stranger in strange land, but you are not alone and you need to reach out for help. The good news is the sooner you get some help for your PTSD the better your chance of getting ahold of it, you want to have the best quality of life you can and we want that for you also. Hang in brother.

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"I've talk to a man that is dealing with my claims personally"

Is he helping you apply for TDIU?

Guilt is an unfortunate part of combat PTSD.Your deceased inservice buddys would not want you to carry this guilt and would want you to live your life the best way you can. You are sure not alone with those feelings and dreams.

Do you have proof (USPS receipt) that VA got the claim for increase?

Have they sent you a VCAA letter yet?

If not, I would question the man who is helping you as to the VCAA letter.

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Welcome to Hadit, I know the feeling my Brother as when I came home from Beirut in 1983 and lost 241 Men I served with in the Beirut bombing, then

when I came home from the first Gulf war in 1990, I was in Boston walking down the street with my family and a car backfired, I hit the deck so fast and they

just looked at me like I was crazy. Make sure you listen to the Elders on this site as they have helped me tremendously win my case and receive my 100 %.

if you ever need to talk just PM me.

Good Luck, God Bless, and Thank You for your Service!


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Find someone who can help you with treatment for the PTSD. I assume you are a young guy. You don't want this PTSD to control your whole life for the next 60 years. It may not be curable but the symptoms can be controlled and at some point you may be able to get on with your life. In the meantime getting TDIU is good. You can always get vocational rehabilitation when you have enough money to live on.

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