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Agent Orange Training Seminar Contintental United States Locations Breakdown



Hello All,

I have copied and pasted this information so it will appear in the correct topic under Agent Orange and to have it Archived for all Veterans to be able to use. The topic appeared in the General discussion topics but due to the fact that I carefully listed the Materials Training Seminar in 1973 which is located in the Archives here and now have broken down the actual location which will give more information rather than the list that appears with the corresponding number, the person sent to training , and the name of the post. Most times these locations on the list does not specifically list the actual location, but only the depot name. Now it is broken down to show WHERE these locations are. It will take research to put the connection between the location , the state environmental agencies or Federal agencies that will be monitoring these sites. You may also try ATSDR, EPA, Corps of Engineers Reports, BRAC or even private Engineering companies that were used to help remediate and clean up these contaminated sites. PLEASE REMEMBER these sites had personnel assigned to the roster that are on the list for training in Colorado Springs Colorado in 1973 to properly, store , mix and apply chemicals , herbicides and Agent Orange to these locations.

This topic will hopefully open the door for other Veterans to research to possible link any Agent Orange diseases which may fall under the Direct exposures issues criteria for a claim to be filed under VA guidelines and 38 CFRs.

I also am including the parts of the Perpheral Neuropathy links to the BVA decision awards granted that DO NOT INCLUDE Diabetes II Mellitus awards. These are very unusual decisions but proving that PN can be awarded with the Diabetes II diagnosis as listed in the 38 CFRs for Presumptives list. These decisions can be used in the Veterans claim to site precedence case for PN with Diabetes II. Please remember that alot is still archived here at Hadit so it will take research to bring up the links. Above all....... NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.


First thank you all for your research and study to bring documents to the attention of our Veterans and their families. As many of you know my battle with AGENT ORANGE outside of Vietnam is proving quite interesting. Both Jerrel Cook and I were stationed at the infamous Fort Greely. And both of us are suffering from nearly identical same list of diseases . To name a few,

AO IHD, CAD, ATHERSOSCELROSIS, PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY, RESTRICTED LUNG DISEASE/COPD, PULMONARY HYPERTENSION, INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE , DRY EYES, AND some others that I will leave off for now. 2 of our members have already passed away last year. One from this site and the radio show. Mr. Carlos Hope .

I am going to first say that James Cripps is the first award inside the CONUS for agent orange and DIRECT exposure issue not presumptive. This is the only sure way to make it work. Berta has posted another from Alabama . James was at Ft. Gordon Georgia which is on the list of known AO bases.

I have posted the list a couple of years ago here in the AO section of Hadit and now thru an all day search of the names that showed up on the Materials Training Seminar Conference from Sept 1973 . If you read the list with the names on it you will see only the location with no specifics. So that means you have to look up the location to find a more accurate description. What I have done is simply made it more accessible to at least know where each place is in the Unitied States. I would use wikipedia to fine tune all there is to know about the location.

OK ,,,so if you go to the list and see the number to the left you will see the name of the person to attend and the installation he is from . What I have done to make it alittle easier is put location to the number linking the person and location for to help. It took nearly 5 hours just for this part. Remember the DOD is not going to make it easy.


1.Sunflower Army Ammunition, Johnson County, Kansas

2.Ft Monmouth, Monmouth County, New Jersey

3. Milan Army Ammunition, Tennesee

4. White Sands Missile Range , New Mexico

5.Riverbank Army Ammunition , Modesto , Calif. SUPERFUND

6.US Airforce Academy, Colorado Springs , Co

7.Jefferson Proving Grounds, Madision Indiana

8. Sierra Army Depot, Herlong , California, 50 miles northwest of Reno Nevada

9.Rock Island Arsennal , Rock Island , Ill On Mississippi River between Davenport Iowa and Rock Island Ill

10.Fort Richardson , Anchorage Alaska

11.Lexington Bluegrass Army Depot, Kentucky

12.Fitsimmons General Hospital, Aurora, Colorado

13.Sharpe Army Depot , San Joaquin , Calif SUPERFUND

14. Rock Island Arsenal , Rock Island Ill between Davenport Iowa and Rock Island on the Mississippi River

15.US Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, Colo

16. Sacremento Army Depot, Sacremento , Calif

17. Watervliet Arsennal, on the Hudson River , New York

18. Fort Wainwright, Alaska

19. Pueblo Army Depot, Pueblo , Colorado

20.Joliet Army Ammuntion Plant , Elwood , Illoinois

21. US Airforce Academy , Colorado Springs , Col

22 Fort Huachuca, Arizona

23. Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas

24. Fort Monmouth , Oceanport, New Jersey

25.Sacremento Army Depot, Sacremento Calif

26 Iowa Army Ammuntion Plant, Des Moine County, Iowa

27. Jefferson Proving Ground, Madision, Indiana

28.Dugway Proving Ground , Utah

29. Anniston Army Depot Bynum Alabama

30. Charleston Army Depot , Charleston South Carolina

31. Granite City Army installation. Madison Count Illionois (Greater St. Louis Area)

32. Lone Star Ammuntion Plant, Bowie County , Texas SUPERFUND

33 Redstone Arsenal (Marshal Space Flight) Huntsville , Alabama

34. Fitzsimmons General Hospital , Aurora, Colorado

35 Picatinny Arsenal , Picatinny Lake , Lake Denmark, New Jersey

36. Franford Arsenal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia

37. Volunteer Army Ammunition, Chatanoga, Tenn

38. Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen , Maryland

39. Granite City Army Installation, Madison County, Illionois

40.US Air Force Academy. Colorado Springs Colorado

41.Kansas Army Ammuntion Plant, Parsons, Kansas

42. Fort Wainwright, Alaska (Central)

43. Savanah Army Depot , Savanah, Illionois on the Mississippi River

44. Letterkenny Army Depot, Franklin County Pennsylvania

45.FORT GREELY , Alaska

46. Anniston Army Depot , Bynum Alabama

47. Savannah Army Depot, Savannah Illionois

48. Franford Arsenal , Philidelphia , Pennsylvannia

49. Savannah Army Depot , Savannah , Illionois

50. Aberdeen Proving Grounds , Aberdeen Maryland

51. Cornhusker Army Ammunition , Grand Island , Nebraska SUPERFUND

52. Letterkenny Army Depot, Franklin County , Penn

53. Holston Army Ammunition , Kingsport , Tennessee

54. Seneca Army Depot, Seneca County, New York

55. Atlanta Army Depot , Atlanta, Georgia

56. Milan Army Ammunition. Milan ,Tennessee

57. Fort Carson, El Paso County , Colorado

58. Harry Diamond Labratories, Charles County , Maryland

59. Tooele Army Depot, Tooele County , Utah

60. Longhorn Army Ammuntion, Harrision County, near Marshal , Texas

61. Rock Island Arsenal between Davenport Iowa and Rock Island Illionois

62. Ravenns Army Ammunition, Windham Ravenna, Ohio

63. New Cumberland Army Depot. Harrisburg Pennsylvania

64. Natick Labratories , Natick , Massasschusetts

65. Rocky Mtn. Arsennal, Commerce City , Colorado

66. HQ US Army Alaska, Fort Richardson , Alaska

67. Holston Army Ammuntion , Kingsport , Tennessee

68. New Cumberland Army Depot, New Cumberland, Pennsylvannia

69.Harry Diamond Labratories , Maryland

70. Red River Army Depot, 19 miles west of Texarkanna , Texas

71. Badger Army Ammunition, Baraboo , Wisconsin

72. US Air Force Academy , Colorado Springs , Colorado

73. Newport Army Ammunition Plant , Terri Haute , Indiana (VX NERVE AGENT PRODUCTION SITE)

74.US Air Force Academy , Colorado Springs, Colorado

75. Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Denver Colorado.

76. US Army Tank Automotive , Warren , Michigan

77.Aberdeen Proving Grounds , Aberdeen, Maryland

78. Indiana Army Ammo Plant. Jeffersonville, Indiana

79. Lexington Bluegrass Army , Lexington Kentucky

80. US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

81. US Air Force Academy , Colorado Springs, Colorado

82. Fort Wingate Depot, Gallup , New Mexico

83. Red River Army Depot, Texarkanna, Texas

84. Lima Army Modification , Lima , Ohio

85.US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

86. White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico

87.US Air Force Academy , Colorado Springs, Colorado

88.Anniston Army Depot, Bynum , Alabama (VX SARIN AND MUSTARD GAS PRODUCTION PLANT)

89. Pueblo Army Depot, Pueblo , Colorado

90. Sierra Army Depot, Herlong , California

91.Tooele Army Depot, Tooele, Utah


93.Twin Cities Army Ammo, Ramsey County, Minn

94. US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs , Colorado

95. Lousiana Army Ammo Plant, Webster and Boosier Parrishes, Doyline, Louisiana

96. Fort Richardson, Alaska

97. Yuma Proving Grounds, Yuma , Arizona

98. Fort Huachuca , Arizona

99. Radford Army Ammo, Kingsport , Tennessee

100. US Air Force Academy , Colorado Springs , Colorado

101. Lake City Army Ammo, Independance , Missouri

102. Port Monmouth, New Jersey

103. Army Material and Mechanic Research, Watertown, Massuchusetts

104 Tobyhanna Army Depot , Tobyhanna, Penn

105.Alabama Army Depot, Anniston , Alabama

106. Fort Huachuca, Arizona

107. US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs , Colorado


109. Yuma Proving Grounds, Yuma , Arizona

110. Fort Richardson, Alaska

111. US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs , Colorado

112.Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

113. US Airforce Academy, Colorado Springs , Colorado

114. Savannah Army Depot, Savannah , Illionois

115. US Airforce Academy, Colorado Springs , Colorado

116. US Airforce Academy , Colorado Springs, Colorado

117. Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Aberdeen , Maryland

118. Charleston Army Depot, South Carolina

119.US Airforce Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

120. Tooele Army Depot, Tooele , Utah

I hope this will help to identify some other places not listed with DOD. It is also helpful because you may know some of these folks whose name is listed by the number. I knew Harold Teiken from Fort Greely and worked with him. Maybe this can reach some whose names are here to help them with any health related military exposure issue.

I will point out that the Fort Greely reservation and all EPA records are now joined into the Fort Wainwright , Alaska records. So the link that Boomer posted will not show that broken down that far . This happened in 1995 when the US Army Strategic Missile Defense Command was titled and assigned to Fort Greely. A brand new agency and if you look at Fort Wainwright under the EPA superfund list in Boomers link you will see how the acreage jumped to nearly 900,000 acres. This is because when Fort Greely was given to Fort Wainwright's jurisdiction and it added 657,000 acres from Fort Greely. The Missile Defence command at Fort Greely was assigned about 1700-2200 acres for its agency and the resultive Interceptor Missile Program .....aka ......STARWARS.... So it will not be easy to find alot of the old contamination problems there at Fort Greely like before. However I would like to point out that you can still use the Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation records stored at the Fort Greely Restoration and Advisory board and other ADEC records listed all the Agent Orange site and storage with METHOD I II or III cleanup , remediation efforts and their controls on each site. This is very important. Irrefutable evidence.

I would also look at the new report I posted last month....the one that was taken down by ????? outside of Hadit and then mysteriously put back up. The 49th Missle Defense Command and the 2007 Environmental baseline report which shows the Agent Orange sensitive contaminated areas as well as the storage bldgs use.Including Asbestos contamination bldgs, and SM1A Nuclear Reactor site with many OTHER contaminated sites of COC. Very good close up shots and aerial/satellite photos with areas highlighted for areas of concern are also found in this report

I would also like to point out that the presumptive list for most of the AO awards are for Vietnam boots on the ground with Neimers and BWN starting to gain some momentum.

James Cripps won his AO CONUS award at Fort Gordon , Georgia and I have his award . He won on DIRECT exposure and that is what I am following. I also have some of his evidence in my claim with letters from Dr. Arnold Shectter (SP) who is a leading researcher on Agent Orange and the University of Texas Health Science Dept in Houston, Texas.

I am thouroughly convinced as well as my fellow Fort Greely soldier , and SVR Host, Jerrel Cook that the Dept. of Defense will aggressively fight any EXPOSURE ISSUE from Fort Greely because of the sensitive nature of what Fort Greely is. It is , has been the most secret military installation in the world..... since the 1960s and nothing has changed. They (DOD) will not let out all the test that have happened , including Project 112, the Nuclear Project regarding the SM1A reactor , now entombed????, and the Missile defense Work,,,,,, and of course the HAARP project and whatever else may arise. That is why there is now 900000 acres of land there to test without risk of harming large populations , unless you are a moose or caribou.

So for people like Jerrel and I who are still alive it is going to be a battle. Even with my strong IMO's, phyiscal evidence , SMR, and even VA medical opinions. If it was anyplace but Fort Greely ,,,,, there would be a chance. Hopefully because of how much time has gone by and we have lost a couple of Hadit Members who were stationed there , Jerrel and I hold on for proper decisions. That is if we can live longer than they make us wait.

Also there is an award posted on an Agent Orange claim for direct exposure and it is stored here on our site under the Haynes pipeline information. It is the only one I know about at present. There are several more CONUS awards because of James Cripps efforts and we will see more BVA writeups with specifics , soon I hope.

So.... what I believe has been discussed in the years past. Berta and I have posted alot on this subject.

I would not try any presumptive exposure effort outside of Vietnam or now Thailand.

I would go with direct exposure.

You can use the research I aleady have shown here in Hadit library showing BVA WILL award Peripheral Neuropathy WITHOUT DIABETES II DIAGNOSIS. (See Dr. Durham and Dr. Yeng for 2 awards at BVA both DIRECT exposure) Notice key word, phrase, "remain latent for up to decades" taking out the acute and subacute ruling and using the chronic award. You will and may find it important to make sure you use these 2 awards for quoting in your individual case as they are precendent setting only if the Veteran brings it up to the court or VARO. Do not count on the VA to bring it up to you as precendent setting as it is not requirred in VA law. This part of the law needs to be changed. I may post some of those here to help others if I feel better later. You can look them up under the AO issues and my content.

I wish all of our few surviving Agent Orange Veterans well and to please study and do your research before we all are gone and no one left to fight for . Thank you all for such great dedication to this wonderful place we Veterans have as a sanctuary. Your help and hard work is what makes this all possible and a place where we can gather , glean, share reports , knowledge to propel our claims in a faster , more accurate , and sensible method to achieve the elusive goal of Service Connected and the bounty of the FAIR award. Holding the DOD , VA accountable by LAW to the injuries and damage to so many of our finest Military personnel who served without complaint as the silent killers lurked in their bodies for years , causing havoc among all of their organs. Just not as sure as a bullet but still just as sure.

Once again thank you folks. HAPPY NEW YEAR,,,,,,, NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C. not to be confused with ccc

http://www.google.co...5iHMZEwPLpkUGoA 49th Missile Defense Command Environmental Baseline Report 2007

attachment=5092:AGENT ORANGE TRAINING MANUEL 1973 Fort Greely.pdf]

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This Goverment really has no idea how many life's they reck. It has to be in the 100,000's.

The state side troop's have such a need too. The war continue's too Kill!ph34r.png

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Hello SP4.

Yes there is such a need for DOD to take responsibility for the Agent Orange issue everywhere. It is only in this last 7-8 years that great inroads have been taken to "prove up" AO outside of Vietnam. I hate the way the public has been desensitized into thinking Agent Orange was only in Vietnam. We now have momentum but it will take years to get the bases out where it was used. 100,000s is low too....maybe 1,000,000 when its all said and done. In 10-15 years nearly all of the Vietnam era Vets will be dead so that means the careful coverup has worked and after everyone is dead then the truth may come out because no more claims will be filed.

I want to also post the new EPA Dioxin Report that really is a terrible try at bringing it to the front of pointed truth. However maybe someone can read it and use something here. Seems like the report concentrates more on Children and Pregnant Women. NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

EPA Report on Dioxin.txt

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Hello Capt. The companies that are making to this day the same chemical's,but under different name. If you good to Lowes, home depot, walmart,ETC. They have these chemical on the shelf right now.

I told my son in law not to have bug spray, yard spray around my Grand son. Maybe he will not have cancer.

The Chemical in our food, water ETC. It causes alot of cancer. Our gene's are being change.

Have a good daysmile.png

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Hello SP4

It is so amazing how well entrenched the chemical companies are and their lobbying efforts. Agent Orange was basically outlawed in 1975 with the main culprit being Trichlorodibenzo-p-dioxin. It is hard to find this in any concentration of products now available. Too much risk.....however the Benzene problem has not been brought to the forfront in our everyday exposure with it. Just do a search and see that we are slowly being killed and that does not include those in the Military. It is just as bad in the civilian world.

Yes the TCDD and DDT ended in the components but its like just cutting back on the ppm contents of a known killer to all living organisms. Plants just like animals have birth growth , death , living cycles. I am very , very leary of using products on my yard PERIOD. You and I are the benefactors of these Contaminates of Concern(COC) and it is a delicate tightrope that the Exposed Veteran walks. No cures available and secondary diseases that spring from the main Cancers, IHD, PN and other Neuro disease, Skin Diseases, Eye Diseases.

If the public could just get a dose of what the Veterans of the 60's and 70's did and of course the resulting diseases caused .......Agent Orange Presumptive list would be barraged by lawyers in huge class action suits. And the story would be over with victory going to the public and those responsible would be held accountable. When a person enters the Military the duty to our country comes first ,,,, and that member of our armed services is not thinking about these problems. I believe most of us are happy if we have our records , SMRs, Environmental Reports, and good doctors with sound IMOs. Thru years of fighting and claims presentations there will lie a battle with the VA that can be won , but it is one that will take perserverence, patience, decline of health , monetary suffering, in some cases loss of family , and good legal representation. There are so many of us that have lost our health in really what is suppose to be the "best years of our life" , that even in our victory of proving our claims, it can never replace or give relief to the daily suffering of the "insideous" way the Veteran will die from a Chemical Exposure.

All I can offer is , Hadit has got the base and its members are supportive of the research and diligence that we see showing up in our Archives Library. That is why I am going to continue to help build it and put study after study , report after report on OUR site. This is for all of our Veterans, their spouses and children. I owe it to my Drill Sargent who just past away 2 years ago at 59 years of age. From the same stuff I am fighting for . I owe it to all of our fellow soldiers who have lost their battle of life,,,,,,no I cannot stand by and see this continue. I will continue to be actively pursuing my claim and knowing that my claim will cause others to prevail because of "precedence" in an area other than Vietnam. That is why I hope all Veterans will know that they, like me, can.......................NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

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