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1-Diagnosed Ptsd, Mdd, 1992/2007. 2-Medical Records Verify Stressor. 3-Nexus Letter From Va Psycologist And Treatment For Last 5 Years



have been awarded 5 honorable discharges and have been seeing va psychologist last 5 years for ptsd, was first diagnosed in 1992 one month after service seperation. have been on meds since beginning treatment, social security disabled, submitted c-file and 6 weeks later approved, reason ptsd. still va refused to acknowledge service connection. medical records show attempted suicide, explosion, eletricution, personal assaults, and concussion w/ ptsd symptoms. psychiatric c&p took all of 7 minutes and states personality disorder, and that the explosion and assaults during service were not of a significant value as to have caused ptsd. now have a lawyer, board certified and a counsel member of NOVA. (national organization of veteran affairs). she submitted a claim for an aquired psychiatric disorder including ptsd. She states, the lawyer, baby steps are what we are taking and forcing the RO to do thier jobs.. and I feel everything is on hold and placed in limbo....any advice?

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Sit back and dream about what to do when you win. It will take a while but it'll happen, just be patient. jmo


you know you are right. It is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It sounds like you mean a lawyer opened a 'new' claim for adjustment disorder?

What is the status of the PTSD claim? I assume it was denied due to the Personality disorder BS?

I hope it s being appealed to save the earliest effective date for any potential retro.

I cant determine here if your PTSD fell under the new regs or the older regs.

The new (2010) criteria is in this forum.

Your title to this said “Medical Records Verify Stressor.”

Do you mean your SMRs and/ or your 201 personnel file “verify stressor”?

VA med recs can only reveal treatment for a stressor.

Although SSA can award for PTSD, and they do obtain all military records, SSA does not verify any inservice stressor.

If your denial was a question of needing corroboraton, there is plenty of info here if you search under “Buddy Statements.”

Something seems quite wrong here .

Did the VA attempt to verify your stressor via JSRRC (Joint Services Records Research Center?) If they did they stated that in the narrative of the decision.

Personally I think vets should contact JSRRC themselves in some cases, because we had a few vets here over the years who were told by VA JSRRC could not verify their stressor, but it was verified when the vet contacted JSRRC themselves.

JSRRC nneds all details as to unit, date, and place and how your MOS put you at the scene of the stressor.

You listed here multiple potential stressors but it the one that fully falls into a Stressor definition and that is easiest to verify that you should focus on.

My husband had multiple stressors. Some might have been difficult to prove.One was verified by the Chief Psychiatrist/ Director at a VAMC,in 1983, who served in the field ,Vietnam, with this same USMC Unit and this stressor made national news at the time. Years later VA asked him for another stressor account for the PTSD inhouse program.One of the first stressors he listed was an explosion whereby his best friend in Vietnam died, he also sustained minor injuries and a concussion due to explosion , and retrieved the other Marine's body himself. He knew the exact details when we went to the Wall to get tracings of this friend's name on the Wall.

These tracings were good evidence of this stressor but he never wanted to send them to VA .They are still here in a drawer with his medals and decorations and some photos taken in Vietnam.

I really dont know what stressors, after the 1983 diagnosis, the VA verified.If they even did.

But my point is, None of my husband's stressors were 'in' his medical records.

The explosion injuries were treated and noted but nothing else.

A "Nexus" statement from an MH provider holds no weight as to actually proving a stressor except in the unusual case whereby a VA MH provider, as happened to my husband,in 1983, actually verified the event with first hand knowledge of it and had served with or in support of the same USMC unit, same dates and place, Vietnam

We have a topic here on defining a stressor :


I seem to feel this might be what is lacking in your PTSD claim....proof of a stressful event inservice.

PTSD does not depend on being in combat, it can come from stressors that occurred in countless types of non combat situations.

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You know I was discharged from the army after 28 months for having a PD and the VA granted me SC for schizophrenia within one day of discharge. I guess I got lucky except I should have gotten 100% instead of just 10% and I should have gotten medical retirement from the army.

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